'Pokémon Go' Hackers Poodlecorp Threaten to Take the Game Offline August 1

They're planning to hit 'Pokémon Go' servers with a massive DDoS attack.

15 Images That Sum Up How Off the Rails This Election Has Been

How the hell did we get here?

Best iOS 10 Features: The Clock App's "Bedtime" Feature Actually Changed How I Sleep

Here's the iOS 10 feature I'll probably use the most on my iPhone.

Stephen Colbert Steals RNC Stage, Launches "Republican National Hungry for Power Games"

Stephen Colbert spoofed the "alliance" between Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

"Search": This One Word in Taylor Swift's Viral Note Has Conspiracy Theorists Going Off

Could this whole thing be a publicity stunt?

More Than 100 Naked Women Crashed the RNC 2016 for a Powerful Photoshoot

Spencer Tunick announced plans for this gathering in May.

The DNCC Just Showed Paul Ryan What a Diverse Intern Class Looks Like

"Get a load of the 2016 DNC interns."

Selena Gomez's Response to Tweet About #BlackLivesMatter Gets Roasted on Twitter

Selena Gomez was trying to defend her BFF Taylor Swift, but then it quickly spiraled out of control.

In One Snapchat Story, Kim Kardashian West Just Set Fire to the Kanye-Taylor Feud

The reality star seems to have taken a page from 'The Art of War.'

Donald Trump's Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz Says Trump Presidency May End Society

The man who ghost-wrote Donald Trump's 'The Art of the Deal' said the book should have been titled 'The Sociopath.'

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How Kanye West Secretly Changed Men's Fashion Forever

He was never afraid of embracing femininity.

Khloé Kardashian Tried to Slut-Shame Chloë Grace Moretz and It Backfired Horribly

It's Khloé vs. Chloë in the Taylor Swift-Kanye West beef.

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These smart moves can help bump your credit.

The RNC Rules Vote Explained — Here's What Led to Chaos on the Convention Floor

What exactly happened to spark the chaos on the Republican National Convention floor?

Pandemonium Erupts as 2016 Republican National Convention Shoots Down #NeverTrump

The convention broke out into angry protests after anti-Trump delegates failed to force a key rules change.

These T-Shirts Have an Incredibly Empowering Message About the Female Orgasm

This fashionista wants to redefine the way people talk about sex.

Why Is the Cost of Childcare Rising While Workers' Wages Are Dropping?

People caring for kids make less and less each year. Why are families paying more?

Alex Jones Mistakes Eric Andre for Trevor Noah at RNC, Is Given Offer of Cuckolding

After Jones mistook the two comedians for one another, Andre gave Jones an indecent proposal.

Trevor Noah Talks 'The Daily Show,' Samantha Bee and Responding to His Critics

"I have to battle against nostalgia, which is a powerful, powerful thing."

Charlize Theron Calls Out Racism's Role in the AIDS Crisis

Charlize Theron has identified the real reason AIDS is still an epidemic.

Baton Rouge Shooting Victims: These Are the Names of the Officers Killed

These are the three officers who gunman Gavin Eugene Long fatally shot in Baton Rouge on Sunday.

Taylor Swift Was Owned by Kim Kardashian West — and Internet Misogynists Are Celebrating

Here's why you don't necessarily want to be #TeamKimye after all.

E! News Takes Down Article Asking "WTF Is A Hot Comb?" After Twitter Sounds Off In Disgust

Apparently this is the first time E! News has heard of the hot comb.

Venezuela Food Crisis: One Photo Shows the Strain on Venezuela's Economy in 2016

Venezuela is so short on food that at least 100,000 people just crossed into Colombia.

'Big Brother 18' Episode 12 Recap: Tiffany Cries to Anyone Who Will Listen

Find out which three houseguests are on the block.

'Black-ish' Star Yara Shahidi Nails Exactly Why Representation Matters

Representation shapes racist stereotypes.

When Will Donald Trump Speak at RNC 2016? Here's When the Candidate Is Scheduled to Appear

Here's when Donald Trump will take the RNC stage.

Researchers Calculated the Economic Cost of Homophobia — And the Numbers Are Staggering

Discrimination against lesbian, gay and bisexual communities carries a substantial economic cost.

This Woman Took Herself Out on a Date After Getting Stood Up By Some A-Hole

"People will fuck you over. It's up to you what you do about it."

This Mindblowing 'Mr. Robot' Theory Posits That Elliot Is Currently in Prison

It would make his monotonous morning routine quite revealing.

People Want Black Lives Matter to Be Labeled a Terror Group — The White House Responded

The petition claims Black Lives Matter is responsible for violence in Ferguson, Baltimore and "at a Bernie Sanders rally."

'Pokémon Go' Is a Game-Changer for Gamers. For Nintendo? Maybe Not

'Pokémon Go' may seem like a cash cow, but here's why Nintendo might not get to milk it.

Baton Rouge Officer Montrell Jackson Posted This Heartbreaking Message on Race Relations

"This city MUST and WILL get better ... If you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer, I got you."

RNC 2016 Live Updates Day 1: Here's What Went Down During the GOP Convention's First Night

Confirmed speakers include 'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson, 'Happy Days' star Scott Baio and Melania Trump.

Survive Getting Laid Off and Bounce Back Like a Boss in These 3 Easy Steps

Losing a job isn't fun, but there's a silver lining.

