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Italy Court Rules That Stealing Food When Hungry and In Need Isn't a Crime

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Is This Milk-Dwelling Vitamin Secretly the Fountain of Youth?

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Carpageddon Is Australia's Plan to Wipe Out Fish Species by Releasing Herpes Into Water

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The TRAPPIST-1 Star Is Where the Hunt for Intelligent Life Is Heading Next

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Marine With Concealed Carry Dies After Intervening in Domestic Dispute

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Fresh Off Becoming the New Face of the $20 Bill, Harriet Tubman Is Getting Her Own Movie

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The 'Game of Thrones' Final Season Will Come and Go — But Will Fans Like the Ending?

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Target "Active Shooter" Was Just "Big, Bearded Man" Protesting Inclusive Bathrooms

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India Is Fighting Climate Change by Stifling Cow Farts

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Half of Teens Consider Themselves Cell Phone "Addicts," According to Survey

Parents of the world, get ready to tell a long story about how things were back in your day.

Hollywood Is Still Too Cis, White and Male, GLAAD Says

The racial diversity of LGBT characters in major studio films worsened last year, according to a new report.

You May Not Need Those Antibiotics You've Been Taking — And That's a Huge Problem

1 in 3 antibiotics prescribed aren't necessary.

9 Epic Teachers Who Completely Rocked Their Students' Worlds

The most important lessons don't come from text books.

9 Absolutely Epic Teachers Who Completely Rocked Their Students' Worlds

The most important lessons don't come from text books.