Brock Turner Will Only Serve 3 Months of His 6-Month Sentence for Sexual Assault

A sergeant from the Santa Clara County Sherif's public information office confirmed the release date.

Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors Every Time With This Brilliant Trick

The best rock, paper, scissors techniques to win in every situation.

This Math Problem for 10-Year-Olds Is Stumping the Internet. Can You Solve It?

See if you can spot why this geometry problem is confusing so many people.

Justin Bieber Throws Punch, Then Gets Slammed During Fight Outside Cleveland Hotel

Oh Justin Bieber, you couldn't stay out of trouble for long.

Even 14 Years in Prison Wouldn't Have Convinced Brock Turner He Committed Sexual Assault

Here's what happens when rapists don't know they're rapists.

Police Say Illinois Target Bombing Was Not Related to Its Bathroom Policy or Hate Crime

Police say there is no factual evidence links this incident to Target's bathroom policy.

An Apparent Leaked ‘Game of Thrones’ Photo Could Hint at a Major Character Return

He really did tell the God of Death, "Not today."

Hillary Clinton Shuts Down Donald Trump: "Delete Your Account"

Clinton dropped the mic on Trump with her "delete your account" tweet.

Noah Galvin Drops a Bombshell Accusation Against Bryan Singer

The 'Real O'Neals' actor says Singer "likes to invite little boys over to his pool and diddle them."

Brock Turner Gets Months in Jail — A Black Student Got 5 Years for a Rape He Didn't Commit

There is no racial justice when it comes to sentencing.

Texas Valedictorian With Full Ride to College Attacked Online Because She's Undocumented

Online trolls harass an undocumented Texas resident who boasted about her valedictorian status.

Bangladeshi Inventor Creates Electricity-Free Air Conditioner Out of Plastic Bottles

The eco-cooler uses old plastic waters and no electricity to be one of the most eco-friendly AC units yet.

Lena Dunham Just Released a Powerful PSA Dedicated to the Stanford Assault Survivor

Dunham and the cast of 'Girls' are standing up for survivors.

‘Hamilton’ Ticket Prices Are Going Up — Here's How to Get Discounted and Cheaper Tickets

This is going to cost a lot of Alexander Hamiltons.

'Real O'Neals' Star Noah Galvin Calls Colton Haynes' Coming Out "F*cking Pussy Bullshit"

Galvin called Haynes "the worst" in a new profile interview.

Connecticut Teen Sentenced To 25 Years For Killing Girl Who Wouldn't Go To Prom With Him

And they wonder why women are scared to say no to men.

Serena Williams Is Fed Up With Your Sexist Questions and Backhanded Compliments, Men

Serena Williams is pelting a heckler with tennis balls — for a cause.

8 New Dating Terms That Are Totally the New "Ghosting"

We all do these things!

Olivia Wilde Nails Why Women Need Access to Abortion

"I feel so lucky that I was able to choose when to become a mother."

Nick Jonas' First Gay Sex Scene In 'Kingdom' Is Pissing People Off

Why did the producers think doing this to Nick Jonas' first gay sex scene was a good idea?

Here's Why Progressives Shouldn't Get Too Excited About Hillary Clinton's Nomination

Having a woman in the White House doesn't guarantee a Clinton administration will be good for women.

Bill Cosby Files Motion to Have Criminal Case Dismissed

Bill Cosby's attorneys claim he's been denied due process of law.

Can Bernie Sanders Run as a Third Party Candidate? He Has Options — But It's Not So Simple

Here's what it will take for us to #FeelTheBern all the way up until Election Day.

The Victim in the Brock Turner Rape Case Has Released a Second, Powerful Statement

The victim in the Brock Turner rape case says "I am every woman," will stay anonymous.

The Big Problem With Rihanna vs. Beyonce Fandom Fights That Nobody Is Talking About

Beyoncé and Rihanna's fandoms are some of the most savage, territorial supporters out there.

People Are Confusing a Black Hair Product With Cooking Spray, and Twitter Just Can't

Just because it says olive oil doesn't mean you should eat it.

