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Bill Clinton Insulted Muslim Americans During His 2016 DNC Speech With This One Sentence

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Apparently, No One Killed Freddie Gray

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What Would Bill Clinton Be Called if Hillary Clinton Is Elected President?

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How to Switch Jobs and Launch the Career You Really Want

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Science Says Some People Have Reason to Go Gluten Free — Even If They Don't Have Celiac

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Bill Clinton Rouses Democrats With DNC 2016 Speech Pitching Hillary as a "Change-Maker"

The prospective first gentleman takes the stage.

Prosecutors in Freddie Gray Case Drop Charges Against All Three Remaining Officers

Apparently, no officer will be made responsible for the 25-year-old black man's death.

Michael Bloomberg Shouldn't Have Been Invited to the DNC, Muslim Delegates Say

The former New York City mayor once helped facilitate a Muslim surveillance program.

The Secret Sexism Against Hillary Clinton That Could Make Donald Trump President

If you just can't pinpoint what about Clinton you don't like, science says you may have secret sexist beliefs.

Donald Trump Says There Were No American Flags on the DNC Stage — He's Wrong

Donald Trump claimed there were no flags on the DNC stage — here's definitive proof he's wrong.

At the DNC, Bernie Sanders Die-Hards Turn to Jill Stein — and Focus on the Grassroots

The Sandernistas plot their path forward.

A Black DNC Protester "Ordered" Whites to the Back — And Fox News Had a Meltdown

"I wonder what Rosa Parks would have done," Fox News anchor Todd Starnes said.

Seth Meyers Gives "Bernie or Bust" Voters a Reality Check: "The House Is on Fire"

Can we at least agree "Bernie or Bust" supporters shouldn't do interviews after they tape their mouths in protest?

"Fight Song," Hillary Clinton's Anthem, Is Earnest, Cheesy and Exactly What Americans Need

"Fight Song" is the right song for this moment in history — no matter how cheesy it may be.

There's 1 Big Problem With Hillary Clinton's Focus on Grieving Black Mothers

On America's most powerful stage, the Mothers of the Movement spoke their truths.

The Veggie Burger of the Future Cost $80M to Invent — And Carnivores Will Be Impressed

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Meet Bernie Sanders' Silent Majority: The Revolutionaries Now Backing Hillary Clinton

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The Site of Barack Obama's Presidential Library Has Reportedly Been Chosen

Historic Jackson Park in Chicago is the winner.

The Ice Bucket Challenge Just Funded ALS Research

The Ice Bucket challenge wasn't just a social media stunt.

Sybrina Fulton at DNC 2016: "I Am Here Today for My Son Trayvon Martin"

"I will do everything I can to focus some of this light on the pain of a path out of the darkness."

Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin's Bromance Runs Deep

Caught in a bad bromance.

Sandra Bland's Mom at DNC: Hillary Clinton Is a 'Mother Who Will Say Our Children's Names'

Geneva Reed-Veal is one of several "mothers of the movement" who spoke on Tuesday night.

This Awesome Floating House Will Break In Half When Your Relationship Inevitably Fails

It's a way for couples to split up — literally.

The Turkish Government Just Shut Down Over 100 Media Outlets

"This uprising is a gift from God..."

What Is the Voting Rights Act? Here's Why the Legislation Still Matters, 51 Years Later

The Voting Rights Act is just as important 51 years later.

This Powerful, Body-Positive Hashtag Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons

Simone Mariposa wants people to share photos of themselves with #WeWearWhatWeWant.

What Time Does Vice President Joe Biden Speak at the Democratic Convention?

Joe Biden will speak shortly before Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is expected to accept his party's VP nomination.

Angry Bernie Sanders Delegates Stage Occupation at DNC 2016 After Clinton's Nomination

Tensions continue to roil what Democrats hoped would be a celebration of unity.

‘Jason Bourne’ Reviews: Here’s What Critics Are Saying About the Latest Entry

You know his name (because this is the fifth movie in the Bourne franchise).

Officer Michael Kelley Said He Was Threatened for Wanting to Testify in Sandra Bland Case

"He told me I was going to be beneath the jail.”

Watch Alicia Keys' DNC 2016 Performance of "Superwoman" and "In Common"

Alicia Keys sought Democratic unity in performance at the Democratic National Convention.

Lucia McBath at the DNC 2016: "I Lived in Fear That My Son Would Die Like This"

Jordan Davis was murdered by a white man in Florida because his music was too loud.

Even As They Crown Hillary Clinton, Democrats Aren't Ready to See Barack Obama Go

Democrats express wistfulness at the end of an era.

After Outfitting Michelle Obama, Christian Siriano Sets His Sights On Hillary Clinton

In an interview with Mic, the designer explains what he'd like to create for the Democratic nominee.

What to Wear to a Summer Music Festival Without Looking Like a Basic Bitch

Things this list doesn't include: Feather headdresses.

Fan-Made ‘Star Wars’ Short Shows a Dystopian Future in Which the Empire Kept Fighting

For all you Empire lovers out there — imagine if they kept fighting!

Rihanna Poses Nude For New, Fashion-Forward Anti Tour Merch

Waiting for this exclusive Paris Anti merch to drop on eBay like...

Smash Mouth Made an EDM Song, Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

They're back, but let's just keep remembering them from the 90s.

Qualcomm Agrees to Pay $20M for Not Promoting Women, Paying Them Less

Settlements are a step in the right direction, but enough is enough.

Watch Andra Day's Stunning 2016 DNC Performance of "Rise Up"

Andra Day was the perfect follow to the Mothers of the Movement at the Democratic National Convention.

Meryl Streep's American Flag Dress at the Democratic Convention Stole the Goddamn Show

And it's not the first time she wore it.

Rihanna Ties Madonna for Total Number of Hot 100 Hits — And Ri's Reign Is Just Beginning

Yet another milestone for the globetrotting hitmaker BadGalRiRi.

GMO Tomatoes That Won't Get Mushy Are Here, According to Scientists

Mushy tomatoes may no longer be your problem.

The Fed Won't Raise Interest Rates Just Yet: Here's Why You Should Care

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Stephen Colbert Brings in Cartoon Hillary Clinton to Talk About the DNC and Her Nomination

Who else is ready for the cartoon Trump-cartoon Clinton debate on 'The Late Show'?

Bill Clinton’s 2016 Democratic Convention Speech: Former President's Full Remarks

The former president gambled big on showing voters the "real" Hillary Clinton he has known since 1971.

"Bernie or Bust" Protesters Compare Movement to Martin Luther King's March on Washington

Bernie Sanders supporters claim "no justice, no peace."

69 Philando Castile Protesters Arrested in Front of Minnesota Governor's Mansion

Protests in front of Gov. Mark Dayton's mansion have been going on since July 7.

U.S. Senate Cafeteria Workers Will Get $1M in Back Wages After Being Underpaid for Months

The contractor owes its workers more than $1 million.

Nas and Erykah Badu Link Up For "This Bitter Land"

The song is an emotionally moving nod to the black lives matter movement.

Bombing in Syrian Town of Qamishli Kills 44, ISIS Claims Responsibility

At least one bombing occurred in the predominantly Kurdish town.