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Here's What Relationships Are Really Like Inside A Women's Prison

"Everybody fucks around in prison."

Chicago Man Shot and Killed on Facebook Live

A 28 year-old man was killed while live streaming on Facebook.

$29 Billion Worth of Food Is Wasted Every Year Because No One Knows What "Sell-By" Means

But soon, the milk smell test will be a thing of the past.

The OnePlus 3 Came Out of Nowhere to Be the Tech World's Most Hyped Phone

That is, until the new iPhone shows its face.

This Congresswoman Wants to Pass a Law to Drug Test the Rich for Tax Deductions

Wisconsin State Rep. Gwen Moore said she's "sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Kim Kardashian West Claims She Has Proof Taylor Swift Approved Kanye West's "Famous" Lyric

According to Kardashian West, Swift's account of the "Famous" beef is a straight up "lie" — and she has receipts to prove it.

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Why Australia's Gun Ban Wouldn't Work in the US, According to Australians

Australians don't all think the United States could easily ban guns.

Jo Cox Killed; Thomas Mair Named as Suspect Who Shot and Stabbed British Labour MP

Police are investigating whether Jo Cox's assailant shouted a far-right political cry before attacking her.

One Big Name Was Missing from the Democrats' Gun Control Filibuster: Bernie Sanders

#WheresBernie hashtag questions Sanders' absence from the gun control filibuster.

This Woman Penned a Powerful Letter to H&M Calling Out Its “Unrealistically Small” Sizing

She couldn't fit into the brand's biggest size: a 16.

Donald Trump Responds to Seth Meyers' 'Late Night' Ban in the Most Trump Way Possible

In fairness to Seth Meyers, he didn't really expect Donald Trump to come on his show anyway.

Amy Schumer Just Landed Her Very First 'Vogue' Cover

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The Science Behind Adult Coloring Books Explains Why They're So Therapeutic

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Firefly Festival 2016: Videos of Best Performances and Sets From 3-Day Concert Series

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Astonomers Think We Won't Hear From Aliens for Another 1,500 Years

We'll have to be patient for a while longer, say Evan Solomonides and Yervant Terzian.

The Oil Industry Needs to #RezpectOurWater and Stop Building the Dakota Access Pipeline

A 13-year-old member of the Standing Rock Tribe speaks out.

Family of Eugene Stoner, Who Invented the AR-15, Said He Never Intended Them for Civilians

The inventor of the AR-15 rifle would be "sickened" by what it's become.

Who Is Thomas "Tommy" Mair? What We Know About Jo Cox Shooting Suspect

Thomas Mair is the chief suspect in British MP Jo Cox's death.

What Time Does 'OITNB' Season 4 Come to Netflix? Fans Are on Edge for Midnight Release

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No Matter How Good Your Password Is, There's a Reason You Can't Use It More Than Once

To get your password, attackers don't have to hack your account.

Earth Has Another "Quasi-Moon" — Meet Asteroid 2016 HO3

Turns out the moon isn't the only object hanging around Earth.

Fired Florida Police Officer Brings Black Girlfriend to Hearing to Prove He's Not a Racist

Former Fort Lauderdale police officer Jason Holding tried using his black girlfriend to prove he wasn't racist.

Taraji P. Henson Makes a Case for Equal Pay In the Most Cookie Lyon Way Ever

This might have been the most Cookie Lyon thing Taraji has ever done.

We Underestimated Donald Trump in the Primary. Are We Making the Same Mistake Again?

Nobody gave Trump a chance a year ago. That doesn't mean we should overlearn the lessons of the primary.

Go Back to Sleep, Say Researchers — No, Really

Are two sleeps better than one?

New Gender Neutral Uniforms Will Finally Allow For Boys to Wear Skirts to School

Say goodbye to antiquated uniform regulations.

Anonymous Went After the Internet’s Most Popular Hub of Lost Knowledge Just to Get ISIS

The internet didn't take too kindly to the attack.