This Chart Shows Exactly How Much Trump Has Spent on Mexican Food — And It’s Damning

Is he explicitly telling his staffers to avoid Mexican food?

Powerful Poem Nails the Hypocrisy of Saying "Go Back to Where You Came From"

Here's how to respond to "go back to where you came from."

In One Chart, Netflix Shows Why You Shouldn’t Quickly Binge (Some) of Its Shows

Please take your time with 'BoJack Horseman.' It's pretty depressing.

When Junk Food Logos Are Replaced With Calorie Counts, Even Nutella Looks Unappealing

A jar of Nutella would be called "4,520 Calories."

Mexico's First Gay Commercial Aired This Week — And Everyone Is Smiling

The latest Colgate ad shows the fears gay couples might have while moving in together.

Jamar Clark's Death Still Pains Minneapolis — So Naturally, Someone Wrote a Racist Op-Ed

Rep. Tony Cornish wrote one of the most racially loaded op-eds we've seen in a while.

‘Ghostbusters’ Old and New Come Together on 'Jimmy Kimmel,' Talk Misogyny New Cast Faces

If Bill Murray says it's a good film, it's probably a good film. Sorry, haters.

Hey, Dudes: Want More People to Like You? Stop Being Awful to Women

Women prefer hanging out with men who are empathetic and supportive to total D-bags. Shocker!

"I'm With Her": Obama Formally Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Obama says there's "never been someone so qualified" to be president.

Joe Biden to Stanford Rape Survivor: 'Your Story Has Already Changed Lives'

Vice President Joe Biden wrote an open letter to the Stanford survivor applauding her bravery and courage.

This Is the Ugliest Color on the Face of the Planet, According to Experts

The world's ugliest color doesn't appreciate everyone judging it.

Each State's Favorite Marvel Superhero — In One Surprising Map

Which Avenger reigns supreme in each state?

Astronomers Detected a Supermassive Black Hole Feasting on "Rain" — And It's Jaw-Dropping

It's certainly not the kind of rain we're used to.

The Next Stage in the Anti-Trans Backlash Isn’t Bathrooms; It’s Birth Certificates

Across the country, trans people are fighting to have their documentation reflect their identity.

Iskra Lawrence's New Unretouched Photoshoot Shows Fit Bodies Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Damn Iskra, back at it again with the body positivity.

Tasya van Ree Says Amber Heard Was "Wrongfully Accused" of Assaulting Her

Amber Heard's ex-girlfriend said the actress' arrest for assault has been "over-sensationalized."

This Woman Staged an Angry Divorce Photo Shoot — And It's Cathartic As Hell

Someone give this lady a national holiday.

One Video Nails Why "Colorblindness" Will Never, Ever Fix Racism

Race isn't biological — we made it up.

Avocado Ice Cream Is the Answer to Your Almost-Too-Ripe Avocado Prayers

No, it doesn't taste like frozen guac.

This Viral Japanese Fart Battle Has a Deeper Meaning Everyone Should Know

Yes, these Japanese fart scrolls are real.

Hackers Are Fighting ISIS With a Barrage of Porn on Twitter

Hackers are going after ISIS in the most NSFW way possible.

Michael B. Jordan Confirms Lupita Nyong'o Is Joining Marvel's 'Black Panther' Cast

To confirm: Yes, 'Black Panther' is going to be so lit.

Howard Dean Says Bernie Sanders "Could End Up Being the Next Ralph Nader"

Dean made the comments on 'Special Relationship,' Mic's podcast with the 'Economist.'

These Sites Use Your Darkest Secrets to Extort You for Cash — Why Won't Google Stop Them?

If Googling your own name revealed your darkest secret as a search result, how much would you pay to have it removed?

David Duke Uses Anti-Semitism to Defend Donald Trump's Racism Against "Mexican" Judge

The former Ku Klux Klan head, who denies ongoing connections to the notorious hate group, blames Jews for Donald Trump's troubles.

This Seagull Fell Into a Vat of Chicken Tikka Masala and the Results Are Hilarious

This hungry bird ended up in a vat of curry.

