Chris Brown Is Angry That His Daughter Royalty Wears a Tutu to Dance Class

"It's crazy to me that a parent would OK dressing our daughter like she 16."

A Man Wrote in to a Newspaper Advice Column to Ask Why Women Don't Shave Their Arms

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Yale to Offer Students Gender Neutral Bathrooms

The school has mapped out gender neutral bathrooms in 23 of its buildings.

NYPD Officer Loses Badge After He Points Gun at Man Videotaping Him, Punches Bystander

He pulls out a gun in response to a videotaping.

Conservative Columnist Mocked After Saying U.S. Needs Tests to "Weed Out" Ignorant Voters

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LDS Church Responds to Allegations Brigham Young Admins Punished Assault Survivors

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This Mysterious Shipwreck Will Literally Kill You if You Try to Find It

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Donald Trump Campaign Admits It Didn't Actually Raise $6 Million for Veterans

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Donald Trump Suggests "No More Guns to Protect Hillary" Clinton

Trump's comments came hot off of an endorsement by the NRA.