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Facebook Blocks Photo Featuring Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday From Being Promoted

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Tesla Co-Founder Calls Competing Green Technology a "Scam"

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This Gay Couple's Secret Prom Rendezvous Is Truly Inspiring

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Men Tried on High Heels to Make a Point About a Gender Double Standard

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2016 Billboard Music Awards Winners: Complete List of Who Took Home the Night's Top Prizes

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A Twitter Troll Has Been Threatening to Kill Taylor Swift and Her Squad of Girlfriends

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'Neighbors 2' Wants to Be a Feminist Bro Comedy — But Does It Succeed?

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Science Can Now Sort of Explain Why Teenage Boys Are So Damn Awkward

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"Weed for Pets" Is a Real Thing — And Your Dog Will Probably Love It

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Keke Palmer Claps Back in the Classiest Way at Trolls Making Fun of Her No-Makeup Selfie

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A Secret Beyoncé, Jay Z Album Is Reportedly Coming to Tidal "Very Soon"

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A Drone Flew Over 70 Sharks Destroying a Whale — And the Result Is Terrifying

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Here's the Latest Inclusive Lingerie Line For Women of Color

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The World's First Porno Reality Show Just Premiered — And It's Super Problematic

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Scientist Suggests That the Paleo Diet Killed Off the Neanderthals

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Japanese Pop Star Mayu Tomita Stabbed Over 20 Times by Man Who Stalked Her

Japanese pop star Mayu Tomita was stabbed by a man at a fan event.

U.S. Courts Are Using Algorithms Riddled With Racism to Hand Out Sentences

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Plus-Size Model Iskra Lawrence Just Made a Strong Point About Photoshopping

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Justin Bieber Was Banned From Performing in Argentina — And Fans Are Protesting

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New Ice Cream Claims It'll Cure Your Hangover

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Do Women Actually Need to Have Periods?

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These 2 Men Kissed in Front of an Angry Parade of Neo-Nazis

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Louisiana Is Imposing a 3-Day "Reflection" Period on Women Seeking Abortions

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Bran, Hodor and 'Game of Thrones': Is It Possible to Time-Travel and Change History?

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Baltimore Officer Edward Nero Found Not Guilty in Death of Freddie Gray

The judge found the officer not guilty on all counts.

Latina Justice Sonia Sotomayor Tells Grads to Be Proud of Their Mistakes

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7 Trump-Hating Republicans Who Now Support Donald Trump

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OneRepublic's "Wherever I Go" Music Video Features the Office Party of Your Dreams

Here's the full music video for OneRepublic's "Wherever I Go."

The World Is Drinking Less Alcohol, but Fear Not, America's Picking up the Slack

For the first time in 15 years, global alcohol consumption has dipped.

Pizza Hut's S'mores Cookie Pizza Might Be the Only Thing Better Than Pizza Itself

S'moresification is occurring nationwide.

Wisconsin Is Drunk as Hell Compared to the Rest of the US

It's home to 12 of the top 20 drunkest cities in the U.S.

Hilarious "Dad Jokes Survivors" Skit Shows What Happens When Dad Humor Takes a Dark Turn

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Spilled Dildos in the Road Cause a Huge Traffic Jam

A traff*ck jam, if you will.

Zika Is in the US, and President Obama Says It's Time to Start Worrying About an Outbreak

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3 Ways America Is Still Unequal For Blacks

These disparities are so large, you'd have to laugh to keep from crying.

Donald Trump Just Hit a Huge New Milestone

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Black Twitter Drags Justice Clarence Thomas for Being Only Death Row Case Dissenter

Many in Black America are not here for Clarence Thomas.

11 Photos of India's Scorching Heat Wave Put United States' Warm Weather Into Perspective

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Lawsuits Dog Donald Trump on Path to White House

Will he show us the money?

'Blue Lives Matter' Bill to Make Attacking a Police Officer a Hate Crime in Louisiana

It's hard not to see this as a deliberate 'screw you' to Black Lives Matter.

Besties Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain Got Chummy Over Pork and Beer in Vietnam

This budding bromance lends itself to some serious #SquadEnvy.

New Law Eliminates Outdated Minority References Like "Oriental" From All Federal Laws

Now, "Oriental" will never be written into federal law.