Donald Trump Implores World to "Ask the Gays," Gays All Too Happy to Oblige

Maybe Trump shouldn't have asked the gays...

Pizza Delivery Guy Blows Away 'America’s Got Talent' With Massive Voice

The 20-year-old Sal Valentinetti stunned onstage at 'America's Got Talent' Tuesday night with a rendition of Sinatra's "My Way,."

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Posits a Twisted, Full-Circle Ending for Jaime and Cersei

If you think Jaime and Cersei's story has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.

The Bramble Cay Melomys Is the First Mammal Made Extinct by Climate Change

This is probably the first of many.

Kim Kardashian West's New 'GQ' Cover Is a Dream Come True — Sorry, 'Vogue'

Not to be confused with her dream-come-true 'Vogue' cover.

Target Shoppers, Staff Perfectly Clap Back at Man Who Calls Breastfeeding Mom a "Whore"

Target incident shows the harassment women face for simply breastfeeding their children in public.

Orlando Shooting Victim Brenda Marquez McCool's Final Act: Trying to Save Her Son

The mom of 11 joined her son for an evening out that ended up in tragedy.

Boy Missing After Alligator Dragged Him Into the Water at Orlando Disney Resort

The boy and his family were visiting Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa from Nebraska.

Anonymous Hacker Hijacks Hundreds of ISIS Accounts With a Barrage of LGBTQ Love

Your favorite hacktivists are back at it again.

Kanye West Adds New Song to 'Life of Pablo,' Brags About Being Einstein and in Debt

Kanye West is adding new music to his "living, breathing changing creative expression" — otherwise known as 'The Life of Pablo.'

Facebook Repeatedly Removed Queer Rapper Michete's Post About Orlando

Facebook repeatedly removed this transfeminine user's reaction to the Orlando shooting.

Chrissy Teigen Sent Donald Trump a Birthday... Erm... Greeting

Chrissy Teigen and Donald Trump have a history of bad blood.

In One Quote, the Dalai Lama Nails the Problem With Praying for Orlando Victims

The Dalai Lama thinks that world peace requires more than just prayer.

Marvel Shows Solidarity With Orlando Shooting Victims But Misses the Mark

Marvel stands with Orlando, but could have used these characters instead.

At First, This Missouri County Refused to Fly American Flag at Half-Staff After Orlando

Cole County, Missouri, at first chose not to obey Obama's order to honor the Orlando victims.

President Obama Called Himself a Feminist — Here’s How Men on the Internet Responded

Oh no, the leader of our country views men and women equally!

One Epic Twitter Thread Exposes How Hypocritical Christians Who Hate Gays Really Are

Have you ever had alcohol? Masturbated? Lied? Take a seat.

Scientists Just Announced the Discovery of a Second Gravitational Wave Signal

A second gravitational wave signal leaves no doubt that Albert Einstein's 100-year-old prediction was right.

Opinion: With Our Gun Laws, Mass Shootings Aren’t "Unimaginable" — They're Inevitable

OPINION: If this tragedy was "unimaginable" to you, you aren't paying attention.

Bernie Sanders' Revolution Just Failed Its First Post-Primary Test

A House candidate Sanders endorsed lost by a wide margin in a congressional primary.

Pornhub Is Now Offering 'Porn for the Blind,' or Porn for Blind People

The porn website just debuted a number of "described" adult videos.

Jennifer Aniston Isn't Pregnant, So Everyone Just Sit Down and Shut Up

Stop asking this question. Just stop.

Donald Trump Feels the Backlash After Accusing U.S. Troops in Iraq of Embezzling Money

The presumptive GOP nominee is feeling the heat for bringing up military graft.

The Most Radical Thing About ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is Its Latina Characters

'Orange Is the New Black' not only reclaims the gritty strength of its characters, but balances it out with their vulnerabilities.

This Evil Man Gave Away His Girlfriend's 'Hamilton' Tickets Without Even Telling Her

Literally the worst boyfriend ever.

The Coolest Teens of 2016 Promposed to Their Dates With These Dank Memes

Why Pepe the frog and dat boi were everywhere this prom season.

In One Impassioned Tweetstorm, This Veteran Just Tore Apart Donald Trump's Latest Screed

"Don’t believe him when he says he’s for Veterans. It's lip service entirely."

The Surprising Foods Natalie Coughlin's Eating to Prep for 2016 Rio Olympics

Her farm fresh eggs come from the 8 chickens in her backyard.

Stephen Colbert Has Found a Very Interesting Pattern in Trump's Response to Orlando

"I see patterns where none exist!" the host quipped.

This Senator Is Fed Up With Gun Violence — and He's Filibustering Until Republicans Act

"I'm going to stand here and hold the floor while we give time to our colleagues to try and find a path forward."

Judge Aaron Persky Removed From New Sexual Assault Case Amid Brock Turner Controversy

Judge Aaron Persky is removed from a new sexual assault case.

11-Year-Old Nails Importance of Relatable Heroes: "If We Want Equity, We Need Diversity"

The idea behind Marley Dias' #1000BlackGirlBooks project: Diversity begets equity

#LGBTQHatesTrumpParty Puts Donald Trump on Blast After Orlando Shooting

Grieving LGBTQ communities aren't so happy about Trump's insincerity.