President Obama Tells Jimmy Fallon He's "Worried About the Republican Party"

But, Obama told Fallon, he's grateful to Bernie Sanders for bringing new ideas to the Democratic race.

Here Are the 4 New Elements Coming to the Periodic Table

Get to know your new elements: nihonium, moscovium, tennessine and oganesson.

3 Guns From Wounded Knee Massacre Are Being Auctioned, and Native Americans Aren't Happy

Three guns recovered from the site of the Wounded Knee massacre will be auctioned Saturday.

This Tiny Particle Could Roam Your Body and Save You From Cancer

A tiny injected particle might be able to detect tumors.

Watch 1,300 Sheep Set Upon a Spanish Town and Prepare to Bow to Your Sheepy Overlords

A shepherd fell asleep and his thousand-plus sheep made for the closest city.

32 Million Twitter Users Now Have Their Login Information Up for Sale on the Dark Web

Hide your passwords, hide your DMs, 'cause they hacking everybody out here.

Lenovo Is Making a Bendable Phone You Can Slap on Your Wrist for Reasons Unclear

If you like your Apple Watch but thought, "This could be bigger."

People Are Pissed About the Selfie Statue — But These Are Way Worse

What's more offensive: a selfie, or sexually assaulting a turtle?

Bernie Sanders Appears to Plot Exit Strategy After Meeting With Obama

Bernie Sanders is not exiting the race yet, but he appears to be on that path.

Footage Shows Officer Tasing Teen, Dropping His Limp Body on Pavement During Traffic Stop

The officer was sentenced to four years in prison.

Here's the One Thing We Need to Remember About Hillary Clinton's Victory

Hillary Clinton's victory is important — but we need to talk about how it relates to women of color.

Far From Buenos Aires' Tourist Traps, Street Artists Are Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Street artists hope murals could be a lift out of poverty for Buenos Aires' most vulnerable residents.

This New Campaign Will Let You Vote for Vice President — With Your Wallet

"It's a way of involving people in this really important decision [that] actually has real bite."

Can You Spot What's Special About This "Painting" Of a Wolf?

This mind-bending painting of a wolf will blow you away.

The Surprising Animal Bill Gates Is Betting On to Fight Global Poverty

Bill Gates' chickens are all part of his latest philanthropic initiative to fight global poverty, one cluck at a time.

Very Woke Beyoncé Greets Trayvon Martin's Family at Her NYC Formation World Tour Concert

During her Formation World Tour concert in New York City, Beyonce checked in with Trayvon Martin's family.

Elizabeth Warren Set to Endorse Hillary Clinton, Multiple Reports State

Elizabeth Warren will endorse Hillary Clinton, but not before talking to Bernie Sanders.

Even Black Medical Doctors Make Less Than Their White Counterparts

Black female physicians earn nearly $100,000 less than white male doctors.

Court Rules 2nd Amendment Won't Cover Right to Concealed Carry

A federal appeals court ruled that the Second Amendment won't cover the right to concealed carry, according to the 'AP.'

Chicago Spent $11 Million on 200 Years' Worth of Unnecessary Jail Time

In an unprecedented move, the sheriff's office made public its own data on "dead time."

Beyoncé Sued for Allegedly Copying Another Artist's Film — Can You Spot the Similarities?

Is Beyoncé's masterpiece 'Lemonade' a ripoff of an independent artist's visual creation? Decide for yourself.

Israel Suspends 83,000 Travel Permits for Palestinians During Ramadan

Authorities revoke permits after attack in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night.

Washington National Cathedral Will Remove Confederate Flags From Stained Glass Windows

The National Cathedral is updating itself by removing the Confederate flag.

Voters Delivered News of Hillary Clinton's Nomination to Susan B. Anthony's Tombstone

Susan B. Anthony has heard the historic news.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Thursday's Baghdad Bombings

ISIS is lashing out in the midst of increased pressure from Iraqi government forces.

Bobby Brown Was "Excited and Terrified" That Time He Had Sex With a Ghost

OK, so, Bobby Brown apparently had sleep sex with a ghost and lived to tell the tale.