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Who Is the Black Woman in the Iconic Image of the Alton Sterling Protests in Baton Rouge?

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8th Grader Royce Mann Understands White Male Privilege More Than Most Adults

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Protesters arranged themselves into a peace sign.

What It's Like to Live in a Community for Registered Sex Offenders

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Police Shooting of Pedro Villanueva in California Results in Latino-led Protests

The 19-year-old was unarmed and driving his truck when California Highway Patrol officers opened fire.

Is Frank Ocean Writing a Novel? If True, It Could Be the Most Epic Ghosting Tale Ever Told

Get ready for Frank Ocean to become your favorite author, editor-In-chief and, if we're lucky, singer.

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Guy Rigs Drone to Play 'Pokémon Go,' Makes Us All Look Like Noobs

Because doing things IRL, admittedly, isn't for all of us.

Kristin Cavallari Is Furious at Trolls Who Accused Her of Starving Her Children

Contrary to popular belief, the star of 'The Hills' feeds her behbehs.

Country Singer Coffey Anderson Teaches Exactly What to Do if You've Been Pulled Over

The black Nashville artist posted a tutorial to help both police officers and black men stay alive.

Bernie Sanders Will Campaign With Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Bridging Party Divide

Sanders will join Clinton in a state where he beat her in a landslide.

6 Feminist Quotes All Women Can Use to Shut Down Creeps on Tinder

Let feminist heroes bell hooks, Mary Wollstonecraft and Ariana Grande lead the way.

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God forbid the all-female 'Ghostbusters' is actually good!

Starbucks’ New Sangria Tea Does Most of the Work For You

Just add booze for a wonderful shortcut to drunk.

Berrien County Courthouse Shooting: At Least 3 Dead in Michigan Attack

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

Bernie Sanders Is Campaigning With Hillary Clinton — And His Reddit Fans Aren't Having It

Some of Bernie Sanders' most loyal supporters on Reddit are turning on him.

Yet Another Police Officer Demoted for an Anti-Black Lives Matter Rant

Detroit police chief is not here for officers who go on racist Facebook rants.

What You Need to Know About Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's Potential Running Mate

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is a top contender to be Hillary Clinton's running mate.

Who Is Theresa May, the Presumptive Next Prime Minister of Britain?

The second woman to ever lead the nation.

Astronomers Just Found Evidence of the First Water Clouds Outside Our Solar System

A brown dwarf star called WISE 0855 that sits just 7.2 light-years away has been hiding something surprising.

An Exploding Star May Have Caused a Mass Extinction on Earth

Could a supernova like this happen again?

It's the Hottest Year In History — For the Ninth Consecutive Time

This could be bad news for the planet.

This FOX Ad on Trans Rights and Public Bathrooms Will Run The Same Night as Trump's Speech

A carefully timed and strategically placed message.

Emma Cline's 'The Girls' Looks at the Charles Manson Murders From a Feminist Perspective

Cline leans away from the cult leader and into the space of his female followers.

The Confederate Battle Flag Flew Over the South Carolina State House Again This Weekend

The rally came after video showed police officers killing two black men.

What You Need to Know About Michael Flynn, Donald Trump's Potential Running Mate

Michael Flynn could be an unconventional VP pick for an unconventional presidential contender.

Eating More Fruit and Vegetables Will Boost Your Happiness, According to Science

Basically the easiest (and most delicious) way to feel better.

Miley Cyrus Shows Devotion to Australian Cuisine with Her New Tattoo

She loves the food down under.

Australia Announces End of AIDS Epidemic, But HIV Rates Have Been On the Rise

AIDS is not a public health crisis in Australia anymore — but HIV diagnoses are on the rise.

New Kind Bars Count as 2 Servings of Fruit

Most Americans aren't getting enough.

Tig Notaro's 'I'm Just a Person' Is the Sweet, Heartbreaking Memoir You Want It to Be

Tig Notaro's 'I'm Just a Person' is a meditation on the worst year of her life — and it's great.

Manhattanhenge: It's Time for NYC's Favorite Visual Phenomenon. Here's Where to View It

The science behind Manhattanhenge, New York's favorite excuse to Instagram the skyline.

Jamila Woods Releases Her Debut 'HEAVN,' an Ode to Black Girlhood, Healing and Chicago

The singer's first album is a ray of light and optimism in a dark time for racial injustice.

Ebonee Davis Pens Powerful Letter to the Fashion Industry to Call Out "Systemic Racism"

She once believed she had to "assimilate" in order to fit into the modeling industry.

Jay Z's "Songs for Survival" Playlist Compiling Protest Hymns, Shows Little Has Changed

The music mogul includes Beyoncé and Kanye West alongside Bob Marley and Curtis Mayfield in his latest playlist.

Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét Share “Better Days” in Support of Black Lives Matter

The new collaboration supports Black Lives Matter, and an end to "hatred, racism and injustice."

Lindy West's 'Shrill' Inspires Empathy and Laughter All at Once

West writes about feminism, her abortion, Twitter trolling and fat shaming, all with humor and empathy.

Jenny Offill Takes Readers from the Personal to the Cosmic in 'Dept. of Speculation'

'Dept. of Speculation' will give you one more reason to cry on the subway.

My Morning Jacket's New Song "Magic Bullet" Is a Call for Peace, Equality and Justice

The band's new single joins a wave of new music calling for an end to the violence and hated.