Kylie Jenner Created This Nail Polish to 'Stomp Out Bullying'

She created three limited edition shades.

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Gamers say the Niantic Labs game 'Ingress' has a map that can lead you to Pokémon.

Deeniquia Dodds, Transgender Woman, Dead After Being Shot in Washington, DC

A transgender woman of color is dead after nine days on life support following a gunshot.

In Ankara, Turkey, Reports of Gunfire and Tanks in Streets Amid "Military Intervention"

Potentially dramatic implications for the region.

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DNC 2016 Speakers List: Who’s Speaking on Each Day of the Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention will feature big-name speakers in prime-time slots.

Black Women on Twitter Won't Be Silenced About Racist Stereotype #LoudBlackGirls

Black women on Twitter are reclaiming the racist stereotypes used against them.

Elena of Avalor, Disney's New Latina Princess, Is the Right Girl for a Multicultural World

She epitomizes the very diversity found in Latin American cultures — emphasis on the plural.?

Model Rain Dove Points Out A Major Issue With Gender and New York Fashion Week: "Men"

She doesn't believe we need to label Fashion Week by gender.

Nice Bastille Day Attack Suspect's Name Reported as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel

Local French media reported the identity of the driver.

Meet Tonr, the App That Fixes the Whitewashing Tendencies of Instagram Filters

"We may have technical bugs, but we have solved the issue of inclusiveness."

The New 'Ghostbusters' Is Actually About What It Means to Be a Woman on the Internet

'Ghostbusters' takes aim at ghosts and internet misogyny in equal measure.

President Obama’s Response to Bastille Day Attack: "The French Republic Will Endure"

The president condemns "what appears to be a horrific terrorist attack."

Women Over 40 Are Having Babies More Often Than Young Millennials

Welcome to the era of mature moms.

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Gay Republicans React to Mike Pence Selection With Mix of Resignation and Depression

The Pence pick isn't necessarily a deal-breaker — but even pro-Trump gays indicated they'd have preferred someone else.

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‘Big Brother 18’: Tiffany Calls Frank a "Dictator" in Jaw-Dropping Speech

A speech that will go down in 'Big Brother' history.

'Ghostbusters' Is Out in Theaters — And Men on the Internet Couldn’t Be More Upset

OK, so the critics enjoyed it for the most part, but that's not the *truth* according to the internet.

Hillary Clinton Reacts to Bastille Day Attack: "This Is a War" Against "Radical Jihadists"

The former secretary of state sends a hawkish note.

Here's a Map of All the 'Pokémon Go' Gyms in Manhattan. Seriously.

Every... single... one.

Elle's Melissa Harris-Perry Explains the Meaning of 'Becky With the Good Hair'

FKA twigs appears next to the headline "Becky who?"

Neil deGrasse Tyson Recalls a "Dozen Different Encounters" of Police Racial Bias

Even being a famous astrophysicist doesn't make you immune to everyday racism.

This Homeless Teen Biked 6 Hours And Slept In a Tent To Register For College

Fred Barley is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Le Pen's Far-Right Nationalist Party Fuels Islamophobia After the Nice Attack

"The war against the scourge of Islamic fundamentalism has not started; it is urgent now to declare."

Donald Trump Just Tapped Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for VP and Women Should Be Worried

Meet Mike Pence, the recipient of a 100% rating by the National Right to Live Committee. And maybe your next vice president.

After Bastille Day Attack, Young Muslims and Arabs Fear for Their Future in France

In response to terror attack in Nice, France, French Muslims are fearful of backlash.

Two Americans Killed in Nice Attack Were Sean Copeland and His 11-Year-Old Son Brodie

The Texas residents were among the at least 84 people killed in Thursday's attack.

Behold 1.2 Million Galaxies in This Incredible 3-D Map of the Universe

It's the most accurate measurement we have of a mysterious force called dark energy.

Video Shows Police Tasing 24-Year-Old Patrick Mumford Before Realizing He's Innocent

The officer was looking for Michael Clay, who was to be served a warrant.

'Ballers' Is the First Show Where Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Plays a Real Human

Spencer Strasmore is a mess of a man.

This Healthy Vending Machine Sells Salad for Up to 60% Less Than Fast Casual Chains

Fresh idea: It's a veggie machine, not a vending machine.

Rape Survivors Are Using Snapchat Filters To Tell Their Stories and Challenge Stigma

Women are telling their stories using the app as a mask.

Donald Trump Officially Names Mike Pence as Vice Presidential Running Mate

One day after reports he'd tapped the Indiana governor, Trump unveils his choice on Twitter.

Mo'Nique Just Opened Up About Why She Chooses to Be In An Open Marriage

"There may be times I may want to be with other men."

At Obama's Town Hall, He Talks About Race and Policing Without Using the Word "Racism"

The president, once again, toes the line in conversation about race.

Cory Batey, Convicted in the Vanderbilt Rape Case, Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

He received the minimum sentence possible for the charges he faced.

How to Make the Perfect Aperol Spritz, the Classiest 3-Ingredient Cocktail There Is

An easy-to-make, refreshing summer drink.

Jesse Williams, The Game And Other Celebrities Gather to Discuss Race Relations in America

Over 100 black celebrities and change agents held a meeting last night on race relations.

Rapper Old Man Saxon Cuts Moving Video "The Perils" to Raise Awareness About Homelessness

"Poverty is always spoken in past tense. But on The Perils that reality for me is where the real story is."

Katy Perry's Surprise New Song "Rise" Is the 2016 Olympics Anthem We Needed

"Rise" is Perry doing what she does best — belting out strident motivational anthems, a la "Roar" and "Firework."

Maisie Williams Reacting to Her 'Game of Thrones' Emmy Nomination Is Extremely Relatable

A girl deserved her Emmy nomination. A girl carried her story arc.

Britney Spears Taps G-Eazy For Trap-Tinged "Make Me," Her First Solo Single in 3 Years

Britney's ninth album may not be one to sleep on.

Chris Pratt Proves to Be an Incredible Pancake Artist

His work isn't appreciated by everyone.

Thanks to Facebook, This Mother Just Found Her Missing Baby After the Nice, France, Attack

Facebook helped bring a mother and her infant son back together.

Chrissy Teigen's 'Cravings' Is Perfect for Quelling Your Hunger

'Cravings' has turned out to be a book worth flipping through frequently.

After Nice, France, Bastille Day Terror Attack, Cab Drivers Offering Evacuees Free Rides

As people opened their homes for those seeking refuge, taxi drivers offered a free ride to safety.

You Can Now Get Engaged to Yourself, Thanks to the Jewelry Brand Fred + Far

For people who really, really love themselves.

After Bastille Day Attack, #FightForWesternCivilization Trends Among Twitter Bigots

It was a tragic day for France — and a field day for racists and Islamophobes on Twitter.

Newt Gingrich Wants to "Test" US Muslims About Their Beliefs

It's unclear whether Gingrich's Islamophobia makes him a more or less appealing vice presidential candidate to Donald Trump.

How Maxwell Osborne Thinks Fashion Could Actually Help Black Lives Matter

"Fashion is always at its best when it looks outside of itself for inspiration and holds up a mirror to society."

President Obama Orders the US to Fly Its Flags Half-Staff in Honor of the Nice Victims

"I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff..."