iPhone 7 Leaks and Rumors: This Is What the Next iPhone Is Probably Going to Look Like

A lot like its predecessor, only better.

Orlando Shooter Gay Rumors Circulate in Wake of Pulse Shooting — Here's the Latest News

The story behind the gay rumors about Omar Mateen.

Nick Jonas Spoke at a Vigil for Orlando, and People Are Confused

"I love you, Zac Efron!" one attendee shouted.

Noor Salman, Omar Mateen's Wife, May Have Tried to "Talk Him Out" of Orlando Mass Shooting

Omar Mateen's wife may have known about his plans to attack Pulse.

After Orlando Shooting, a Florida Catholic Bishop Says Church "Breeds Contempt for Gays"

"Religion, including our own ... targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender[s]."

A New Court Transcript Reveals the Reasoning Behind Brock Turner's Sentence

According to the judge, intoxication diminishes "moral culpability."

iPhone 8 Rumors Have the Tech World Going Crazy for 3 Big Reasons

Forget the iPhone 7. You might want to wait for 2017 and the iPhone 8.

Orlando Shooting Victim Edward Sotomayor, Jr. Is Being Hailed a Hero for Saving Boyfriend

Edward Sotomayor, Jr. died in the hospital; his boyfriend survived the attack.

Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Was Reportedly a Regular at Pulse Nightclub

More has come to light regarding Orlando shooter Omar Mateen.

Barack Obama Reminds Everyone He's a Goddamn Feminist

The president made clear he's not a lame duck yet — but he is a feminist.

Watch Australian Comedian Jim Jefferies on the Hypocrisy of American Gun Laws — In 2014

Australia enacted widespread gun control in 1996 following a mass shooting that killed 35.

Obama Smacks Down Donald Trump, Says Using "Radical Islam" Plays into Terrorists' Hands

"Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. This is a political distraction," Obama said.

A Gay Couple That Wanted to Get Married Will Have A Joint Funeral After Pulse Shooting

Two soul mates killed in the Pulse nightclub massacre will have a joint funeral for loved ones.

Watch Anderson Cooper Slam Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi for Anti-LGBT Stances

Anderson Cooper isn't letting Pam Bondi off the hook.

Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah and Other Late Night Hosts Tackle Orlando Club Shooting

Late night was filled with important and resonant messages in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4 Spoilers: Did Alex Survive the Season 3 Finale?

The biggest question for 'OITNB' fans during the break: Did Alex Vause survive her assassination attempt?

Police Kill Hostage-Taking Gunman at Walmart in Amarillo, Texas

"There are reports of an armed subject inside who may have hostages," police said in a statement.

iOS 10's Invisible Ink Will Be Great for Sending Nude Photos, According to the Internet

People want to use iOS 10's Invisible Ink feature for sexual purposes.

Chick-fil-A Workers Did the Unexpected in the Wake of the Orlando Tragedy

Considering the chain's reputation with LGBTQ communities, the move is surprising.

There Won't Be a Female Hero in the New 'Legend of Zelda' Because What About the Men?

Zelda's legend remains out of her own hands.

Fox News' Gretchen Carlson Says She Supports a New Assault Weapons Ban

"I'm in favor of people being able to carry," Carlson said. "... I'm also with the majority today, taking a stand."

The Paleo Diet May Be Linked to Major Nutritional Deficiencies

Maybe the caveman didn't have it all figured out.

Kepler-1647b: NASA Astronomers Just Discovered a Huge "Tatooine Planet" With 2 Suns

Sadly, we probably won't find Luke Skywalker on Kepler-1647b.

This Pastor Celebrated the Orlando Shootings, Called Anti-LGBT Christians the Real Victims

Steven L. Anderson is the leader of Tempe, Arizona's Faithful World Baptist Church.

Kanye West Announces Saint Pablo Tour — Here Are Cities, Dates and How to Get Tickets

Kanye West has unveiled the Saint Pablo Tour, a two-month trip hitting 40 cities across the United States and Canada.

Khloé Kardashian Reveals the Sad Truth That Came With Losing All That Weight

People look at her differently now that she has lost weight.

I'm Angry as Hell About the Orlando Shooting. What Can I Do About It?

How do we channel rage into something more productive than a fist-shaped hole in the wall?

Joe Biden Just Made a Powerful Statement on the State of Sexual Assault in the US

At the United State of Women summit, Joe Biden blasted rape culture and victim blaming.

Pulse Nightclub Massacre Sends Major Gun Stocks Skyrocketing

Stock in Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. and Storm Ruger & Co. Inc. shot up Monday following 50 gun deaths on Sunday.

Let's Remember How the Orlando Shooting Victims Lived, Not Just How They Died

Loved ones share intimate memories of the lives lost.

