Flesh-Eating Bacteria in Florida 2016 Update: Here's the Latest on Water Conditions

Spoiler alert: there is no flesh-eating bacteria.

Stacey Dash Says Jesse Williams Is a 'Hollywood Plantation Slave' After BET Awards Speech

Clueless actor calls says 'Grey's Anatomy' star is inciting hatred against whites.

2 Months After Donald Trump Clinched the Nomination, Half of Republicans Want Someone Else

Donald Trump has seen his support plunge since securing the GOP nod in early May.

Iowa Woman Attacks Black Reporter and Shouts N-Word on Live News Broadcast

A woman attacks and shouts racial slurs at a black TV reporter—but there's a plot twist.

Justin Bieber Tweets the #OrlandoStrong Pulse Massacre Hashtag to Promote Purpose Tour

The majority of tweets boasting the #OrlandoStrong hashtag were about the survivors of the massacre at Pulse.

Britney Spears v. Christina Aguilera — It’s Time to Settle Biggest Rivalries in Pop Music

Being a music fan is never more exciting than when the stakes are high.

Amber Rose Says Ian Connor Has Raped 21 Women, Not Just 7

Ian Connor's alleged victims are calling Amber Rose.

Ruby Rose Wrote an Instagram Post About Love That May or May Not Be About Taylor Swift

"If a woman moves on from a relationship eight months (or two weeks) after a breakup, isn't that beautiful?"

Kendall Jenner Face Swaps With Willow Smith on Snapchat — And the Result Is "Wow"

Kendall Jenner can't get enough of the Smith clan.

Why Is Taylor Swift Wrapped in a Cocoon of Silence on Social Media?

Is she doing a full-blown social media cleanse? Or is her silence far more calculated?

PornHub Just Discovered the One Thing That Gets People's Heads Out of the Gutters

Turns out the drama in Westeros is bad for business.

Taylor Swift's "Trouble" Gets the Justin Bieber Treatment, and It's Cute as Hell

The Biebs sounds great covering this Taylor Swift song.

The Academy's Class of 2016 Is Its Most Diverse Ever, and It's About Damn Time

Chadwick Boseman, America Ferrera and others join the academy

Colorado Movie Theater Wants 'Dark Night' Shooting Victims to Pay $700K in Legal Fees

Cinemark is charging victims and their families for the legal fees for the movie theater franchise's liability case.

The Secret Lives of Teen Witches on Tumblr

It's not just Sabrina — Tumblr is proving teenage witchery is for everyone.

Columbus Nitrate Warning: Latest on Water Advisory Issued for Ohio City

Tap water needs to be avoided in Columbus, Ohio, due to elevated nitrate levels, according to an advisory warning.

Tomi Lahren Said Jesse Williams' BET Speech Was a 'War on Cops,' and the Internet Went Off

The host also said she won't apologize for her "whiteness."

'She Loves Me' Online Livestream: Here's How to Watch Thursday's Broadway Show Online

Thursday's online livestream of 'She Loves Me' marks a first in Broadway history.

Alanis Morissette Just Took Naked Underwater Pregnancy Photos to a Whole New Level

She's got one hand in her pocket and the other on ... Wait, actually, they're both on her boobs.

The NRA Just Censored 38,000 Sites to Take Down a Parody Video

The NRA was after a parody video called "Share the Safety."

This Artist's "Make America Native Again" Hats Are the Perfect "F*ck You" to Donald Trump

Here's why this Navajo artist wants to "Make America Native Again."

What Bayna El-Amin's Assault Case Says About Racism in the LGBTQ Community

Bayna El-Amin faces 15 years in prison for assaulting two white men at a Dallas BBQ restaurant in Manhattan.

Middle School Teacher Caught on Camera Throwing Punches at California Neo-Nazi Rally

An activist teacher was caught beating up a white supremacist.

This Is What Competitive Eating Does to Your Body

What's it like to eat 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes?

Connecticut Radio DJ Gary Craig's Racist Video About a Latino Festival Has People Pissed

Gary Craig is in hot water after calling Latino Fest a "parallel universe" and confusing Cuba with Puerto Rico.

Trump Won't Rebuke Questioner Who Wants to Ban Muslims from TSA: "We Are Looking at That"

Woman asks Trump to "get rid of all these hibijabis they wear at TSA."

