'Pokémon Go' Cheats: How to Get More Pokéballs Without Having to Walk Around

"'Pokémon Go' how to move" is a real thing people are searching. Fortunately, there's a cheat!

Dallas Police Shooting Started as a Peaceful Protest, Not a Black Lives Matter Attack

Police officers were smiling, posing for photos with protesters.

In One Quote, Trevor Noah Identified Our Problem With Race and the Police Force

"In reality, you can be pro-cop and pro-black, which is what we should all be."

Dallas Police Shooting Sniper Identified as Micah Johnson

We know the suspect's name.

Everything We Know About Micah Johnson, the Dallas Police Shooting Suspect

Police have said the deceased suspect did not link himself to any political group.

5 Police Officers Shot and Killed by Snipers in Downtown Dallas During Peaceful Protest

Multiple shots were heard after a protest against police violence.

Curvy Kate Releases New Campaign Featuring a Trans Model, Amputee and Woman With Alopecia

This is what all lingerie campaigns should look like.

Asian-Americans Pen Powerful Open Letter to Their Families About Why Black Lives Matter

Young Asian-Americans wrote a letter to their elders to explain the movement.

Dallas Police Shooting Victims: These Are the Names of the Officers Killed

The officers were gunned down as they monitored a peaceful protest.

Donald Trump’s Statement on the Dallas Police Shooting Sounds Nothing Like Donald Trump

The presumptive GOP nominee's statement was full of surprises.

Kim Kardashian’s Website Goes Full #BlackLivesMatter Following Dallas Shooting

"I do not ever want to have to teach my son to be scared of the police."

Dallas Police Shooting: Shocking Video Shows the Moment Dozens of Gunshots Rang Out

"They're moving in on somebody. I think they might have got somebody."

Newt Gingrich Says White People "Don't Understand Being Black In America"

Newt Gingrich just dropped the most woke statement from Republicans in a long time.

Obama on Dallas Police Massacre: "Justice Will Be Done"

"I think I speak for every single American when I say we are horrified by these events," Obama said.

The NRA Finally Responded to Philando Castile's Shooting Death by Police in Minnesota

The NRA has finally released a statement on the death of Philando Castile.

Twitter Users Tweet Commitment to Black Lives, and Stars Like Brie Larson Follow Suit

Retweeting this message is a simple, but effective way to voice support.

Dallas Police Are in a Standoff With One Suspect in Shooting Deaths of 5 Officers

Law enforcement officials told CNN at least one gunman is barricaded and firing at responding emergency personnel.

What Does This Text Mean? 7 Texts That Show They're Just Not That Into You

We've all gotten one of these at one point or another.

Jeronimo Yanez Identified as Minnesota Officer Who Shot Philando Castile

Jeronimo Yanez is a four-year veteran of the St. Anthony police force.

Man Initially Named As Dallas Police Shooting Suspect Surrendered Gun to Police

The man appeared to be carrying a rifle while marching peacefully in Dallas.

John Legend Spoke the Truth About Black Lives Matter in the Wake of Dallas Shooting

"Black Lives Matter activists are Real Americans too. Our ancestors more than paid for the right."

One Photo Taken During the Dallas Police Shooting Captures the Best of Humanity

One photo shows the humanity of the Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas once gunfire began.

Dear White People: It's Time for Us to Come Get Our Racist Relatives

Got a racist friend or loved one? It's time to have a talk with them.

Joe Walsh's Threat to Obama and Black Lives Matter Got Him a Follow From Donald Trump Jr.

Joe Walsh's overtly racist threat to Black Lives Matter and Obama won him a new high-profile follower.

Aubrey Plaza's Laid-Back Coming Out Was Chill as Hell

Aubrey Plaza came out without really coming out.

What It's Really Like Dating Someone with PTSD

What happens when the person you love experiences unfathomable trauma?

Dallas Police Ambush Reaches Bloody End, But Little Known About Shooters or Motive

At least five officers died and six others were shot during an hours-long mass shooting and standoff in Dallas Thursday night.

The Castile Incident Shows Facebook Is Not Here to Protect Your Freedom of Speech

As the social network plays a larger role in disseminating information, its lack of transparency becomes an issue of democracy.

A SETI Astronomer Just Called for a New Way to Search for Aliens

The odds that life exists somewhere else in the universe are pretty darn high.

Nikola Tesla Was Born 160 Years Ago — Here Are His Lesser-Known Ideas and Inventions

Tesla was constantly dreaming up new inventions.

This Pokémon Go Player Caught a Pidgey While His Wife Gave Birth Like It Was NBD

This dude's commitment to Pokémon is impressive.

After Dallas, Public Figures and Random Racists Are Saying Exactly the Same Thing

While there will always be people spewing racism online, politicians and community leaders should be held to higher standards.

The Most Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands Have Been Revealed — See Who Made the List

See which brands are eco-friendly failures.

NRA Responds To Dallas Police Sniper Shootings, But Completely Ignores Philando Castile

The NRA's statement says nothing about Philando Castile, a black man killed by police who was in legal possession of a gun.

