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Scientists Believe This Is How Stonehenge Was Built, and It's Way Easier Than You'd Think

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Alabama 8th Grade Teacher Made Students Take Racist Test With Questions About Crack, Guns

If you give a racist test, how long will your administrative leave be?

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This Amazing Samaritan Is Giving Free Haircuts to the Homeless in London

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King Tut’s Dagger Was Made From Damn Meteorite

Alien or just super fashionable?

Show This Video to Anyone Who Says Bisexuality Isn’t a Thing

"Are you going to tell me that you like both vanilla and chocolate ice cream?"

Amandla Stenberg Drops One Truth Bomb After Another in Recent Video

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All the Places You Can Get Free Donuts This Friday for National Donut Day

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NYC Pride 2016 Events: Full List of Parties, Parades and More

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This Brilliant TED Talk Exposes the Damaging Effects of Colorism

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Courts Just Said Turning Location Services On Is Like Telling Police They Can Search You

You're carrying a tracker everywhere you go — you just don't know it.

2 Dead at UCLA After Gunman Opens Fire on Campus

"Get somewhere safe and secure," a university housing tweet said. "Deny entry. Campus is on lockdown."

Quentin Tarantino Project Looks for "Whores" in Facebook Casting Call

Don't forget to write "Whore" in the subject line!

Frog and Toad, the Beloved Children's Book Characters, Had a Secret Gay Relationship

Two of the sweetest characters in children's literature might have been part of a coming out story.

Trump University Is a "Fraudulent Scheme," Says Former Employee

"It preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money."

Child Opens Kinder Surprise Egg to Find a Bag of Crystal Meth

"I know how enticing Kinder eggs and their contents are to children."

New Body Shaming Study Finds First Graders Are Learning to Be Awful Humans Very Early

Children are terrible to each other — but it's worse than has been generally assumed.

Why Are There So Many Racist Commercials?

Are we just hypersensitive? Or are some commercials blatantly racist?

Uber Just Got the Biggest Private Investment in History From a Top Human Rights Violator

When it comes to women's rights, it's a match made in heaven.

More and More Americans Are Having Gay Sex, Study Finds

Attitudes about sex are changing.

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It's 2016. Why Are Umbrellas Still So Terrible?

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5 Female 'X-Men' Who Would Make for a Better Movie Than 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

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This '50s Film Shows Depicting LGBT People as Predators Is the Oldest Game in the Book

The debate over bathrooms is at least 60 years old.

Lupita Nyong’o Explains Why Working With a Female Director on 'Eclipsed' Is So Important

"It is a piece that is a very, very intimate female piece."

This Viral Amy Schumer/Aphrodite Side-by-Side Has an Unexpectedly Body Positive Message

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This Teen Poet's Powerful Story About Domestic Abuse Is a Lesson for Girls Everywhere

"I will not bend my steel spine for anyone."

Here Are the Top 10 Cities to Be Single In, According to Zillow

Single and ready to mingle? Welcome to your new home!

Therapists Harbor Bias Against Poor, Black Patients — Here's Proof

A new study shows that bias is widespread.

PSA: Powdered Sugar Is Flammable

A disaster waiting to happen ... and explode.

What It's Like to Live With Another Couple

Three's a crowd...usually.

Watch a Prisoner Reach Out His Window to Catch a Drug-Smuggling Drone

It happens more than you think.

5 Women Who Took a Powerful Stand for Equal Pay — And Didn't Back Down

These Hollywood actresses are speaking up about the gender wage gap.

Common Drops an Epic Freestyle About the Reality of Being a Black American on Radio Show

Twenty years in and Common's rhymes have not dulled a bit.

26 Women Report Sexual Assaults at Schlossgrabenfest in Germany

Three Pakistani men have been arrested in connection with the crimes.

The New Kim Kardashian West Emojis Are About to Step Up Your Family Group Text Game

Kim's new emojis are a family affair.

Instagram Rolls Out #RunwayForAll to Address Fashion's (Lack of) Diversity

These are the models they want you to watch.

The Majority of US Schools Now Have Active Shooter Drills — Here's What They Look Like

"We actually thought someone was going to come in here and kill us."

A New Study Shows Renewable Energy Just Had Its Best Year Yet

And emerging economies are investing big.

In 2016, Police Officers Are Getting Brownie Points For Not Gunning People Down

Does the use of restraint really deserve an award?

Donald Trump Supporters in California Get the "Safe Space" They Crave

And the rest of the world is drowning in irony.

Flint Water Now Safe for Bathing and Hand-Washing, According to Scientist

"We’re seeing some very, very encouraging results."

After a Spate of Fatal Shootings, San Francisco Police Agree to Wear Body Cameras

But will police officers act with more caution?

Feds Won't Prosecute Officers in Jamar Clark Shooting Case

Jamar Clark supporters believe his rights had been violated before he was shot dead by a Minneapolis officer last year.