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At 2016 DNC, Sarah Silverman Has a Message for Bernie or Bust: "You're Being Ridiculous"

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Elizabeth Warren's DNC Speech Had One of the Most Revolutionary Moments of the Night

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Priest Killed After Hostages Taken in Normandy Church, France Investigating Terror Link

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US Sailor Dwanya Hickerson Charged in Death of Dee Whigham, Black Transgender Woman

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Dee Whigham as they try to make sense of this terrible tragedy,."

Disability Rights Advocate Says She Feels Bad for Trump During Her DNC Speech

"He doesn’t see me, he doesn’t hear me, and he definitely doesn’t speak for me."

Researchers Have Confirmed the World's Deepest Sinkhole

Damn, that's a deep hole.

Michelle Obama Spoke Her Black Feminist Truth at the Democratic National Convention

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Cory Booker Rouses DNC 2016 Crowd With Dramatic Speech: "America, We Will Rise"

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Meet Sarah McBride, the First Transgender Speaker to Address a Major Party Convention

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Pat Spearman, Queer Black Politician, Had Harsh Words for Trump and Pence at 2016 DNC

The Nevada state senator went in on Trump and the anti-LGBTQ policies of his running mate.

Bernie Sanders Tears Up at the 2016 DNC as Brother, Larry, Casts the Expat Delegate Vote

I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying. Fuck it — we're all crying.

'The Bachelorette' Week 8 Recap: Fantasy Suites in Thailand

JoJo and the bros head to Thailand for overnight dates.

Why Politicians Can Get Away With Using Songs That Aren't Approved By Artists

Queen, the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Earth, Wind & Fire have all cried foul. How can this keep happening?

Chelsea Handler Thinks President Trump Would Be Like "A Toddler Running the White House"

"It's a dangerous, terrible idea. It makes no sense that a bunch of adults would elect a toddler."

Here's What to Expect From Bill Clinton's Democratic Convention Speech

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The 2-Factor Authentication You Know and Trust May Get an Overhaul

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Elizabeth Warren Praises Hillary Clinton, Denounces Trump in Rousing DNC Speech

Elizabeth Warren declares Donald Trump "must never be president of the United States" in prime-time DNC speech.

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2016 DNC Started Out With a Night of Love and Racial Justice, Unlike the Racist 2016 RNC

Last night at the DNC, the Democratic Party adopted love as part of its platform, and bell hooks should be pleased.

Bernie Sanders Urges Party Unity on Night When His Supporters Booed and Jeered

Not all are heeding Sanders' call.

Police Increase Presence in Queer Spaces Post-Orlando — But Not Everyone Feels Safer

After the Orlando shooting, security in queer spaces has caused tension in the community.

Alan Grayson Un-Endorsed by Liberal Groups After Reports of Domestic Violence Emerge

Rep. Grayson, who is running for Marco Rubio's Senate seat, denies the charges.

This 11-Year-Old's Speech at the DNC Reveals Why People Fear a Trump Presidency

Karla Ortiz said she worries every day her parents will be deported.

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Plus-size clothing retailer Torrid is staring a denim revolution.

Meet the Data-Driven App That Might Beat Yelp at Its Own Game

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Bernie Sanders Started a Political Revolution He Can No Longer Control

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Miss Cleo, TV Psychic of "Call Me Now" Fame, Dead At the Age of 53

Youree Dell Harris, the woman behind the Miss Cleo pseudonym, died at a hospice surrounded by loved ones, TMZ reported.

Heartbreak in Philly: Bernie Sanders Fans Wonder Why He Isn't Fighting on at 2016 DNC

They came to fight for Bernie Sanders. Now they wish he were fighting for himself.

Why Did Rob Kardashian Unfollow Blac Chyna on Instagram, Anyway?

This is irrational behavior.

Samantha Bee Can't Contain Her Excitement at Roger Ailes' Ousting From Fox News

"Congratulations, Roger, you’ve finally achieved your ultimate fantasy."

Jerame Reid, Kashad Ashford and Abdul Kamal: These Police Shooting Cases Deserve Attention

Activists in New Jersey push for federal probes of four police shooting cases that have struggled for national publicity.

H&M Releases Stills From Upcoming Kenzo Collab Featuring Trans Artist Juliana Huxtable

Kenzo and H&M are taking diversity to a whole new level.

Here’s the Team That Will Monitor Ferguson, Missouri, to Make Sure Police Are Less Racist

The lawyer leading the team of monitors was former George W. Bush-appointed inspector general.

Bernie Sanders Takes on an Unfamiliar Role at the 2016 DNC: Party Foot Soldier

Embracing Hillary Clinton, the longtime independent is now a party man.

Hillary Clinton's Women Supporters Reflect on What Her Historic Nomination Means to Them

Democrats will officially shatter a longstanding glass ceiling on Tuesday.

Father John Misty Releases "Real Love Baby" Following His Weekend Meditation on "Evil"

Either he's started to feel how badly people need music in dark times, or his career is just coasting along on automation.

'The Association of Small Bombs' Is a Riveting Look at the Tragedy of Terror

Author Karan Mahajan's latest book explores the cycle of violence, and just how poorly equipped we are to stamp it out.