Jesse Williams Just Tweeted a Perfect Response to the Shooting of Alton Sterling

An answer to his question would honestly be great.

A Telescope the Size of Earth Just Captured a Supermassive Black Hole Eating a Star

Astronomers just got their most precise look to-date at a supermassive black hole gobbling up a star.

Comedian Jim Jefferies Exposes the Truth About Donald Trump

"He's like a kid running for class president."

23 Ways: 23 Actions Punishable By Death if You're Black in America

Alton Sterling's death is the latest example of why #BlackLivesMatter.

One Tweet Exposes the Racist Hypocrisy of Gun Control Debates in the United States

There is a racist mixed message about carrying guns in the United States.

Video Captures Moment Baton Rouge Police Shot Alton Sterling on the Ground

Officers in Baton Rouge shot Alton Sterling multiple times while on the pavement of a Triple S Food Mart parking lot.

Police Station Warns 'Pokémon Go' Gamers Not to Terrorize Them Trying to Catch 'Em All

"Budding Pokémon Trainers," stay the hell out of the police station.

Did Bernie Sanders Blow His Chances by Ignoring Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal?

Some Sanders supporters think he missed a huge chance to take Clinton down early in the race.

Donald Trump Praises Saddam Hussein, Says He Killed Terrorists "Well"

"You know what he did well? He killed terrorists."

Watch This Girl Who Was Born Deaf Teach Her Deaf Dog Sign Language

The dog already knows "sit," "food" and "water."

New Graphic Video of Alton Sterling Being Killed by Police Officers Surfaces

New footage of Alton Sterling's killing has surfaced.

Chelsea Manning's Defense Attorneys Confirm Suicide Attempt

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

The Killing of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge by Police Has Sparked Outrage on Social Media

Many activists and celebrities were outraged by the video footage from the incident.

Hillary Clinton Embraces Free College Tuition Plan, Echoing Bernie Sanders

Clinton proposes free tuition for families making under $125,000.

Everything We Know About Howie Lake, One of the Officers Who Shot Alton Sterling

The officer and his colleague told the local prosecutor that he felt justified in using deadly force against Alton Sterling.

Blane Salamoni, Howie Lake, Baton Rouge Police Officers, Named in Alton Sterling Shooting

Alton Sterling is the 114th black man killed in America by officers in 2016.

This All-Star Couples' Photo of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Is Truly Something Else

Three couples. Three rocking chairs. One porch.

Everything We Know About Blane Salamoni, an Officer Involved in Alton Sterling Shooting

The officer told the local district attorney that he felt justified in using deadly force against Alton Sterling.

The Way Guests Responded to This Woman's Dress Is Everything Wrong With Weddings

Remember when the attention was on the bride and the groom?

Here Are the 18 Coolest Ways We'll Have Sex in the Future

Gird your loins — tomorrow is coming.

Two White Boys Arrested With BB Guns Were Ordered to Write an Essay About Tamir Rice

Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Cleveland police in 2014.

Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson Files Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Roger Ailes

Carlson says network CEO fired her after she refused to sleep with him.

Alton Sterling's Wife Quinyetta McMillan Delivers Tearful Speech Following His Death

Alton Sterling's wife Quinyetta McMillan addresses her husband's death.

Police in Baton Rouge Have Killed Only Black Men Since June 2015

Black people are 45% of Baton Rouge's population, but 100% of people killed by police since the start of 2015.

Snapchat's "My Eyes Only” Is the Company's Nod to Nude Selfies — Here's How It Works

Snapchat can help you keep your private photos private.

'The Purge: Election Year' Shows the Real Horror Isn't the Purge — It's the Wealthy Elite

Sure, murderous Purgers are scary, but the wealthy elite who support their violence are downright terrifying.

Names of Police Officers in Alton Sterling Shooting Released; DOJ to Handle Investigation

The shooting was drawing national attention from Black Lives Matter activists on Wednesday.

Frank Ocean's New Calvin Klein Ad Only Serves to Remind Us How Much We Need His New Album

Frank Ocean is back — but it's not what you think.