10 States Sue Federal Government Over Trans Bathroom Policy In Schools

They're fighting a law that allows trans kids to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

Join 'The Movement' — The Email That Explores the Intersection of Identity and Experience

Every week, get Samhita Mukhopadhyay's thoughts on an issue that matters to Mic readers.

Here's How You Can Be Pro-Cop and Pro-Black Lives Matter, in One Tweet

Yes, it's possible to support Black Lives Matter and law enforcement.

I’m a Black Journalist From Dallas and My Heart Just Broke

How this writer found her voice after the three devastating events.

Donald Trump Responds to Dallas Police Shooting with “Prayers and Condolences"

The presumptive Republican nominee's initial response to the attack shows uncharacteristic restraint.

These 7 Everyday Foods Could Destroy a Man's Penis

Eating these could make a man bad at sex and baby-making.

One of the Dallas Shooting Suspects Was Killed by a Bomb-Carrying Robot

Dallas police chief confirms.

Shetamia Taylor's Story From the Dallas Attack Shows Why Blaming Black Protesters Is Wrong

What the 37-year-old mother of four did to protect her sons is both heartbreaking and courageous.

10 Songs Hillary Clinton Can Use For Rallies Besides Rachel Platten's Tired "Fight Song"

The former secretary of state's current campaign theme song could be her biggest scandal yet.

CNN Asks Philando Castile's Mother to Respond to Thursday's Dallas Shooting

CNN tried to ask Philando Castile's mom about the Dallas shooting because black grief isn't a thing.

Smith and Wesson: Dallas Shooting Precedes Gun Stock Price Rise

Deadly shootings tend to have this twisted consequence.

Latest Update on the Dallas Police Massacre That Left at Least 5 Officers Dead, 7 Wounded

Twelve officers and two civilians were shot in the attack carried out by multiple snipers.

Astronomers Captured a Massive Exoplanet With 3 Suns and a Super-Wide Orbit

HD 131399Ab is a very unusual planet system.

China Just Finished Building a Giant Alien-Hunting Telescope

Our alien-hunting game just got a lot stronger with the completion of a huge radio telescope in the Guizhou province of China.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown on Shootings: "The Suspect Said He Did This Alone"

Authorities have taken three suspects into custody; a fourth is dead.

In the Wake of the Dallas Police Shooting, Here Are 6 Ways to Help

6 ways you can help those affected by Thursday's Dallas police shooting.

A Police Officer Saved This Man's Life During Thursday's Dallas Shooting

Dallas photographer Lynn Mays recalled how a police officer saved him during Thursday's Dallas attack.

The Dallas Attack Was a Horrible Tragedy. That Still Doesn't Mean There's a "War on Cops."

We do ourselves no favors by blaming Thursday's tragedy on a war that, statistically, does not exist.

Young Thug Used His Calvin Klein Campaign Video to Say "There's No Such Thing As Gender"

Young Thug doesn't have time for your "gender."

This One Tweet Might've Cost Chipotle $300 Million

2016 has not been a great year for the chain.

Hacker Declared War on the Baton Rouge Police After Shooting Death of Alton Sterling

The hacker leaked thousands of records online.

Shonda Rhimes Claps Back Against Former Congressman Joe Walsh: "Guns Get People Killed"

One former congressman needed to be reminded that guns — not words — kill people.

I Don't Care If Selfies Make You Selfish, They Taught Me to Love Myself

Selfies taught me self love.

How the Dallas Police Shooting Could Trigger a Pro-Donald Trump Backlash

A look at history shows how Trump could gain from racial unrest.

If You Think Magazine Covers Aren't Diverse Enough Now, Just Look at How Far We've Come

The magazine industry has always had a blatant diversity problem.

Calvin Harris Has Released a Song That May or May Not Be About Hiddleswift

"I see online that you've begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend." Hmmmmm.

Dallas Police Officers Lined Up Outside the Hospital to Salute Their Slain Colleagues

A powerful display from the Dallas police department.

What You Need to Know About Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump's Potential Running Mate

The Alabama senator is a loyal Trump defender, and may be rewarded with the vice presidency.

Georgia Police Officer Ambushed by Man Who Called 911 to Report a Break-In

When the officer arrived to investigate, the man opened fire.

U.S. Senators Just Passed a Bill for National GMO Labeling — But There's a Catch

Bernie Sanders isn't happy with the bill.

Dallas Police Shooting Sparked a Wave of Terrifying Facebook and Periscope Videos

Protesters on the ground in Dallas had cameras at the ready.

Simon Pegg Explains Why Mr. Sulu, Not a New Character, Is Gay in ‘Star Trek Beyond'

'Star Trek' actors old and new have differing views on the Mr. Sulu reveal.

Jay Z Drops "Spiritual" Meditation on Police Brutality, His First New Song in 3 Years

"Spiritual" is Jay Z's first solo effort in since 2013's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' and his most incisive release in years.

What You Need to Know About Chris Christie, Donald Trump's Potential Running Mate

Chris Christie is on Donald Trump's vice presidential short list.