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Bernie Sanders dismissed Donald Trump's taunts as "big talk."

George W. Bush Just Delivered a Forceful Rebuttal to Donald Trump

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The Awesome Reason People Are Telling Starbucks Baristas Their Names Are #BlackLivesMatter

One barista counted 43 customers who gave their names as "Black Lives Matter" during a single shift.

Scientists Found a Morse Code Pattern on Martian Sand Dunes

Mars has a message for us.

A Tribe Called Red Aim to Unite Artists, Activists Against Colonialism on 'Halluci Nation'

The group announces new album 'We Are the Halluci Nation' and shares the video for the title track, featuring John Trudell.

Bernie Sanders’ Former Fans Blast #SelloutSanders After Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Many onetime Bernie Sanders admirers make clear that they're not Team #ImWithHer.

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'The Bachelorette' Week 6 Recap: Horse Cuddling and Slumber Parties

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'OITNB' star Samira Wiley on Alton Sterling's death: "We need to remember"

Yes, you can be upset about Poussey's death, but Wiley wants people to be more upset with what's happening in the real world.

Logo and Lance Bass Are Filming a Gay Version of 'The Bachelor,' Which Is a Terrible Idea

This is, by all possible accounts, an absolutely terrible idea.

‘Game of Thrones’ Character Maester Aemon May Have Known of Jon Snow’s Parentage All Along

Sadly, it's also another character who may know the truth that's already dead.

Grindr Asked Users About Filtering Matches Out by HIV Status and People Are Pissed

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'Pokémon Go' Can Be Used to Catch Cheating Boyfriends, Hero Woman Figures Out

He tried to catch 'em all and she caught him in the act.

#AllLivesDidntMatter Is the Perfect Clapback to People Who Say 'All Lives Matter'

This hashtag shuts down the double standard of saying "all lives matter."

The 2016 USA Olympic Gymnastics Team Includes 3 Women of Color

They're making history.

Erykah Badu Donates Detroit Concert Proceeds to Help Process Untested Rape Kits

Ms. Badu is putting her money where her mouth is.

Sand Sculptor Sculpts Busty Mermaid; Local Massholes Immediately Body Shame Sculpture

Apparently, the mermaid has an offensive amount of breast on her chest.

Our Clouds Are Changing Drastically Due to Global Warming

Changes in cloud distribution are accelerating global warming.

In Wake of Shootings, North Carolina Just Made It Easier for Police to Hide Camera Footage

Public access to police body camera footage will now be up to local police chiefs and sheriffs in North Carolina.

Yoga Teacher Delivers the Final Word on Saying Plus-Size Women Are "Unhealthy"

She is a "unicorn" of health, thankyouverymuch.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton: "She Will Be the Next President"

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton joined together for their first joint rally since Clinton clinched the nomination in June.

Allow Khloé Kardashian to Tell You If You Should Make Your Relationship Instagram Official

"We don't need to broadcast everything!"

This Dad Tried to Fight Breastfeeding Stigma In the Silliest Way Possible

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Bernie Sanders' Hillary Clinton Endorsement — Read the Full Text of His Speech

"Hillary Clinton is far and away the best candidate."

ASOS Enters the "Plus Size" Debate After Calling the Term "Whack"

Yet another controversy for the online retailer.

Black Yale Worker Loses Job After Smashing Racist Glass Panel Showing Slaves With Cotton

Supporters are hailing Corey Menafee as a hero.

YouTuber Qaadir Howard Nails Why There’s No Need for “White Pride”

"I just want to make it clear that this is not at attack on white people."

Hillary Clinton Demolishes Donald Trump Among College Grads — Here's Why That's a Big Deal

College grads strongly prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, but that doesn't mean they actually like her.

This Beauty Brand Casts Male Models for Its New Campaign — And It's Gorgeous

Anastasia Beverly Hills is attempting to destroy makeup stereotypes.

Missy Elliott Is the G.O.A.T. Because of Her Sexual Lyrics, Not Despite Them

Missy Elliott didn't avoid sexual lyrics, she embraced them. And she's great for it.

Republicans Debate Merits of Porn, Divorce and Junk Food at GOP Platform Meeting

Monday's 12-hour-long Republican platform meeting got weird.

Wildlife Show Eagle Tries to Carry Boy Away "Like Small Animal"

The eagle grabbed onto the young boy's head.

Donald Trump Says Crime Is Out of Control — Here's Why He's Totally Wrong

Donald Trump is wrong about crime in the U.S.

Anti-Abortion Activists Hijacked the #BlackLivesMatter Hashtag With #UnbornLivesMatter

They tried to change the conversation completely.

Obama's Tribute to Slain Dallas Police Officers: "Sorrow Can Make Us a Better Country"

In addressing the Dallas Police Department, Obama called the shooting "an act not just of demented violence but of racial hatred."

Star Wars Land: Disney Reveals Concept Art for Upcoming Disneyland Attraction

Yep, you can fly the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Land.

Police Protest Minnesota Lynx Black Lives Matter Support With Walkout

Lt. Bob Kroll has ties to white supremacist group and resentment towards BLM.

We Just Found a New Dwarf Planet Hiding in Our Solar System

Our solar system is still full of surprises.

There May Be a Surprising Benefit to Sucking Your Thumb and Biting Your Nails as a Kid

Your thumb sucking might not have been a terrible habit after all.

Queen Latifah Proves She's Still the G.O.A.T. Performing Her Own Tribute at Hip-Hop Honors

Queen Latifah has played so many roles in her career, but first and foremost, she's one of the greatest MCs ever to do it.

Will Newt Gingrich Be Trump's VP? Speculation Rises After Fox News, Gingrich Cut Ties

Fox News ends Newt Gingrich's contract, generating buzz that he could be Donald Trump's running mate.

Alessia Cara Takes a Stand for Body Positivity and Self-Love in "Scars to Your Beautiful"

"I wanted real shots of real people telling their stories."

Rich Homie Quan Butchered a Biggie Verse at Hip-Hop Honors — And Twitter Is Dragging Him for It

The platform reserved a special hashtag for the rapper's torture: #RichHomieKaraoke.

How to Freeze Bananas for Thick, Creamy and Healthy Smoothies

You won't go back to your old ways.

VH1's Hip-Hop Honors Was the #BlackGirlMagic Moment We All Needed

These rap queens gave young girls everywhere hope for the future.

Spanish Matador Dies in Bullfight for First Time in Over 30 Years

Victor Barrio was fatally gored on live TV.

Joe Budden Shares Powerful Protest Song "Freedom Freestyle," Fresh Off His Drake Beef

Joe Budden has put his beef with Drake aside to speak to the national discourse.

Queen Latifah Calls for "Unity" at Hip-Hop Honors: "Racism Is Still Alive and Kicking"

"I'm hoping that we can somehow manage to channel all of these emotions that we have in a positive way."

Hillary Clinton Still Struggling With Young Voters, Poll Finds

Young voters who largely backed Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primary still view Hillary Clinton unfavorably.

Joe Paterno Ignored Sexual Assault Allegations Against Jerry Sandusky, New Documents Say

Newly unsealed court documents allege Joe Paterno and other Penn State staff ignored reports against Jerry Sandusky.