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'Fresh Off the Boat' actress is not letting Hollywood off that easy.

Unemployed husbands, not financial problems, are most likely to break up marriages

Further evidence of #masculinitysofragile.

Pharrell Williams Won't Let Hate, Intolerance or Donald Trump "Take Us Back 200 Years"

"It's our responsibility to teach acceptance," the singer said, discussing his latest philanthropic partnership.

Men in Iran Are Wearing Hijabs to Stand Up for Their Wives — Here's Why

These men may look funny in headscarves, but they're doing this for a powerful purpose.

Hillary Clinton Accepts Nomination at 2016 DNC: "Let Us Gladly Join the Fight"

"Tonight, we've reached a milestone in our nation's march toward a more perfect union."

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The Sordid, F*cked Up History of Red Lipstick

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Jennifer Granholm's DNC Speech Was the Most Bizarre Moment of the Entire Convention

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The Difference Between Obama and Trump, in One Reddit AMA Answer

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Just Threw Down the Best Trump Joke of the DNC

KAJ's Trump burn was smoother than his skyhook.

Justin Bieber Was Reportedly Asked to Perform With All Lives Matter Banners During RNC

Biebs instead wanted to use "Black Live Matter" banners during his 45-minute set.

2 San Diego Police Officers Shot, 1 Suspect In Custody

One police officer has died, according to the San Diego Police Department. The other is expected to survive.

Hillary Clinton Didn't Wear an American Flag Pin and Hypocritical Conservatives Are Pissed

The Democratic nominee was in all white, but some people wish there was a bit of red and blue there, too.

In Honor of National Orgasm Day, Here's the Difference Between Male and Female Orgasms

There's good news... and then there's bad news.

Kentucky High School Bans Dreadlocks, Cornrows and Twists — And Gets Called Out for It

When no dreadlocks, cornrows or twists are allowed, there's definitely a racial aspect to a dress code.

Kylie Jenner Is Accused of Copying Her New Eyeshadow Palette — And There's Receipts

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Is Your Old iPhone Worth Anything? Here's How to Find Out

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The Very Feminist Reason Why Hillary Clinton Might Have Worn That White Pantsuit

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Donald Trump's Response to Hillary Clinton's DNC Speech Mocks Her 'Very Average Scream'

"Crooked Hillary Clinton made up facts about me..."

"A Wrinkle in Time" Soars in Amazon Sales After Chelsea Clinton's DNC Speech

After she mentioned that "A Wrinkle in Time" was her favorite, sales of the book skyrocketed.

J. Cole Dreamville Producer Has Found an Answer to James Blake and Sam Smith: Sean McVerry

"All I care about at the end of the day is: I have my experiences. I'm transmit them as honestly as possible."

Democratic Convention 2016 Full Recap: Highlights, Best Speeches and More

The most-memorable moments from the 2016 DNC in Philadelphia

Ibtihaj Muhammad Powerfully Explains How It Feels to Be First Hijabi Muslim US Olympian

"My religion, my faith — they are part of who I am."

Black Officers Call for Reporter to Resign After This Offensive Joke About Michael Brown

A city officer and a reporter have reportedly posted horrible comments about Michael Brown on Facebook.

Hillary Clinton Criticized by Sexists for Not Smiling During DNC Acceptance Speech

Believe it or not, Some Twitter users said the Democratic nominee needed to look happier.

Where to Buy a Pocket US Constitution Like Khizr Khan's From the Democratic Convention

A paperback copy of the document will set you back just a few dollars.

'Suicide Squad' Spoilers: Ezra Miller Will Appear in Film as the Flash

If the film's aiming for a lighter tone, it's a good choice.

The Cheesy 'Mr. Robot' Horror Movie With the Monopoly Mask Serial Killer Actually Exists

Now, you too can enjoy 'The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie' online.

Your Must-Read Guide to Cutting Your Hair When You're In Between Visits to the Salon

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Taylor Swift Is Literally Sidestepping Paparazzi After Kim Kardashian West's Snapchat Hit

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How Did the 'Shelby County v. Holder' Supreme Court Decision Change Voting Rights Laws?

Voting may become harder for minorities in this upcoming election.

Hillary Clinton Rose to the Occasion at the DNC — But Trump Did Much of the Work for Her

She's closer than ever to achieving a long-held dream — and Donald Trump may make it easier.

Balmain Teams With Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West for Most Ambitious Campaign to Date

Balmain's Fall/Winter 2016 campaign is set to Kanye West's track, "Wolves."

Hillary Clinton's DNC 2016 Speech: Read Her Prepared Remarks

Hillary Clinton just accepted her party's nomination for president.

How the Wedding Industry Screws Over Working Women

The wedding industrial complex is real.

Republicans Respond to Democratic Convention 2016 and Hillary Clinton’s Speech

The verdict is in, and conservatives think the DNC was a "disaster" ... for Republicans.

The DNC Was a Pageant of Diversity. But Can People of Color Really Trust the Democrats?

Does the "lesser of two evils" trump a sordid history of violence against people of color?

Busy and Important UN Just Officially OK'd Your Breastfeeding Selfies — Erm, "Brelfies"

"It's absolutely to be encouraged," a WHO spokesperson said.

Flint Water Crisis Update: At Long Last, More State Workers Will Face Criminal Charges

The attorney general suspects the officials being charged may have viewed people in Flint as "expendable."

Abercrombie's First Campaign Under Its Rebrand Is Nearly Unrecognizable

You won't see any shirtless white guys here.

16 Photos of Hillary Clinton Before She Became Democratic Presidential Nominee

It's been a long road for Hillary Clinton — and cameras were by her side the entire way.

Avonte Oquendo's Family Will Receive $2.7 Million From NYC in Wrongful Death Suit

Avonte Oquendo's family finally gets an answer.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: Did the Democratic Convention Help Clinton's Chances?

One thing's for sure: It's a tight race.

As Hillary Clinton Accepts Presidential Nomination, #BlackWomenDidThat Trends on Twitter

A fitting tribute to the black women who made so much possible in the United States and globally.

'Big Brother 18': The Secret Room Twist Can't Save This Week's Evicted Houseguest

Find out who was evicted from the Big Brother house.

Deep Space Travel Might Increase Heart Risk for Astronauts, Says Study

Scientists are starting to learn more about the toll space travel takes on the human body.

'Special Relationship' Podcast: The 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions

A special episode of our Election 2016 podcast for a very... special convention season.

When Hillary Clinton Delivered Her DNC Speech, Sexists Heard Yelling

Fox News' Brit Hume hated Clinton's delivery, loved her "radiant smile."

US Appeals Court Just Dealt a Massive Blow to N.C. Voter ID Law, Other Suppression Tactics

This is the second time in two weeks that a federal appeals court has ruled against a state's voter suppression tactics.

Lady Gaga Performs the Beatles, Neil Young, Woody Guthrie at DNC Event Camden Rising

The event put the spotlight on one of the nation's poorest cities.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It? Here's When It Does — and When It Doesn't — Make Sense

Travel insurance can get you out of some tough spots. But do you really need it?

Stephen Colbert Gets Why Hillary Clinton’s Nomination, Despite a "Fart-in," Was Important

"It’s the biggest breakthrough for women since they won the right to bust ghosts."