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Matt Damon is starring in a film about the Great Wall of China and HELL NO.

'Pokémon Go' Characters Are Inspiring Newborn Baby Names, Because the World Is Garbage

"For a girl we have: Psyduck, Venusaur, Caterpie, Jynx and Mew."

Comedian Alice Brine's Viral Facebook Post Perfectly Sums Up How Dumb Victim Blaming Is

The only people responsible for rape are rapists. Period.

What Is the TPP? 3 Facts You Should Know About the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The three things you need to know about the 30-chapter, 5,500 page deal.

For Once, Donald Trump Had Nothing to Tweet After Obama's DNC Speech

Trump remained conspicuously silent on the president's DNC address on Wednesday night.

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What Time Will Chelsea Clinton Speak at the DNC?

Chelsea Clinton will introduce her mother, Hillary Clinton, who will accept the Democratic nomination for president.

Christine Leinonen, Mother of Orlando Shooting Victim, Gives Devastating 2016 DNC Speech

Leinonen told the audience Clinton is the only candidate running with a plan to end gun violence.

Muslim Delegate Calls Out Hillary Clinton Campaign for Using Photo of Her at DNC 2016

Nida Allam said she is voting for Clinton "solely by default."

WikiLeaks Just Published a Bunch of DNC Voicemails — But They're Not What You Think

Yeah, it's a hack. No, it's not interesting.

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Gabby Giffords at 2016 DNC: "Come January, I Want to Say These 2 Words: Madam President!"

The former Arizona congresswoman survived a gunshot wound to the head in a 2011 assassination attempt.

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Tim Kaine Makes His 2016 DNC Entrance as America's Dad

According to Twitter, Tim Kaine was nominated as vice president of embarrassing you in front of your friends.

DNC 2016 Day 4 Preview: Speakers, Schedule and What to Expect From Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton will formally accept the Democratic party's presidential nomination tonight.

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Joe Biden: Donald Trump Is a "Bunch Of Malarky"

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TillyandWilliam are breaking gender barriers through clothing.

Sarah McBride Addresses the 2016 DNC to Declare "I Am a Proud Transgender American"

Sarah McBride became the first transgender person to address the Democratic National Convention.

There Will Never Be a Perfect LGBTQ TV Show — and That's Okay

What we really need is more options.

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During massive social movements, fashion has played a pivotal role.

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4 Indian Teens Explain Why They Love Their Skin in a Powerful One-Minute Video

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Loretta Lynch and Joe Biden Call For Healing at Baton Rouge Police Officers Vigil

Vice President Joe Biden told mourners that their healing must not be a "black and white" thing.

How to Get Rid of a Pimple Fast in the Most Painless, Simple Way

Dermatologists provided 'Mic' with the best quick zit fixes.

DJ Khaled Has 4 Major Keys to Success for Hillary Clinton So She Can Beat Donald Trump

DJ Khaled is hoping Hillary Clinton can say "all we do is win, win win, no matter what" on Election Day.

Bill O'Reilly Doubles Down On How Well Fed Slaves Who Built White House Were

O'Reilly insisted President George Washington "provided meat, bread and other staples, also decent lodging ... This is a fact."

President Obama's Soaring DNC Speech Was Brought Down by an "All Lives Matter" Moment

"We can honor police and treat every community fairly."

'American Horror Story' Season 6: New Teasers Could Relate to Season 1's 'Murder House'

The logo is basically a six and a question mark, which is very on-brand for the extremely vague sixth season.

M.I.A. Slams MTV's VMA Nominations: "Racism Sexism Classism Elitism"

"This is a perfect example of 'allowed' voices vs. excluded voices."

Trump Wants Russia to Launch Cyberattacks Against the U.S. Russia Is Happy to Oblige

Russia is already conducting cyberespionage on the U.S.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Wants Debt Collectors to Stop Harassing You

Great news if you've ever been harassed by a debt collector.

Chloë Grace Moretz Is Speaking at the DNC — Here's What You Should Know About Her

The 19-year-old 'Neighbors 2' actress will speak at the DNC Thursday night.

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What Time Does Hillary Clinton Speak at the Democratic Convention?

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Asos Issues Perfect Response After Customer Complains Using Eminem Lyrics

"If you pop us a PM/ we'll get to the bottom of this mayhem."

Stephen Colbert Can’t Legally Bring On His ‘Colbert Report’ Alter-Ego — So Meet His Twin

"'Stephen Colbert' is their intellectual property, [but] I never considered that guy much of an intellectual."

This Australian Cheerleader in a Wheelchair Led Her Squad to a Championship

Cheerleader Debbie Stark is inspiring millions with this winning routine.

‘Star Wars: Bloodline’ Is a Cautionary Tale of How the First Order Rose to Power

The New Republic was doomed to fail because of its negligence.

Transgender Delegates at 2016 Democratic National Convention: Our Work Isn't Over

"If you don't have a seat at the table, you're probably lunch."

Blue Lives Matter Hate Crime Laws: These States Are Trying to Make a Non-Thing a Thing

Laws to protect officers from hate violence are a solution in search of a problem.

It's Terrifyingly Easy to Make — And Sell — A Weight Loss Supplement

Have $200 and a hairdryer? You're pretty much set.

A Strange Streak of Light Over the West Coast Was a Chinese Rocket, Expert Says

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a fiery hunk of debris!

Here's Hillary Clinton's Stance on Gun Control

Here's where the Democratic presidential nominee stands.

Barack Obama Says He Hasn't Lost Faith in America's Promise — But Have Voters?

His legacy on the line, the president seeks to recapture the magic of his early national career.

Drake Savagely Offered Joe Budden $10,000 to Release 25 Dis Tracks

OK, now Drake is just being petty.

"What Will Hillary Clinton Wear Tonight?" What This Sexist Question Reveals About Us

People care more about what she's going to wear than what she'll say.

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Kanye West Joins Drake in Chicago, Praises His Wife’s Taylor Swift-Dragging Snapchat

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