Father of Brock Turner Defends His Son in a Disturbing Way

Dan Turner blames "alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity" and also makes a shocking comparison.

J.K. Rowling Calls Out "Bunch Of Racists" For Inability to Accept Black Hermione Granger

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Miss DC USA Wins Miss USA 2016 Crown After Slaying Question About Women in the Military

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Way Too Many College Men Admit to Behavior That Meets Legal Definition of Rape

54% of athletes and 38% of non-athletes surveyed had coerced partners into sex.

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'Hamilton' Star Leslie Odom Jr. Isn't Convinced Diversity on Broadway Is Here to Stay Yet

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Queer YouTube Personalities Explain Why They "Love Being Gay" for Pride Month

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Kesha Invites a Body-Shaming Troll to "Kiss My Magical Imperfect Ass"

"My body is not your business."

President Obama Reiterates Commitment to Ending HIV/AIDS by 2030 in Commemorative Address

"I'm confident that if we build on the steps we've taken, we can finish the job."