Moncler Faces Major Backlash Online for a New Collection Inspired by Racist Dolls

The internet is not happy about this one.

The 2016 Republican National Convention Shows the Big Irony of Donald Trump's Campaign

Donald Trump says he's the man to unite a hopelessly divided country — but his own party remains perilously divided.

Elon Musk Just Hinted at the Future of Tesla in a New Mission Statement

Elon Musk, basking in the afterglow of the Falcon 9 rocket launch, is now back to work on his "Top Secret Tesla Masterplan."

Read the Powerful Letter the Vanderbilt Gang Rape Survivor Wrote to One of Her Rapists

"I wanted to run away and never stop running."

Which Stocks Should I Buy? Here's Why That's a Trick Question

You need stocks, but there's a twist.

Clinton Super PAC Welcomes Donald Trump to RNC With Ads Tying Him to KKK, Kim Jong Un

Hillary Clinton's super PAC is tying Donald Trump to David Duke, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un in digital ads running at the RNC.

Baltimore Police Lt. Brian Rice Found Not Guilty of All Charges in Freddie Gray Case

Baltimore police Lt. Brian Rice is the fourth officer to stand trial over the 2015 police-involved death of Freddie Gray.

South Africa's MeerKAT Super-Telescope Just Spotted Hundreds of New Galaxies

South Africa's new MeerKAT radio telescope is only 25% finished, but it's already revealed over 1,300 galaxies.

The FCC Tried to Cap Rates on the Prison Industrial Complex — Here's What Happened Instead

Before, there was a victory. Instead, they compromised with corporations.

Scientists Just Got One Step Closer to Creating an Invisibility Cloak

Grab your wands and spell books and check out this "cloaking device."

German Train Axe Attack Leaves At Least 20 People Injured, BBC Reports

More than 20 people were injured in a "rampage" by a man wielding an axe on a train, according to the BBC.

How to Get Cheap Flights and Other Ways to Save Big on Travel This Summer

Be that person that does a travel blog because you saved enough money to travel.

McDonald's Just Made It Very Hard to Watch Porn at Its Restaurants

Apparently a ton of customers were taking the concept of a "happy meal" a little too far.

RNC 2016 Convention: Livestream, Channel, Start Time and How to Watch Online

Desperate to see what's happening at the RNC? Here's how to stay in the loop.

Donald Trump Calls for "Extreme Vetting" of People From Places With Terrorist History

Donald Trump's Muslim ban is now just a ban on people from certain countries and territories.

There's a Dainty Pink "Smartphone for Women" — So Women in Tech Roasted the Hell Out of It

Nothing is more satisfying than these hilarious women writers dragging the Keecoo K1.

Malcolm Gladwell Says Colleges With Good Food Don't Value Low-Income Students

"Don't give money to Bowdoin or any other school that serves amazing food in its dining hall."

Drake Thanks His Mom For Funding His "Music and Wardrobe" in Revealing 2006 Letter

The rapper signed off from his dated letter to his mother as "Jimmy."

Panorama Festival Preview: Line-up, Weather, Headliners and More

Arcade Fire, Alabama Shakes, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, The National, LCD Soundsystem and Sia all have headlining slots.

Krystal Metcalfe Curses Out Sallie Mae and the Whole Student Loan Struggle in "Sallie"

"I hate you for how you got me out in these streets/ And I hate you 'cause I can't seem to get up on my feet"

5 Things About Rudy Giuliani You May Not Know, Ahead of His RNC 2016 Speech

Rudy Giuliani: one part noun, one part verb, two parts 9/11.

What to Expect From Melania Trump, Donald Trump's Wife and RNC Speaker, at the Convention

The country's prospective next first lady has mostly stayed out of her husband's campaign so far.

Donald Trump's Face Serves as Popular Birth Control at the Republican National Convention

"Next time you hit that rump, think of Trump."

Prophets of Rage Debut Self-Titled Single to Coincide With the First Day of the RNC

The song will appear on a new EP and the band will likely show it off at a free show in Cleveland just blocks from the RNC.

Hillary Clinton Addresses Racial Divide at NAACP Speech in Ohio Before GOP Convention

"We can't wish it away," Hillary Clinton said of the problem with racial disparity in America.

'Star Trek Beyond' Reviews: Here's What Critics Are Saying About the Latest Entry

'Star Trek Beyond' is a quintessential summer blockbuster — and that's a good thing.

ASOS Unveils UK Paralympic Games Outfits Ahead of Rio

It was designed for people of all different body types and abilities.

On Nelson Mandela's Birthday, Here Are Some Particularly Timely Quotes to Remember

The most inspiring and motivational quotes to get you through 2016.

Joe Budden's "Afraid" Is His Latest Diss Track Aimed at Shaking the "Incumbent" Drake

Budden mocks Drake for his Aaliyah obsession and takes not so subtle shots at Drake's 'What a Time to Be Alive' partner Future.

Nick Cannon Partners With Men's Wearhouse to Help the Unemployed Re-Enter the Workforce

They are collecting men's and women's professional attire.

How to Make a Churro Bowl Sundae. Yes, a Churro Bowl Sundae.

Regular bowls are for suckers.

Emma Straub's 'Modern Lovers' Will Make You Fall in Love With Love Again

If you're not in love in the summer, what are you doing?

'The Magnificent Seven': New Trailer for Western Remake Is Explosive

The Western remake has a stellar cast — and some stellar explosions.