John Cena’s Fourth of July Video Shows Who Really Makes America America

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What It's Really Like to Live In a Polyamorous Household

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Juno Probe Google Doodle Celebrates NASA Spacecraft Reaching Jupiter

NASA's Juno has been live-tweeting its mission.

Several Dozen Rapes Reported at Swedish Music Festivals — Adding to a Disturbing Trend

Festival goers need more than just the Mumford and Sons to start taking a stand.

Gospel Artist Lecrae Gets Real About Slaves and July 4th in One Tweet — White Fans Hate It

Lecrae speaks the gospel about July 4, 1776.

Amy Schumer Offers a Big, Patriotic F*ck You to Body Shamers With This July 4 Instagram

Amy Schumer is an "American Treasure," and she knows it.

Naked Gay Man Arrested at Jacob Riis Beach, New York City's Queer Haven

Police arrested a gay man for public nudity on Monday, July 4.

Elizabeth Warren Attacks Comcast — America's Favorite Telecom Giant to Complain About

A company so hated, it transcends political partisanship

Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Fame and Anxiety on the Latest Episode of 'KUWTK'

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Your Guide to the 2016 Republican National Convention, Including Speakers, Dates and More

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Is Same-Sex Marriage Legal in All States? Despite Supreme Court Ruling, It's Complicated

Here are the states that are trying to get around the Supreme Court decision.

Nobel Laureates Just Issued a Big Warning About GMOs. It's Not What You Think.

The jury is in: Genetically modified foods are safe, and we'll need them for the future.

This Racist, Pro-Donald Trump 4th of July Parade Float Called Obama "Lying African"

The parade float depicted President Barack Obama in a toilet.

Boozy Dippin' Dots Are the Best Way to Get Drunk as an Adult

They're pretty simple to make, too.

NASA's Juno Craft Is Orbiting Jupiter — Here's Why We All Should Be Freaking Out

Juno has gone where no spacecraft has gone before.

Beau Solomon: Arrest Made in Murder of Wisconsin-Madison Student Found Dead in Rome

An Italian homeless man has been arrested in the murder investigation of Wisconsin student Beau Solomon.

This Teen Surprised Her Family by Coming Out on Splash Mountain at Disneyland

Coming out on Splash Mountain is the best idea ever.

This Mother Was Forced to Keep Paying Off Her Son's Student Loans After He Was Murdered

A New Jersey agency told Marcia DeOliveira-Longenetti that her son's death didn't meet the "threshold for loan forgiveness."

Hooters Sponsored a Boy Scout Event and the Female Volunteers Promptly Got Shamed

Hooters employees wore shorts and t-shirts and oh boy, parents are pissed.

Louise Linton's Memoir on Her Year in Zambia Is Being Slammed for Its White Savior Cliches

Louise Linton's memoir of her time in Zambia is being dragged as a collection of inaccurate and racist stereotypes.

Paul Ryan Blasts Donald Trump Over White Supremacist Star of David Tweet

Ryan says if he had to answer for every questionable Trump tweet, "I wouldn't have time to do anything."

Planet Nine News: Scientists Zero In on Where Mysterious Ninth Planet May Be Hiding

This could rewrite science textbooks.

Traditional Arab Clothing Does Not Mean I'm a Terrorist, Says Emirati Man Detained in Ohio

A businessman visitor from the United Arab Emirates was detained by police in Avon, Ohio, and accused of belonging to ISIS.

Meet the Woman Who Started a Feminist Emporium With Those "The Future Is Female" T-Shirts

Smashing the patriarchy, one T-shirt at a time.

Donald Trump Is Getting Dragged on Twitter for His Defense of an Anti-Semitic Meme

Did Trump really think he wouldn't face this sort of backlash?

White People Congratulate White Writer for Daring to Write About Black People and Slavery

Ben H. Winters won praise for his bravery because he is white and his new novel, 'Underground Airlines,' is about black people.

This Study on How Pasta Can Help You Lose Weight Is Easily the Best Science of 2016

So go ahead, break out that stash of fettucine.

Scientists Discovered "Superbacteria" in Rio Waters, So Just Cancel the Olympics Already

Only a month before the games begin, there's now a drug-resistant "super-bacteria" growing on Rio's beaches.

Former KKK Head David Duke Doesn't Think Donald Trump's Tweet Was a "Sheriff's Star"

A man with no need for dog whistles eagerly answered Trump's call on Tuesday.

Brogurt, Brosé, and 7 Other Foods Made Just for Men

According to marketers, only dudes can handle these macho, macho foods.

Republican Party Is Likely to Be Even More Male and More White After 2016 Election

The GOP may be waving goodbye to its only black House members in November.

FBI Director James Comey: "No Charges Are Appropriate" in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Comey calls Clinton's use of email "extremely careless," but will not recommend charges.

Obama Gives Touching 4th of July Speech, "Embarrasses" Malia by Singing Happy Birthday

The United States and Malia Obama are birthday twins.

Can Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment Really Give You an Orgasm?

We asked a sexologist, just to be sure.

Here Are a Few Things People Need to Stop Congratulating Black People For

For people of color, racial slights can lurk in the annals of achievement and success.

Some 'Game of Thrones' Fans Are Overthinking the Tower of Joy With Elaborate Theories

For the night is dark and full of overanalyzing theories.

Are Kylie Jenner and Tyga Back Together? We Conducted a Thorough Investigation

Could this mean they're finally out of the woods?

The #EverySizeIsBeautiful Backlash Proves the Body Positivity Movement Has a Ways to Go

This hashtag quickly turned into a health debate.

2 Tourists Died While Trying to Take Selfies in Peru

Two selfie-related deaths in Peru add to the growing roster of selfie deaths.

Many Men in Relationships Are Sleeping With Sex Workers, but There's a Semi-Silver Lining

They pay for sex because the crave human connection. And also because they're into multiple partners.

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Star Ellie Kemper Slams Strangers Who Touch Her Pregnant Belly

News flash: Personal space still applies to expectant mothers.

There Could Be Microphones All Over City Buses and Subways Listening to Your Conversations

If you're on a public train or bus, do you have a right to privacy?

This Algorithm Could Decide Which Homeless People Get Help — It’s Not As Evil As It Sounds

There’s a big chance this could go horribly wrong.

Blink-182's 'California' Is Not the Joyful Nostalgic Flashback the World Was Hoping for

Blink-182's new album's attempt to pull our nostalgic heartstrings fell flat.

Puerto Rico's First LGBTQ Monument Is a Heartwarming Tribute to Pulse Shooting Victims

The monument also observes the anniversary of marriage equality.

The iPhone 8 Could be All Glass — Is That a Recipe for Disaster?

Not if you've got a good grip.

President Obama Shows Why He's Hillary Clinton's Not-So-Secret Weapon

"There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office. Ever," Obama told a packed crowd in North Carolina.

The Beginner's Guide to Traveling Europe This Summer

Everything you need to know.

Apple's iOS 10 Will Make Organ Donation as Easy as Tapping a Button

The lifesaving feature will be available on Apple's brand-new iPhones.