Photographer at Orlando Vigil Captures 49 Birds Flying During Moment of Silence

A photographer captures a candid image of 49 birds flying overhead a vigil honoring the 49 victims killed in Orlando, Florida.

The Number of People Who've Died at Disney World Proves Your Childhood Was an Utter Lie

Way too many people have died at Disney.

Demi Lovato Tweets Powerful Statement About Orlando Shooting

There are no words for how upset the Orlando shooting has made Demi Lovato.

Badass Latina Superhero La Boriqueña Stands With Orlando Victims in Powerful New Image

La Boriqueña expresses solidarity with the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre in a powerful new illustration.

The Unexpected Way Women and Men Are Using Makeup to Memorialize Orlando’s Fallen

"Those who know me understand why I've chosen to do this."

Quadriplegic Author on 'Me Before You' Problem, Why He's "Angry to Be Associated" With It

The author, Francesco Clark, does not want to be associated with the film's negative message on disability.

Coffee Isn't Linked to Cancer — But Extremely Hot Drinks Are

Coffee isn't linked to cancer… as long as you drink it at a normal temperature.

In the Wake of the Orlando Massacre, Mara Wilson Talks Candidly About Her Own Sexuality

Wilson said, "The LGBTQ community has always felt like home."

Beyoncé Dedicates 'Halo' to "Family Members of Those Who Lost Their Lives" in Orlando

Queen Bey took a moment out of her Formation world tour to honor victims and their families of gun violence in Florida.

Latino, LGBTQ Muslims in Orlando Are Grieving the Pulse Shooting

Orlando's Muslim community is grieving the deaths of those who died at the Pulse nightclub, because they are LGBTQ and Latino.

Watch Kanye West Take on Homophobia in Hip-Hop in This Throwback 2005 Interview

Kanye west called out the homophobic nature of hip-hop years ago.

Chinese College Students Are Coerced Into Sending Loan Sharks Nude Photos As Collateral

Extorting the socially and economically vulnerable.

How Mindy Kaling Is Using Her Bright-Colored Outfits to Inspire Women of All Sizes

She hopes to encourage "women who aren't sticks."

Former Obama Ambassador: Obama Will Be "Judged Negatively" on Foreign Policy

Ryan Crocker was surprisingly candid in expressing his disapproval of Obama's foreign policy.

Scientists Found a Molecule in Space That Could Help Us Figure Out the Origins of Life

It's the first of its kind found in space.

Will Tapping a Soda Can Keep It From Exploding?

Or is it just a really silly habit?

Senate Just Passed a Bill That Would Include Women in the Draft

Some saw the draft as "inevitable" following December's decision to include women in all military branches.

Kelly Osbourne and Others Show Solidarity to Orlando Victims With Remembrance Tattoos

Many are getting permanently inked in honor of the Orlando victims.

2016 Washington, D.C. Primary Results: Hillary Clinton Beats Bernie Sanders for Last Time

Clinton widened her delegate lead over Sanders in the final primary of 2016.

iPhone 7 Rumor Update: The New Home Button Might Not Be a Button at All

The new and improved iPhone could be amazing.

A Drone Is Flying Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland, Where Abortion Is Illegal

Having an abortion in Northern Ireland is considered a felony with very limited exceptions.

5 Things Your Friends Want You to Know About Living With Tourette Syndrome

"I didn't catch it from anyone, and I'm not possessed."

May Is the 8th Consecutive Month to Break Global Temperature Records

There's a bigger problem behind the abnormally high temperatures.

Nick Jonas Is Super Into Spanking, So Try to Get That Image Out of Your Head

He's not so crazy about feet, though!

How Common Are Alligator Attacks in Florida? Here Are the Numbers

How likely are you to be attacked by an alligator in Florida?

How to Get Away With Having a Bloody Mary for Dinner

This one's for anybody who's thought a bloody could make a great meal.

Post-Orlando, Marc Jacobs Just Honored LGBTQ Communities In the Most Beautiful Way

"This collection is a reminder to question and challenge normal and to continue exploring and pushing boundaries."

The Body of the Boy Attacked by an Alligator at a Disney Resort Has Been Found

There's "no question" the alligator killed the child, said Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Honored the Victims of the Orlando Attack in the Most Fitting Way

Neil deGrasse Tyson paid tribute by doing what he does best — science.

Turkey Just Missed the Deadline for Visa-Free Travel in the EU Under Turkey Refugee Deal

What does this mean for future EU-Turkey relations?

#QueerSelfLove Shows Diversity of LGBTQ Community in the Best Way

After the tragic Orlando shooting, LGBTQ users are using social media to celebrate their existence.

Avocado Black Market Thrives in Response to New Zealand's Crop Shortage

Surging avocado demand has led to a series of thefts. It's the pits.

Prince William Speaks Out Against Homophobia on Gay Magazine Cover

Prince Williams is taking on bullying, homophobia and mental health stigma in 'Attitude.'

Jamaica's Attorney General Subtweeted US Embassy to Take Down Its Rainbow Flag

Her controversial tweets followed an attack against the United States' LGBTQ communities.