Eric Casebolt, McKinney Officer Who Threw Girl on Ground at Pool Party, Won't Face Charges

Officer Eric Casebolt has been handed a "no bill" from a grand jury in Texas.

'Big Brother 18' Premiere: The Internet Roasts the Hell Out of Fat-Shaming Contestant

She has a problem with people that don't know they're fat.

Powerful Comic Perfectly Captures the Hypocrisy of White Feminism

The struggle is real for white people...not.

This Feminist Porn Website Helps Women Reclaim Their Bodies After Sexual Assault

"It's about taking sexuality back and making it yours again."

In the Chaos of the "Battle of the Bastards," You Probably Missed This Jon-Dany Comparison

Damn Jon Snow, back at it again with the (this time symbolic) revival!

Abigail Fisher Lost Her Anti-Affirmative Action Case and the Internet Is Roasting Her

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of affirmative action. The Internet is having a field day with the plaintiff.

Brexit: What’s the worst that could happen?

The scary reason you could be jobless this year.

'Big Brother' 18: Returning Players, Twists, Teams and What to Know Before Episode 2

Here's what happened on the premiere of 'Big Brother' 18 — and what to expect for episode two.

Ariel Winter Responds to Body Shamers: "If You Hate It, Don't Buy It."

Ariel Winter has had it with your body shaming.

Homeowner Pulled Over for Driving While Black in Suburbs and the Video Is Going Viral

A viral video spotlights racial profiling in Trinity, North Carolina.

Channing Tatum Has Some Pretty Stellar Sex Advice for Couples

"It's one of the clearest ways that we communicate."

Brain-Eating Amoeba Most Likely Killed Teen on a Rafting Trip — How Safe Is River Water?

An Ohio teen has died from a rare and fatal brain infection caused by an amoeba.

Chicago Train Stabbing: Woman Stabbed in Neck Dies in Apparent "Domestic" Dispute

Authorities say the argument leading up to the stabbing was "domestic in nature."

This Girl's Prom Entrance to Beyoncé's 'Formation' Is the Best Thing You'll Watch Today

This performance just set a new standard for ways to go to prom.

NASA Finds Tridymite, a "Completely Unexpected" Mineral, on Mars

It could change what we know about how Mars formed.

This Ocean Garbage Collector Could Save Us All — And Its Name Is Boomy McBoomface

Inventor Boyan Slat named his revolutionary product with help from the internet — maybe you see where this is going.

'America's Got Talent' Golden Buzzer Auditions — Here's Who's Moving On to the Live Shows

Here's who's gotten a "Golden Buzzer" on 'America's Got Talent.'

Chris Brown Sued for Allegedly Beating Up Manager Mike G

The lawsuit claims the alleged assault was drug-fueled.

All These White Celebrity Kids Are Making Fashion’s Diversity Problem Even Worse

Nepotism may be the root of all our problems.

This Image of Tammy Duckworth at Democrats' Sit-In Shows How Much We Need to #DisarmHate

Illinois congresswoman left her wheelchair to sit on the House floor.

The Caribbean Sea Is Emitting a Mysterious Sound — Here's What's Causing It

The sound in the Caribbean Sea is unlike anything scientists have heard before.

The Supreme Court Just Saved Affirmative Action in a Landmark Case

The court's ruling in the closely-watched case on racial diversity comes as a surprise.

NMN: The Most Futuristic Anti-Aging Drug Ever Is About to Undergo Human Trials

If a planned clinical trial is successful, a legitimate anti-aging product could eventually come to market.

This Hilarious Children’s Book Perfectly Illustrates How to Explain Trump to Kids

Storybook rhymes help explain the madness.

A US Soldier Was Denied Time Off to Attend a Baby Shower, and His Response Is Incredible

"Men don't go to baby showers"? Au contraire, mon frere.

2 ‘Game of Thrones’ Actors Aren’t Buying the Pregnant Sansa Theory — Including Ramsay

If Ramsay himself says it's not true, let's just close the door on this one.

Democrats' Gun Control Sit-In Continues, Yet Republicans Still Not Moved to Act

Democrats continued their sit-in to force a vote on gun control, despite Republicans leaving recess until July 5.

This Is Why a Brexit Would Be the UK's Equivalent of a Donald Trump Victory

The implications of the Brexit are so much bigger than we realize.

#IfImOnTheWatchList Hashtag Perfectly Explains How Racist the No-Fly List Is

Some people are just not cool with legitimizing a xenophobic program.

Drake Was Cut From PartyNextDoor's "Come and See Me" Video — And Replaced By a Kardashian

Drake and PartyNextDoor's new music video for "Come and See Me" features Kylie Jenner.

Community Protests After Madison Police Beat and Fire Stun Gun at 18-Year-Old Black Girl

A community is protesting the brutal arrest of black teenager Genele Laird.

Lipstick With Actual Flowers Is Real — And the Internet Is Unanimously Obsessed

Jelly lipsticks are back and better than ever.

iPhone 7 Rumors: iPhone 'Pro' Line May Be Included in 3 New iPhones in Fall

The iPhone 7 Pro might cost about $150 more than the iPhone 7 Plus.

Your Uber Driver Makes a Whole Lot Less Than You're Being Led to Believe

Anyone who thinks we need to raise the minimum wage should read this.

