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Here's Why the 150th Anniversary of the Ku Klux Klan Should Frighten You in 2016

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Ewan McGregor's Tweet Destroying Brexit Is Straight Fire — No Wonder Lena Headey Likes It

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Kylie Jenner’s New Puma Campaign Channels a Pre-Kardashian America

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Siege on Hostage Situation at Cafe in Bangladesh Results in at Least 13 Rescued; 26 Dead

On Friday, around 20 hostages were being held by attackers at a Dhaka restaurant.

There's No Such Thing As a "Child Prostitute"

We need a big wake up call.

Buddha Skull Discovery: Possible Head of Siddhartha Gautama Found in Chinese Temple

An inscription tells the story of how Buddha's remains found its way to China.

Team of Students 3-D Print a 'Frozen' Prosthetic Arm so Young Girl Can Be a Princess, Too

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YouTuber Julius Dein's Homophobia Experiment Shows Humanity Can Be Decent

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Rita Ora Might Host New 'America's Next Top Model' — And the Internet Is Not Having It

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Inside the Dark, Weird and Surprisingly Expensive World of Selling Dead Celebrity Hair

A lock of David Bowie's hair recently went up for auction — and it sold for $18,000.

Breast Cancer Survivor Paulette Leaphart Finishes Her 1,034-Mile Topless Walk

Paulette Leaphart finished her 60-day walk of over 1,034 miles, while topless and baring her mastectomy scars.

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This Fourth of July, pour one out for the American women who led the fight for your sexual liberties.

The Ozone Hole Over the South Pole Is Finally Healing

We're finally seeing the results of the CFC ban.

'Elle' Is Making History With Trans and Bisexual Women on Dual September Covers

Hari Nef and Amandla Stenberg join two other celebrities for Elle UK's four September covers.

Staples Canada Just Tore Into Kris Jenner for Her "Elegance" Necklace

The internet was thoroughly impressed by Staples' sassiness toward Kris Jenner.

Rapper Boosie Badazz Argues TV Is Trying to "Make Everybody Fucking Gay"

"They putting it on our culture. They’re putting it everywhere. Gay stuff is everywhere."

Donald Trump Will Reportedly Announce Vice Presidential Running Mate Within Next 2 Weeks

Donald Trump's vice presidential pick will come before the RNC begins on July 18, according to the New York Times.

Verizon's Mobile Reality Show 'The Runner' Launches — And You're Part of the Game, Too

'The Runner,' a new reality series, will play out over the month of July.

Fergie Has Got That “M.I.L.F. $” Money in Her New Single

"You got that milk money. I got that, I got that, I got that M.I.L.F. money."

Loretta Lynch: "I Will Be Accepting" FBI's Recommendation in Hillary Clinton Email Case

Attorney General seeks to stave off charges she's protecting the presumptive Democratic nominee.

If You’re a Narcissist You Might Have This Truly Embarrassing Injury

The things you love hurt you the most.

Donald Trump Spent $12,000 of His Own Foundation’s Funds to Buy Himself a Celebrity Gift

The gift now costs roughly $415 online, according to the Washington Post. Sad!

Kids Give Musician Robb Nash Their Suicide Notes, So He Tattooed Their Names on His Arm

This musician got 120 names of kids who have given him their suicide notes to show solidarity.

Why a Restaurant Is Making Popsicles With Bone Broth

Tell your paleo friends.

Croissant Donut Cones Are the Best New Way to Eat Ice Cream

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4th of July Cocktails That'll Satisfy a Crowd (And Get You Hella Drunk)

Celebrate with red punch, white sangria and just tons of booze.

If Apple Buys Tidal, It Would Give Jay Z the Stylish Exit He Needs

Apple is tentatively in talks to take Tidal off Jay Z's hands.

Civil Right Act Anniversary: A Victory for People of Color, on This Day in 1964

The legislation was a major victory for civil rights leaders.

A Federal Judge Just Blocked Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Religious Exemption Law

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant's bill paving the way for LGBTQ discrimination was just halted by a federal judge.

Your Next Steak Could Come From a Cow Clone

Everything's more biologically manipulatable in Texas.