Third Eye Blind Threw a Semi-Charmed RNC Performance to Troll the Sh*t Out of Republicans

Third Eye Blind touted LGBTQ rights and science in a long troll of Republicans at a charity event in Cleveland — host of the RNC.

This #DemInternSelfie Is Dramatically Different From Paul Ryan's

Hmm, what's different between these two photos?

John Leguizamo Just Nailed the Hypocrisy of People of Color Having to Learn White Culture

John Leguizamo's words about cultural exchange show why white people also need to be exposed to other cultures.

Pokémon Go Lovers Officially Have Their Own Dating Website, And It's About Damn Time

Pokematch is about to become the new Tinder.

Chris Christie Held RNC Mock Trial Against Hillary Clinton, Who Had the Perfect Response

Despite facing his own legal woes, Chris Christie held a "mock trial" against Hillary Clinton at the RNC Tuesday night.

'The Late Show' Mocks Melania Trump's Plagiarized Speech With the Help of Laura Benanti

Don't worry, Melania learned to avoid plagiarizing from her upbringing in West Philadelphia, born and raised.

GOP Convention 2016 Day 3: Speakers, Start Time, How to Watch and More

Here's what you need to know about day three of the RNC.

'Cosmopolitan' Receives Major Backlash for Claiming Cornrows Are a New Hair Trend

Cosmo is calling double cuff mohawk braids the new trend, but we've seen them before.

Shannen Doherty's Heartbreaking Photos Show a Side of Cancer We Rarely See

Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with cancer in March 2015.

Liberal Redneck Returns to Expose the Hypocrisy of Hating Black Lives Matter

Liberal Redneck is back at it again, and this time, he's pointing out the hypocrisy of hating Black Lives Matter.

Brian Justin Crum Slays 'America's Got Talent' With a Stunning Rendition of "Creep"

Clearly there's a fan favorite on this season of 'America's Got Talent.'

Ivanka Trump Will Speak at the RNC on Thursday — Expect Her to Go After the Women's Vote

Best guess: Ivanka Trump will attempt to bring women into the fold.

Donald Trump Adviser on Hillary Clinton: "Anyone That Commits Treason Should Be Shot"

"I believe Hillary Clinton committed treason," Trump adviser Al Baldasaro added in an interview with the 'Daily Beast.'

Is Black Lives Matter a Terror Group? If You Have to Ask, Read This

The movement for black lives and black-led extremist groups are not one in the same.

RNC Attendees Try to Hide Demonstrator's "No Racism, No Hate" Sign With the American Flag

Hmm, something about hiding a protester's sign with the American flag seems ... not great.

Meredith McIver Wrote Melania Trump's RNC Speech, Donald Trump's Campaign Reveals

The Trump campaign won't accept McIver's resignation, however.

Ben Carson Speaks of Lucifer in Bizarre RNC Speech

Ben Carson attempted to tie Hillary Clinton to the devil during his RNC speech Tuesday night.

This Mom Issued an Epic Clapback to Locker Room Body-Shamer Dani Mathers

"So, Dani Mathers, I'd like to introduce you to my 5'10", 194-pound lumpy, bumpy glory,"

Should You Buy the iPhone 7? Most People Say They Won't

If it doesn't wow, that is.

Milo "@Nero" Yiannopoulos, King of Trolls, Called for Mass Censorship in a 2012 Essay

"We ban drunks from driving because they're a danger to others. Isn't it time we did the same to trolls?"

Philadelphians Will Eat Hillary Clinton's Leftovers Thanks to a DNC Food Waste App

In Philadelphia, 1 in 4 are food insecure.

Best iOS 10 Features: GIF Search Is the Only Good Addition to Apple's Messages App

How to make a GIF on Apple's updated Messages app in iOS 10.

By Banning Milo Yiannopoulos, Twitter Just Created a Martyr for White Nationalism

What kind of monster did Twitter just create by banning Milo Yiannopoulos?

Extremists in Brazil Just Declared Allegiance to ISIS Right Before the 2016 Olympics

Things just keep getting worse in Brazil.

The Friend Who Always Pays for Dinner Is Playing You for Credit Card Points

Your oh-so-generous friend is racking up points and you're stuck doing the math.

The Bizarre Consequences of Painting the World's Most Popular Anti-Taylor Swift Mural

"Taylor Swift has some psuedo-Hitler-Youth-type organization of young fans hell-bent on, like, some kind of jihad against me."

Rudy Giuliani on Melania Trump, Black Lives Matter and His RNC Speech

The former New York City mayor tells us what was behind that fiery convention speech.

#FreeMilo Reveals Many First Amendment Defenders Don't Understand Freedom of Speech

Important to note: Twitter is not the government.

On the Anniversary of Apollo 11, Watch Buzz Aldrin Punch a Moon Truther in the Face

In 2002, filmmaker and conspiracy theorist Bart Sibrel confronted Aldrin with a video camera.

#NeverTrump Movement Openly Grieves on Twitter in Wake of Trump's Nomination

Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, and the #NeverTrump crowd is not having any of it.

