Two Memphis Police Officers Suspended Over Racist Snapchat

This police officer's Snapchat is a tidy summary of the problem with racism in law enforcement.

'Pokémon Go' Is Luring Unsuspecting Victims Into Traps Set by Gunmen, According to Police

Like a plan hatched by Team Rocket, but scarier.

Dallas Police Chief Says Sniper Left Message Written in His Own Blood

David Brown told CNN that the shooter left initials written in blood at the scene.

Christian Siriano Designed Leslie Jones a Stunning Dress for Her 'Ghostbusters' Premiere

Leslie Jones found a designer for the big night and boy did he deliver.

#WhitePrivilegeMeans Trends on Twitter Amid Nationwide Black Lives Matter Protests

"#WhitePrivilegeMeans being able to debate racism and not actually experience it," one Twitter user posted.

DeRay Mckesson, Black Lives Matter Activist, Released After Saturday Arrest in Baton Rouge

DeRay was broadcasting live on Periscope when he was arrested.

Black Lives Matter Protests Across Country Result in Hundreds of Arrests

Protesters in New York, Chicago, St. Paul, Baton Rouge, San Francisco and elsewhere were met by riot police.

Kansas Teacher Says Women Should Stop Drinking So Much if They Don't Want to Be Raped

Laura Herrick writes that women can stay un-raped by staying sober. Huh.

Caitlyn Jenner Preparing to Head to Cleveland for the Republican Convention

“As a proud Republican and transgender woman, I want to support courageous Republicans who advocate for LGBT freedom."

The Dallas Shootings Do Not Mean There Is Now a War on Police

Violence against law enforcement officials has actually been on the decline for decades.

Beyoncé Posts Instagram Tribute to Fallen Dallas Police Officers

"Every human being has the right to gather in peaceful protest without suffering more unnecessary violence."