On Live TV, Anderson Cooper Held Back Tears as He Read the Names of the Pulse Victims

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper held a poignant tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting.

This 'Harry Potter' Tattoo Is Going Viral — But It May Come at a Dangerous Cost

You'll need a spell (or blacklight) to see it.

More People Than Ever Are Getting Drugs in Dark Web Markets

You're going to need some bitcoin.

Kerry Washington Speaks Out About Ending Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse

"Financial abuse is the number one reason why women stay and why they can't walk away."

GOP Lawmaker Raffles 2 AR-15 Assault Weapons Days After Similar Gun's Use in Mass Shooting

The lawmaker has no plans to change the door prize after the Orlando shooting massacre.

Spiked Seltzer Is Here, and It'll Get You Buzzed for Fewer Calories Than Beer

Bye, rosé. There's a new summer drink in town.

All That Coffee You're Guzzling Is Useless if You're Not Getting Enough Sleep, Study Says

Consider this before you wait until the last minute to finish a big project.

NRA Blames Terrorists, Not Guns, In Post-Orlando Tweet Storm

Gun control "will do nothing to prevent" a future attack, NRA says.

Brace Yourself, the Sushi Donut Is Here

Would eat.

Russian Spies Hacked the DNC, Stole Opposition Research on Putin Fan Donald Trump

The hacking attack also targeted both the Trump and Clinton campaigns and outside groups.

Tituss Burgess of 'Kimmy Schmidt' Sings "Somewhere" to Honor Orlando Victims

Tituss Burgess offered up a 'West Side Story' classic to honor the victims of the Orlando, Florida shooting.

GOP Congressman Suggests Orlando's Pulse Wasn't a Gay Nightclub — Then Walks it Back

"It was a young person's nightclub, I'm told."

The White House Wants to Use Artificial Intelligence to Solve Mass Incarceration

Predictive algorithms are more powerful than ever. They should help people stay out of jail.

Pulse Shooting Survivor Jose "Junior" Martinez Shares Message From Hospital

A young man's life was changed forever after deciding to go to the club with friends after a long work day.

ESPN's New OJ Simpson Documentary Shows How He Shunned His Blackness

O.J. documentary series shows the rise and fall of the football Hall of Famer through the lens of race.

Not Just Orlando: Anti-LGBTQ Homicides Rose 20% in 2015

A new report provides devastating details about hate violence against LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities.

Highly Anticipated ‘Doctor Who’ Spinoff Will Feature a Male Lead With a Boyfriend

Given the controversy with LGBT character deaths in TV, this is a welcome sign.

What Is It Really Like to Be Friends With Beyoncé? Gabrielle Union Gives Us Some Clues

The first rule of being friends with Queen Bey is you don't talk about being friends with Queen Bey.

Paul Ryan Rebukes Donald Trump's Post-Orlando Muslim Ban, Says LGBTQ People Were Targets

"This is a threat that knows no borders," Ryan said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Lady Gaga Delivers a Touching Tribute to the Victims of Orlando Shooting

In front of a crowd of thousands, Lady Gaga spoke both directly to the attacked LGBTQ community and to all of humanity.

In Their Words, LGBTQ People Answer "What Next?" in Wake of Orlando Club Massacre

Amid contentious debates, here are LGBTQ people and their supporters speaking out.

The Latest Update on the 53 Wounded From Mass Shooting in Orlando Gay Nightclub

27 victims still remain in Orlando Regional Medical Center, 16 of which are considered stable.

French Police Officer Killed By Man Who Allegedly Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

Larossi Abballa allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS before killing a French police officer and his female partner.

Head of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson Thinks Donald Trump's Muslim Ban Is a Terrible Idea

Jeh Johnson says the key to keeping America safe does not include a blanket ban on Muslim immigrants.

19 Stunning Photos of the Massive Labor Protests That Swept France on Tuesday

Police estimated up to 75,000-80,000 protesters, with labor unions estimating 1.3 million, Reuters reported.

Beyoncé and the Michigan Beyhive Cut $82K Check for Flint Water Crisis Victims

Beyoncé's fans opted to donate to Flint when they purchased tickets to her Detroit concert.

Clinton Rips Trump Over His Orlando Response: "He Has Nothing Substantive to Say"

Speaking in Pittsburgh, the Democratic nominee continues her assault on Trump.

Sandy Hook Mother Pens Open Letter To the Families of Orlando Shooting Victims

A Sandy Hook victim's mother reaches out to the families of the Orlando shooting victims.

Florida Politicians Offer Condolences After Orlando, Still Won’t Pass Laws to Protect LGBT

These seem especially shameful in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Activists to Commemorate Flag Day by Taking Mississippi Confederate Flag Fight to DC

Mississippi remains the only U.S. state to feature the Confederate battle emblem on its state flag.