‘Gotham’ Has Recast Poison Ivy as an Adult — And It’s Not Weird At All

Poison Ivy's feminine wiles may or may not work on Bruce Wayne. Either way, it feels ... off?

This Plane Just Crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Solar Energy Alone

The Solar Impulse 2 just successfully completed the 15th leg of its around-the-world journey.

House Democrats End Gun Control Sit-In: "We Must Never, Ever Give Up or Give In"

Sit-in leader John Lewis says gun control supporters are "more determined than ever before."

This Is What It'd Sound Like If Meat Eaters Talked Like Vegans

Sometimes, talking about food can be worse than talking about politics.

In the US, Minority Babies Are in the Minority No Longer

Minority babies have officially become the majority among their age group.

Aspirin Ad Isn't Winning Any Awards for Its Gross Sexist Message, Except — Oops — It Did!

The ad made Cannes Lions' shortlist for best healthcare posters.

The New York Times Asked a Lot of White People About Their First Time at a Gay Bar

The New York Times erased voices of queer Latinos to tell a story about gay bars. That's bad.

The Depressing Reason It's So Hard to Find Definitive Scientific Research on Guns

Research on gun violence could lead to more sensible gun laws. No wonder the GOP is so against it.

'The Challenge' Fight Between Tony and Camila Ends in Elimination — And Fans Are Shocked

Tony and Camila ramped up the drama on 'The Challenge.'

Sia, Kesha, Kid Cudi and Nearly 200 Artists Pen Open Letter to Stop to Gun Violence

"We call on Congress to do more to prevent the gun violence that kills more than 90 Americans every day and injures hundreds more.

Supreme Court Blocks Obama's Immigration Policy, Putting Millions at Risk of Deportation

The Court's ruling is a major setback to immigration reform.

7 Foods You're Probably Refrigerating, But Definitely Shouldn't Be

Tomato, to-mah-to — just don't store them in the fridge.

Affirmative Action Isn't About Diversity, It's About Something Much More Important

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to race-conscious admissions.

This Genius Solved Her Car Problem With a Dildo

Who needs a repair shop?

Is Donald Trump Air Bud, and Was Air Bud Actually the Worst? This Comedian Says Yes

An intriguing Donald Trump conspiracy theory to ruin your childhood memories.

Missy Elliott Barely Saves Fall Out Boy's 'Ghostbusters' Theme From Total Disaster

Missy Elliott's verse is just about the only thing that actually captures the cheekiness of Ray Parker Jr.'s original.

'RHONY' Star Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About a Women's Health Issue We Don't Talk About

"I didn't realize how many people have them."

Hillary Clinton Blasts SCOTUS Immigration Ruling as Reminder of "High Stakes" of Election

"This decision is also a stark reminder of the harm Donald Trump would do to our families, our communities and our country."

Sit-In Snacks Include Dunkin’ Donuts From Elizabeth Warren, Pizza From Sandy Hook Mom

Senators and supporters sent other munchies, like Pop-Tarts and Macadamia nuts.

Dos Equis' 'Most Interesting Man In The World' Has a Most Interesting Link to 'Star Trek'

"His only regret is not knowing what regret feels like."

Baltimore Police Officer Caesar Goodson Found Not Guilty All Charges in Freddie Gray Case

Officer faced the most serious criminal charge in the death of Freddie Gray.

'Drag Race' Winner Bob the Drag Queen Implores LGBTQ to Live Without Fear After Orlando

Bob the Drag Queen preaches love and bravery in a time of fear.

During Democratic Sit-In, Rep. Keith Ellison Got a Kick in the Butt From His Mom

Even when you're a congressman, mama knows best.

Blake Lively's 'The Shallows' Prompts the Question — Why Are We Still Scared of Sharks?

The numbers don't justify our universal fear of sharks.

GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Screams "Radical Islam!" at Democrats During Congressional Sit-In

The Congressman's outburst perfectly captures the insanity of America's ongoing gun control debate.

Sen. Chris Murphy on His Senate Filibuster and the Politics of Gun Violence

Regulations to keep guns away from potential terrorists are "not controversial" anywhere but D.C., Murphy says.

Obama Condemns SCOTUS on Immigration: "Takes Us Further from the Country We Aspire to Be"

The president blasts the Supreme Court ruling blocking his immigration reform policy.

Ben Affleck Loses His Sh*t Over "Deflategate" on Bill Simmons' 'Any Given Wednesday'

If you run into Ben Affleck on the street, here's one topic to avoid

A Rattlesnake Interrupted This Colorado Wedding Photo Session — Here Are the Results

We're not saying getting bitten by a rattlesnake on your wedding day is an omen, but...

Ventura Oil Spill Dumps 29,400 Gallons of Oil Near California Beaches — Here's the Latest

An oil spill in Southern California was stopped less than a mile from the beachfront.

Donald Trump Heads to Scotland During Crucial Moment in 2016 Election Campaign

Ugh, don't you hate when your golf resorts get in the way of a general election?

Kardashian-Endorsed Waist Trainer Company Reportedly Just Settled a $5 Million Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit against the Waist Gang Society alleged the company made "false and misleading" claims about weight-loss.