These Are the First Dates Most Likely to Lead to Marriage (If You're Into That)

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Muslim Women Gracefully Clapped Back at a Racist Troll Harassing Them at an Ice Cream Shop

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Kim Kardashian West Used Tea Bags and a Hotel Sink to DIY Dye Her Cannes Red Carpet Dress

The "nude" colored underlay didn't match her skin tone.

James Corden Made the Chewbacca Mom's Dreams Come True With a Surprise From JJ Abrams

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You Technically Are the Center of the Universe, Thanks to a Wacky Physics Quirk

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Sarah Silverman Wants to Legislate the Male Orgasm for the Best Possible Reason

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Jessica Williams Sums Up Why You Should Never Touch a Woman Without Her Permission

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Bernie Sanders Requests Recanvass of Kentucky Primary — Over One Delegate

"He's fighting for every last delegate."

This Is What It's Like to Be 26 and Have Never Had an Orgasm

"Why can't this just happen? I want it to so badly."

Anne Hathaway Just Retracted a Post on the Kardashians for "Unintended Shade Thrown"

"In a world of Kardashians... be a Helena Bonham Carter."

In Praise of JoJo Fletcher, the Unrepentantly Thirsty New 'Bachelorette'

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This Christian High School in Kansas Might Expel Students if They Have Gay Family Members

The power of Christ could get you kicked out.

Bernie Sanders Just Took a Huge Step Toward Igniting His "Political Revolution"

This matters regardless of whether he wins the nomination.

Scientists May Have Solved a Huge Mystery About Where Life on Earth Came From

We might have a huge, cataclysmic solar flare to thank.

Gillian Anderson Teases Rumors She Could Be the Next James Bond

She's just one of fans' picks for a female 007.

This Gay Reporter Received a Homophobic Email From a Viewer and Responded in the Best Way

"The minute you stop is the minute you stop being who you are."

20 Years Ago, Hip-Hop Had Arguably Its Best Summer Ever

Hip-hop's summer of love.

This Muslim Immigrant Endorsed Donald Trump's Ban on Muslims — And the Internet Went Wild

Supporting Trump's ban on Muslims is dangerous.

The World Would Not Exist If Everyone Ate Like Americans

Eating just a few vegetarian meals a week, however, could make an enormous difference.

Department of Justice Announces It Will Seek Death Penalty for Dylann Storm Roof

Roof faces 33 federal charges, including "hate crimes, weapons charges and obstructing the practice of religion."

2 Chainz Samples From $500,000 of Weed, Dabs and Scorpion Bongs in New 'GQ' Video

2 Chainz has done what might be the world's most expensive dab.

We Did the Math: Starbucks' Mini Frappuccinos Are Just a Really Adorable Rip-Off

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This Device Turns Air Into Drinking Water — And It Could Help Save Lives

A new device could help stem the impending water crisis.

These Teenage Boys Are Collecting Free Tampons to Distribute at Their High School

They have no patience for period stigma.

20,000 Bees Followed This Car for Days Because Their Queen Was Trapped Inside

Come at the queen, you best not miss.

This Girl's Shorts Included Bizarre Instructions for Taking a Butt Selfie

Don't forget to "keep your tummy tight!"

Marvel's Captain America Deserves a Boyfriend, According to Twitter

But you say he's just a friend.

Taylor Swift Is an "Aryan Princess" With a Racist Agenda, Say Internet Neo-Nazis

The Deep Web believes that Taylor Swift is an "Aryan princess."

Kourtney Kardashian Endorsed a 'Health' Food Product That's Actually Worth Trying

Tfw keeping up with the Kardashians actually changes your life.

Ashley Graham’s New Swimsuit Line Offers an Empowering Message To All Women

"Just because I’m a size 14/16, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look like my girlfriends who are size 4s."

Bill Cosby Is One Reason Why We Need to Do Away With Statutes of Limitations for Rape

One woman will finally get her day in court.

Waffles Are Great, But Research on Breakfast Is Sketchy AF

Findings on whether or not you should be eating the morning meal is hella scrambled.

Here Are 5 Ways Bernie Sanders Can Win at the Convention, Even if He Loses

The DNC is giving him a huge opportunity.

Freddie Gray's Family Attorney Says Fox News' Coverage of Black People Is Racist

"I don’t know where you get that, Billy."

Powerful Poem Exposes How Rape Culture Defines College for Women — Before They Even Start

"Colleges sweep sexual assaults under the rug like dust."

After Surviving a Kidnapping 2 Years Ago, This Woman Just Got Her High School Diploma

Iasia Sweeting received was nearly starved to death.

A Resourceful Distillery Is Turning Fog Into Vodka

It's vodka coming out of thin air -- literally.

The Senate Unanimously Passed a Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights

Next up, House of Representatives.

Bernie Sanders Warns of "Messy" Democratic Convention

It could get ugly.

Photographer's Epic Journey Into a Netherlands Prison Reveals an Unexpected Scene

"I didn't want to believe it myself that prisons became shelters."

Feds Threaten to Pull Funding From American Indian Hospitals Over Shoddy Conditions

The government has put several facilities on notice.

Proposed Mexican-American Textbook Is Racist and Meritless, Say Scholars

A new proposed textbook on Mexican-Americans is not what activists imagined.

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Bicycle Pump

Now you don't have to make sure the bottle's a twist-off.

Adding Healthy Options to Food Deserts Doesn't Make People Buy Those Healthy Options

Access to fruits and veggies does not necessarily equal healthier diets.

University of Cincinnati President Santa J. Ono Opened Up About His Suicide Attempts

Ono said he hoped discussing his own past would show the "light at the end of the tunnel."