Stephen Hawking Has a Plan to Create the Most Detailed Map of the Early Universe

It could help us figure out what dark energy is.

Franchesca Ramsey Proves Racism Isn't Just a Southern Thing With Horrifying Examples

The North has a deep-seated history of racism as well.

Nick Young, Iggy Azalea Reportedly Break Up Over His Ex Keonna Green and Twitter Is Pissed

Iggy Azalea poured her heart out across Twitter Thursday morning.

Gay Men in Ivory Coast Were Outed by the U.S. Embassy With This Photo After Orlando Attack

Six closeted gay men are now facing anti-gay backlash.

Is Google Calendar Down on June 30, 2016? Nobody Knows Schedule; Twitter Melts Down

Google Calendar goes down on June 30, 2016. Everyone loses their dang cool.

A Journalist Tweeted About How He Came Face-to-Face With the Istanbul Airport Attackers

The man, Steven Nabil, hid in a closet with his wife as bullets sprayed around them.

14 Girls Missing in the Bronx May Have Been Abducted Into Prostitution Ring

City councilman Andy King worries they've been forced into sex work.

Gurdeep Parhar’s TED Talk Explains How We Can Fight Racism in Ourselves

The first step to fighting racial stereotyping is admitting that you racially stereotype.

Active Shooter Report at Joint Base Andrews, Home of Air Force One, Was a Drill

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

Bernie Sanders Doppelgänger Spotted Wearing "I Am Not Bernie" Shirts

At least one Bernie Sanders doppelgänger has been spotted.

4 States Where Barack Obama Can Boost Hillary Clinton's Campaign

With his approval rating over 50% for the first time since early 2013, Democrats say Obama will be an asset in 2016.

The Bright Spots on Ceres Just Got Even More Mysterious

Just when you thought the case was solved.

Rihanna's "Sledgehammer" Music Video Is on YouTube Even Though It's From Outer Space

The track was recorded for the upcoming 'Star Trek Beyond.'

A Father Trying to Save His Son's Life From ISIS Was Killed in the Istanbul Attacks

A father attempting to save his son's life from ISIS had his taken by terror.

Syrian Refugee Finds Cash Stash Hidden in Wardrobe, Turns It Over to Germany Authorities

Honest and upstanding individual finds 50,000 euro and turns it in; world applauds.

Mitt Romney Can't Stand Trump or Clinton, and His Family Still Wants Him to Run

Romney says maybe he'll just write his wife in for president.

Pentagon Lifts Ban on Transgender Troops Serving in the U.S. Military

A major policy shift for the trans community.

4 Images Reveal How Many Potentially Dangerous Things Are Whirling Around Earth

There's a giant swarm of satellites, space debris and asteroids whizzing around the planet.

Wearing a Durian-Flavored Condom May Not Help Your Sex Life, But Hey, Do Your Thing

Durian smells like actual street garbage on a hot summer's day, if you weren't aware.

The Facebook Algorithm Change Should Deal a Huge Blow to Clickbait News in Your Feed

Say goodbye to clickbait news and hello to your friends' rants and selfies.

House Speaker Paul Ryan Will Allow Vote on Preventing Gun Sales to Terror Suspects

The speaker's about face comes after a dramatic sit-in by Democratic lawmakers.

8 Reasons Smoothies Are Far Superior to Juicing

Juicing keeps you from getting some of the most nutritious aspects of fruits and veggies.

Illinois Gun Shop Holding Raffle to Support Orlando Victims — the Prize Is an AR-15 Rifle

An Illinois gun shop wants to hold a raffle to benefit the Orlando victims, only its grand prize is an AR-15 rifle.

Want to Buy the OnePlus 3? Brexit May Be Bad News for You

There may be a price hike.

This Giant Dumpling Stuffed With 100 Tiny Dumplings Is the Best Birthday Cake of All Time

An inception dumpling = happy birthday, indeed.

'BoJack Horseman' Season 3: BoJack Struggles With Being a Legit Movie Star

Are you ready to binge, laugh and cry simultaneously? BoJack comes back next month!

Drake Adds Another Day to the Seventh OVO Fest — Find the Lineup and Tickets Here

The new Saturday show will feature soca artist Machel Montano, dancehall legend Beenieman and special guests.

Drone Visually Captures the Socioeconomic Inequality Between Two South African Townships

South Africa's socioeconomic disparity is caught by a drone's camera.