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On Friday, President Barack Obama designated Stonewall as the first national monument dedicated to LGBTQ rights.

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British PM David Cameron Resigns in Wake of Brexit Vote for UK to Leave European Union

Following the Brexit results, David Cameron is expected to step down as prime minister by October.

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"Man I wish we could hit them," one teacher wrote.

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Brexit could have global impact.

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Is Calvin Harris Over Taylor Swift or What?

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Obama Administration to Award 12,000 Prison Inmates Pell Grants to Use on College Tuition

Advocates of Second Chance Pell Pilot program say educating inmates helps prevent repeat offenses.

#FatAssesBreakTheInternet Is Encouraging People to Embrace Their Curves

The internet likes big butts and it cannot lie.

Sure, It'll Be Cheap to Travel to the Post-Brexit UK, But You Won't Have Any Fun

Food and drink will cost you a pretty penny.

What Saturday's Air Jordans Release Tells Us About Michael Jordan's Politics

Michael Jordan owes the popularity of his Air Jordan line in part to staying silent on political issues.

Prince William Implies That Kate Middleton Is a Shit Cook

"It's the reason I'm so skinny," he said.

Hawaii Gov. Signs First-Of-Its-Kind Bill To Enter Gun Owners Into FBI Database

Hawaii is the first state to monitor all gun owners with an FBI database.

This Musician Explains How It Feels To Be Gay And Muslim

Mashrou'Leila openly gay frontman Hamed Sinno explains the struggles of being both Muslim and gay.

Muslim NYPD Officer Suspended for Not Shaving Beard, But Not for Assaulting Someone

Breaking someone's cheekbones? A-OK.

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James Corden and Anna Kendrick's "Soundtrack to a Love Story" is amazing.

Why Lightning Strikes Affect Poor People More

Developing nations see higher rates of lightning deaths than the U.S.

3 Education Issues That Need to Be Addressed on Top of Affirmative Action

There are plenty of issues facing people of color in the U.S. education system that have nothing to do with Affirmative Action.

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You know it's true love if your boyfriend lets you promote your makeup line in his video.

We Must #SayHerName From McKinney to Madison to Oakland for This One Reason

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Rape Survivor Pens Powerful Open Letter to Stanford Sexual Assault Survivor

Delaney Henderson was sexually assaulted by two high school classmates when she was 16.

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New York City's Pride weekend is Friday, June 24 through Sunday, June 26.

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Bleacher Report and KITH Launch One-Of-A-Kind Interactive Pop-Up Shop

The Bleacher Report x KITH Pop-Up shop is located in lower Manhattan.

Bernie Sanders Explains to Stephen Colbert Why He's Still Staying in the Presidential Race

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