Let Chrissy Teigen Tell You Why She Shouldn't Have to Lose Her Baby Weight

"You push out a baby, and it took this long to put on the weight, and it's not going to peel right off, and that's OK."

In Honor of International Kissing Day, Here Are 4 Reasons Why Kissing Is Actually Weird AF

Who knew an innocent smooch could be so nasty?

Judge Who Told Rape Victim "Why Couldn't You Just Keep Your Knees Together?" Faces Inquiry

Canadian judge Robin Camp is facing a hearing for asking a rape victim, "Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?"

Turns Out Money Really Does Buy Happiness — But There's a Catch

The researchers found that money can buy you happiness, but only if you spend it on things that match your personality.

Alton Sterling Baton Rouge Killing Update: Congressman Calls on DOJ for Investigation

This is the latest in the shooting of Alton Sterling.

'The Daily Show' Blasts Donald Trump's Star of David Tweet for What It Is: Anti-Semitism

At the very least, Trump should do a better job editing his mistakes.

'Miss Saigon' and 4 Other Inclusive Shows Coming to Broadway This Season

Is this a disappointment after #TonysSoDiverse?

Here's What It's Like to Date Online As a Queer Christian

A lawsuit against the dating site is shining light on an underrepresented population.

On Eid-al-Fitr, 10 Young Muslim Americans Share Why They Fearlessly Celebrated Ramadan

These American Muslims want you to know the real brutal truth about their Ramadan experience this year.

Donald Trump Flip-Flops on North Carolina's Anti-Transgender Law, Says He Now Supports It

The presumptive GOP nominee says he's fine with restricting trans people's choice of restrooms.

Here's What Synthetic Cannabis Is Really Doing to Your Brain

Stay the hell away from synthetic dope. Your brain, body and criminal record will thank you.

Chrissy Teigen Sends Fan $400 Blender Gift Wrapped With Her Own Face

Custom Chrissy Teigen wrapping paper > any blender in the world.

Drinking Coffee Following a Late Night Concert May Damage Your Hearing Even More

Caffeine may actually prevent the body from recovering following exposure to prolonged loud noises.

Tesla Autopilot Crashes Shouldn't Scare You — Unless You're Elon Musk

Autopilot is scary, but not that scary.

'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 3 Recap: Man Behind the Masks

We say goodbye to one character.

You Can Make Wine From Bananas — And These Ugandan Women Have Mastered the Craft

An epic solution to the country's banana problem.

Donald Trump Campaign Trumpets $51 Million Presidential Fundraising Haul

It's Trump's biggest monthly haul yet, but Hillary Clinton's money machine dwarfs it.

Hong Kong's Beaches Are Being Overrun By Trash — And It's Only Going to Get Worse

Hong Kong's beaches are being destroyed by unprecedented levels of trash.

Four 2008 Obama Supporters Explain Why They're Voting for Hillary Clinton

They voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Now, they're with her.

Rebel Wilson Felt She Needed to Gain Weight to Succeed as a Comedic Actress in Hollywood

Rebel Wilson found that people thought she was funnier when she gained more weight.

Britney Spears, Pink, Mary J. Blige and More Team Up for "Hands," a Tribute to Orlando

Mary J Blige, Jason Derulo, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Kacey Musgraves, Troy Sivan all contribute vocals.

7-Year British Inquiry into Iraq War Censures Tony Blair: Military Action Wasn't Necessary

"For all of this I express more sorrow, regret and apology than you can ever know or believe."

Hillary Clinton Tears Into Donald Trump: "He Excelled at Ripping People Off"

The presumptive Democratic nominee took aim at her likely Republican opponent's business record.

Hillary Clinton Wants to Give Graduates a 3-Month Deferral for Repaying Student Loans

The presumptive Democratic nominee will roll out the proposal Wednesday in New Jersey.

University of Tennessee Settles Title IX Suit Addressing Campus Sexual Assault by Athletes

The school settled the case for $2.5 million.

Oscar Pistorius, Olympic Sprinter, Gets 6-Year Prison Sentence for Killing Reeva Steenkamp

Some think the sentence is too lenient for the South African mega celebrity.

Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $508 Million After 34 Drawings Without a Winner

The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot aren't great.