Donald Trump's Star of David Hillary Clinton Meme Was Created by White Supremacists

And the Trump team's explanation for how they found it just raises more questions.

Zendaya Drags Man Who Asked Twitter Users If They Would Rape Her In A Real 'Purge'

Zendaya called a Twitter user out for his disgusting tweet.

ISIS Bombings Kill At Least 281 During Ramadan Celebrations in Baghdad

The death toll is still climbing.

Kendall Jenner Snapchats Plastic Baggie — And Twitter Users Think She May be Doing Drugs

Kendall Jenner, what was in the cute little ziploc baggie?

Muslim Doctor Shot and Stabbed on His Way to Pray at Texas Mosque

The man was on his way to morning prayers in Houston when he was ambushed.

Bottled Water Donations in Flint, Michigan Have Plummeted, But Crisis Remains

Residents are still getting their water from bottles instead of faucets, but donations are down four-fifths by one estimate.

Frank Ocean New Album Update: R&B Singer Hints at Album Drop in July, But Who Even Knows

Frank Ocean hints that his next album will drop this month. Do we believe him?

Johnny Depp Changes Tattoo for Amber Heard From "Slim" to "Scum"

Johnny Depp changed "Slim," Amber Heard's nickname, to "Scum."

Former Trump Adviser Corey Lewandowski Just Defended Trump's Anti-Semitic Meme on CNN

He called the Star of David meme controversy "political correctness run amok."

Star of David Meme and 9 of Donald Trump's Biggest Twitter Fails

Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee and America's foremost Twitter troll.

California Gun Rights Group Promises to Defy New Gun Laws

Holding signs saying "WE WILL NOT COMPLY," the protesters said the new laws would turn them into criminals.

Likely Fireworks Explosion Blows Off Man's Foot in New York's Central Park

Thousands of people are sent to the ER in fireworks accidents during the month surrounding July 4 every year.

Watch This Student Explain Exactly Why We Need Genderqueer Pronouns

In "Letters From Xem," Justice Gaines explained to his mother the necessity of xie, xem and xyr.