Milo Yiannopoulos, Notorious Right-Wing Troll, Has Finally Been Banned From Twitter

@Nero is finally gone from Twitter. But what about his supporters?

Where Is It Legal to Carry a Gun? List of States With Concealed-Carry Laws

Concealed-carry laws vary under the auspices of state legislatures.

Meet Donald Trump's Family: Melania, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron

Here's everything you need to know about our potential first family.

A Student Studying Radiation Was Mistaken for a Potential Bomb Threat in Brussels

A Brussels police spokesperson said the student's long coat in the hot weather made the situation "very suspicious."

Meet Isaiah Cooper, the Compton Teen Who Just Took an 8,000-Mile Flight Around the US

Isaiah Cooper wants to break the world record when he turns 18.

The 3 unconscious money mistakes all couples make

Broke boo? (Or is that you?) How to keep money from messing with your love life.

Can the GOP Platform Support the Biggest Elephant in the Room?

The party and its nominee don't exactly see things plank-to-plank.

Brock Turner's Lawyer Tried to Blame the Victim's Drinking During the Stanford Rape Trial

Attorney Mike Armstrong's defense tactics involved a lot of victim blaming.

'Game of Thrones' Is Not Well-Liked Among Republicans, According to a New Study

At least Republicans and Democrats can agree on 'Supernatural.'

Why the Movement for Black Lives Is Shutting Down DC and NYC Police Union Headquarters

Activists want police unions to step out of the way of justice in officer-involved shooting cases.

Watch Stephen Colbert Take Over a Food Truck Outside the RNC

Colbert was very busy Sunday night.

Selena Gomez Has the Most Popular Photo on Instagram — But Here's Why It May Be Illegal

This is the federal act Gomez and other celebrities endorsing products on Instagram may be violating.

Meet the Women in South Africa Who Walk Miles Every Day to Test Their Neighbors for HIV

Babongile Luhlongwane, 40, and Busisiwe Luthuli, 32, fight the spread of HIV one step at a time.

Texas' Racist Voter ID Law Is Struck Down Ahead of 2016 Presidential Election

Thousands of voters in Texas may have an easier time voting this fall, civil rights advocates said.

Chobani Will Pay Food Startups to Battle Big Food

The goal of Chobani's Food Incubator? To start a food revolution.

US Led Airstrikes May Have Killed More Than 100 Civilians — Including Children — in Syria

Human rights groups say the U.S. is responsible for dozens of civilian deaths in Syria.

John Cho Explains Why Mr. Sulu Being Gay Is True to the 'Star Trek' Vision

The actor was initially apprehensive, but is happy with the end result.

Anti-Trump Protesters Build a "Wall" Outside RNC to Protest Trump's Border Wall

The third day of the RNC begins with a pro-immigrant demonstration.

Sajid Tarar of American Muslims for Trump Closed Day 2 of RNC 2016 — And Twitter Went Wild

American Muslims for Trump leader Sajid Tarar performed the benedictory prayer, but that didn't go so well.

Chris Christie's Mock Trial Turns RNC Into "Show Trial in a Third World Country"

Chris Christie's "lock her up" chanting at the RNC "was a little too much like a show trial in a Third World country."

Meet the Future Faces of Fashion Before They Become Household Names

Six Parsons students showcased their fashion collections at a recent trade show.

Donald Trump Jr. Is the Candidate Republicans Wish Donald Trump Sr. Would Be

Donald Trump Jr. gave a better speech Tuesday night at the RNC than his father has all campaign.

Mila Kunis Just Answered the Question: Can You Turn a Hookup Into a Boyfriend?

That one-night stand in the handicapped bathroom might just be your one true love.

Is Hating Hillary Clinton Enough for Reluctant Republicans to Support Donald Trump?

On the second day of the Republican National Convention, speakers focused on a shared enemy.

Laverne Cox Denies Nose Job Rumors in the Best Possible Way

Her plastic surgeon is Snapchat.

Jan Brewer, Who Was Trump Before Trump, Has Had It With #NeverTrump Republicans

The former Arizona governor talks #NeverTrump, immigration and 2016.

Baltimore Photographer Tenney Mason Was Arrested and Held for 7 Hours at Afromation March

Over 60 protesters were arrested in Baltimore Saturday.

Queen Leslie Jones Says She'd Like to "Whoop" Justin Bieber and Kanye West On 'WWHL'

"Justin Bieber — I want to whoop him."

Unsung Style Icon: Eartha Kitt, Lover of Animal Prints and Turbans

She personified the word "fierce."

Dollar Shave Club Is Worth a Billion Dollars Even Though It Doesn't Make Razors

There's big money in being a charming middle-man.

A Kellogg's Special K Ad Was Just Banned for Its Vague and Baseless Health Claims

There's no proof that the cereal is "full of goodness."

Researchers Are Teaching Orangutans to Make Music Via Video Games, Because Science

Will the first album made by orangutans come out before Frank Ocean's next project?

Health Costs Could Rise If the Government Loses These Proposed Lawsuits

As if health care weren't already pricey enough.

New Video Shows German Axe Attacker Pledging Allegiance to the Islamic State

The teen called himself an "IS soldier."