Calvin Harris Just Responded to the Taylor Swift Breakup in the Best Way Possible

Calvin Harris posts Rihanna pics, retaking the spotlight from Taylor Swift.

Hoping for a Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders Ticket? There's Bad News for You

Bernie Sanders is out, but Elizabeth Warren is being vetted, according to the 'Wall Street Journal.'

Who Was Jo Cox? All the Positions the British Labour Party PM Fought for

Jo Cox was one of the more progressive MPs of the Labour Party.

Tupac's Long-Awaited Biopic ‘All Eyez on Me’ Finally Gets Its First Trailer

The film is slated to premiere November 11.

Majority of Americans Back Donald Trump's Muslim Ban in Post-Orlando Poll

As terrorism fears mount, voters back Trump's hard-line policy.

The US Robbed Itself of $87 Billion in 2014 By Not Hiring Formerly Incarcerated People

A new analysis of criminal justice data shows mass incarceration has made the U.S. less productive.

Nick Minaj Featured on DJ Mustard’s “Don’t Hurt Me” — Best Lyrics and Where to Listen

Thursday, Queen Minaj ?appeared on DJ Mustard's newly released "Don't Hurt Me" alongside R&B singer Jeremih.

This ‘Finding Dory' Makeup Tutorial Is the Most Terrifying Thing On the Internet

You will no longer want to find Dory.

Minneapolis Stylist Calls Black Woman's Natural Hair an 'Animal That Cannot Be Tamed'

Denny Kemp Salon & Spa needs a lesson in hair and how to say sorry.

There Have Been 14 Trans People Killed in the U.S. So Far This Year

This is the latest victim of violence against transgender people.

Elizabeth Warren Warns Congress Will Have "Blood on Our Hands" During Democrats Filibuster

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren held nothing back Wednesday during the Democrats' talkathon.

Ta Nehisi Coates Nails Why Orlando Shooting Should Be a Wake-Up Call for America

The award-winning author homed in on why it seems that changing gun laws is hard in the U.S.

Science Says Freezing Coffee Beans Before Grinding Them Yields a Better Batch of Brew

This'll bring the best bag of beans even closer to perfection.

Can Donald Trump Win the Labor Vote? Here's Why He's Going After Bernie Sanders Supporters

Team Trump is chasing union voters who may not want to follow their leader.

The 'Wicked' Movie Adaptation Finally Has a Release Date

The movie is three years away, but it's officially coming.

Your Coffee Could Be Made From Beans That Were Picked 9 Years Ago

Maybe it's time to switch to tea.

Introducing the Doughrito, The Donut-Burrito Breakfast Hybrid That's Taking Names

If huevos rancheros and a pastry had a baby ... maybe.

HIV-Positive Phoenix Man Was Allegedly Struck by His Girlfriend's Car for Revealing Status

The man suffered a fractured vertebra and head injuries.

Scientists Created Cement That Glows and Light-Up Roads Could Be Coming

The Rainbow Road from Mario Kart might become a reality.

An Entire Flight Offered Their Condolences to the Grandmother of Orlando Shooting Victim

A JetBlue flight attendant said the outpouring of kindness restored her faith in humanity following the Orlando shooting.

Asian American Parents of LGBTQ Kids Write Moving Letter in Support of Orlando Victims

"We, the Asian American Parents Who Love Our LGBTQ Kids, are heartbroken about the Orlando tragedy,"

Facebook Tracks All the Stores You Walk Into and Sends You Creepily Specific Ads

Facebook sees you when you're shopping.

From Punchline to Presumptive Nominee: Donald Trump's Wild and Unpredictable Journey

The campaign has featured moments never before seen — or possibly even imagined — in U.S. electoral history.

Gay and Bi Men Can't Donate Blood and Apparently Some Congress Members Didn't Know

There's still little hope for a change in the ban on gay and bi men, especially not from a Congress that doesn't know about it..

English Soccer Supporters Harrass Children at Euro 2016, and Twitter Isn't Having It

Video has emerged showing English soccer fans harassing street children who were asking for money.