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Universe Might Be Expanding Faster Than We Thought, Scientists Say

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Kid Unfurls Confederate Flag in Class, Declares "White Privilege Day," Gets Suspended

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Powerful Film Shows Indian Transgender Women on Their Journey Towards Acceptance

"Look at the love they have for you and the love you have for them."

President Obama Laid the Smackdown on Gun Control During His PBS 'NewsHour' Appearance

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Conservatives Are Calling Out Donald Trump's "Racist" Attacks on Trump University Judge

Judge Gonzalo Curiel's Hispanic identity is "an inherent conflict of interest," Trump charges.

The Department of Defense Spent $170K to Find Out Why Walking With Coffee Makes it Spill

Next they'll look into why it always seems to happen when you're wearing white.

Study Shows "Light" and "Diet" Foods Are a Total Bust, Make You Overeat

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Powerful Video Shows the Staggering Fear Black Mothers Have for Their Children

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Why This Man's on a Mission to Eat Chipotle for 366 Days in a Row

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Kanye West Debuts 'Cruel Winter' Single "Champions," Featuring 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane

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Paris' flooding is captured on Vine.

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Special Prosecutor in Laquan McDonald Case Is Another Victory for Chicago Black Activists

Activists demanded the shooting video's release, saw to the county prosecutor's election defeat and got a special prosecutor.

The 'Surgeon Simulator' Game Just Got an Anti-Trump Twist

The game of "Operation" gets a new clown.

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Plastic has become a fish's equivalent of unhealthy burgers — and it's hurting them.

Fashion Blogger Nails What It's Like Learning to Love Yourself When You're Different

"In a really non-arrogant way, I think I'm amazing."

Philadelphia Faces a Class Action Lawsuit for Its Alleged Bad Water-Testing Practices

Some are accusing city officials of rigging the lead-testing procedures. Others worry it could be another Flint.