Kim Kardashian West Met Her Twin and Things Were Awkward AF

Kim K doesn't want any surprise visits from her twin, okay?

Amber Heard's Abuse Allegations Against Johnny Depp Sparked Victim-Blaming Headlines

The media continues to expose its bias against Amber Heard in its coverage of her domestic violence case.

Why Noah Galvin Shouldn't Have Apologized for His 'New York' Magazine Profile

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This Magazine Called Blonde Hair a "Nude Trend for Everyone" — Here's Why That's Racist

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"Hillary Clinton Crimes" Video Alleges Google Manipulates Search Results. It's Wrong.

Is Google suppressing "Hillary Clinton crimes"? Here's what's really going on.

In Response to Brock Turner, the Porn Site xHamster Is Cracking Down on Rape

But is censoring rape fantasy the right way to combat rape culture?

This 8-Year-Old Boy's Beautiful Outfits Destroy Gender Stereotypes

He loves to wear dresses and skirts.

Brock Turner May Have Taken and Distributed a Nude Photo of His Victim During Assault

Brock Turner's case summary says a bystander saw him standing over his victim holding his cell phone.

American Apparel's Pride Totes Are Drawing Facepalms — Here's What the "A" in LBGTQA Means

The tote bag is part of American Apparel's "Legalize Gay" clothing line.

The 10 Useless Things You Can Cut From Your Wedding Budget Right Now

No one will even notice they're gone.

New Naked Restaurant Will Ban Overweight Diners From Service

On the menu: Body shaming with a side of ageism.

J.K. Rowling Claps Back At Racist Twitter User Who Says Hermione Can't Be Black

In the world of clap backs, J.K. Rowling is the minister of magic.

NBA Star Steph Curry’s UnderArmour Shoes Are Getting Thoroughly Eviscerated on Twitter

These shoes are giving new meaning to being a dad with (no) style.

This Woman's Powerful Poem About Brock Turner and Rape Culture Is Going Viral

It's a searing message for those who are still supporting the convicted sex offender.

This Is What Following Your Ex on Facebook Is Doing to Your Mental Health

Just close the laptop and back away.

Barack Obama Helps Jimmy Fallon "Slow Jam the News" — And Sneaks in Some Trump Digs

A U.S. president has never been so suave.

NASA Just Released One of the Sharpest Images of Pluto Ever

Pluto continues to amaze us.

11 Times Tumblr Cut Through the Bullshit of Gender

People identify as more than just female or male.

Here Is What Appears to Be a "Relationship Contract" Between 8th Graders

"You have to buy me food." Yes.

Searching for Hitler on Google Brings Up Results for Donald Trump. Why?

Your guess is as good as ours. We can't figure it out.

Daisy Ridley Recorded "At the Ballet" With Anne Hathaway and Barbra Streisand

Daisy Ridley got into the studio with Barbra Streisand for "At the Ballet."

DeRay McKesson Twitter Hack Confirmed in Phone Call to 'Mic'

Deray McKesson's just confirmed to 'Mic' that his twitter was "super hacked."

The Sneaky Way Brands, Bloggers And Celebrities Are Getting You To Buy Clothing

You won't believe just how effective it is.

Azealia Banks Will Not Use This Gay Slur Ever Again

The controversial singer says she finally understands how much words can hurt.

A Teenage Girl Took Her Own Life After an NSFW Video of Her Was Posted on Snapchat

The tragic death of a teenage girl highlights the dangers of online slut-shaming.

The Internet Is Furious at This Instagram Mom Who Did Yoga Above Her Baby

Melanie Darnell has set the Mommy Internet afire with her controversial workout.

Put Slices of Sweet Potato Into Your Toaster and Witness Something Truly Magical

Your avocado toast game just improved big time.

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory About King Tommen’s Deadly Fate Could Be Coming Soon

Sorry Tommen, you are not long for this Westeros.

These Charts Show How Drastically Pop Has Changed Over the Past 50 Years

By and large our No. 1 songs have gotten longer, wordier and far more explicit as time has gone on.

Virginia Tech Frat Banned From Campus for 10 Years for Allegedly Beating Pledges

The pledge accused fraternity members of blindfolding and beating him.

A Sci-Fi Script Written by an Algorithm Goes Horribly Wrong — Here’s What Happened

Don't you just hate it when you vomit an eyeball mid-conversation?

Watch These 'Harry Potter' Actors Get Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses Online

You might recognize these four famous muggles.

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren Rip "Racist" Trump to Shreds in Barn-Burning Speeches

Speaking before the American Constitution Society, Biden and Warren laid into the presumptive GOP nominee.

Drone Catches Rare and Super Serene Footage of Endangered Whales Near New Zealand

A custom-made drone captures rare footage of Bryde's Whales.

‘Star Wars’ Star Daisy Ridley Shares Message of Struggle With Endometriosis on Instagram

Daisy Ridley opens up about what it's like to have endometriosis.

14 Tumblr Posts Perfectly Capture What It’s Like to Be an Introvert

Not all introverts are socially awkward.

Tech Writer Matt Hickey Allegedly Impersonated a Porn Recruiter to Trick Women Into Sex

Seattle women are accusing Hickey of luring them to his apartment under false pretenses.

9-Word Poem Perfectly Sums Up Cat-Calling Season

Street harassment isn't about compliments. It's about control.

In Texas, Smiling In Your Mugshot Will Get You Choked — If You're Black

Christopher Johnson has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Harris County Sheriff's office.

Scientists Found a Way to Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Minerals

How the heck did they do that?

New Comic Honors Prince on What Would've Been His 58th Birthday

To celebrate what would have been Prince's 58th birthday, Storm Entertainment released a comic honoring the musician.

Your Obsession With Steph Curry Is Really Good for Your Health

Suck on this, LeBron lovers.

One Video Nails the Pure Horror of Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internships are the absolute worst.

Hospital Artfully Displays All the Weird Random Things Kids Have Swallowed

Kids swallow the darndest things.

Hillary Clinton Takes Her First Step Toward Winning Over Millennials Who Felt the Bern

The first wave of Sanders staffers have begun heading to Clinton's campaign.

Hillary Clinton Escalates War with Donald Trump: "He Has No Idea What's Best For Women"

The presumptive Democratic nominee lays into her opponent before a friendly crowd.

Researchers Just Uncovered an Enormous Hidden Monument at Petra

A new monument has been discovered in Petra.

What Muhammad Ali Means to Me As a Muslim Woman of Color

Muhammad Ali truly lived up to his name: the Greatest.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Has the Most Important Message for You This Election Year

Broadway's $10 Founding Father wants you to get out and vote.

Racist Nightmare Principal Allegedly Terrorizes Black Teachers in NYC, Sparks DOJ Lawsuit

Former-principal Minerva Zanca is at the center of a DOJ lawsuit due to alleged racist conduct.

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton: "She's a Fighter — a Fighter With Guts"

"I'm ready to jump in this fight," Warren says, ending months of neutrality.

Donald Trump Has a Long History of Not Paying People for Working for Him, New Report Shows

Are the jobs Donald Trump plans on bringing back to make America great again paid positions?

Patricia Clarkson Just Put Hollywood's Adult Baby Men in the Corner

The actress knows how to solve Hollywood sexism.

Elle Varner Is Dragged on Twitter for Slut-Shaming Critique About School Dress Codes

Intersectional feminism is much more complex than clothing choice, some Twitter users informed the singer.

Brock Turner Joins List of 126 Individuals Banned From USA Swimming for Sexual Misconduct

Former Stanford swimmer is 138th person to be banned from USA Swimming.

Evil Librarian Blares Ice Cream Truck Song From Mobile Library, Relishes in Kids' Horror

"It's the disappointment on their little faces," the driver said.

This Viral Bath Bomb Video Shows How to Make Your Tub Into a Real-Life Horror Show

This is some real-life "Harry Potter" magic right here.

Republicans Don't Know How to Handle Trump's Racist Remarks

Racism has long-plagued the Republican party.

An Ode to "Crazy," the Ultimate 90s Ode to Female Friendship and Empowerment

It's also an ode to pole-dancing competitions, but that's another story altogether.

New Analysis Reveals TV's Diversity Problem Is Way Worse Than We Thought

The upcoming crop of new TV series will have almost no women or people of color as showrunners.

Welcome to Tykables, a Store for Adult Baby Fetishists

Tykables is where adult babies go to play.

Muhammad Ali Remembered as a "Truly Free Man of Faith" at His Public Funeral

The boxing legend's life was memorialized in a service attended by thousands.

Now We Know How Many of Your Co-workers Are Video-Chatting Naked

There's a 1 in 10 chance your colleague is secretly pants-free.