Video Shows Woman at Chicago's Margarita Festival Hurling N-Word, Spitting on Black Couple

As the woman hurled racist epithets at the couple, two of her African-American friends did not stop her from saying "n*gger.."

Scientists Just Figured Out How Black Holes Twist Space-Time

They solved a 30-year-old mystery.

This Gap Ad Is Being Called Out for Sexism and One Glaring, Not-So-Genius Misspelling

Apparently boys are scholars, and girls are social butterflies.

Scientists May Have Finally Solved One of the Last Mysteries of the Female Orgasm

Looks like the orgasm gap wasn't such an issue for our ancestors.

Frank Ocean's New Album 'Boys Don't Cry' Will Drop Friday, According to Report

'Boys Don't Cry' is the artist's first since the 2012 release of his highly-acclaimed Channel Orange.

Malia Obama, Normal Teen, Was Turning Up at Lollapalooza, Not the DNC, on Thursday

Malia Obama is just a chill teen doing chill teen things.

John Oliver Figured Out How Donald Trump Can Just Lie and Lie Without Consequence

Donald Trump's lies are like a bed of nails.

Leaked Video Allegedly Shows Controversial New iPhone 7 Accessories

People are not excited about this.

If You're Making Fun of Melania Trump's Nude Photos, You're Part of the Problem

Slut-shaming is never OK, regardless of what your politics are.

Lea Michele's "Finn" Tattoo Honoring 'Glee' Star Cory Monteith Has Twitter in Tears

It was revealed on the new cover of 'Women's Health U.K.'

Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay Won't Lose Title Over Past N-Word Tweets

The Miss Universe Organization says Karlie Hay has "learned many lessons."

Here's what 'Stranger Things' gets wrong about multiple dimensions

That acrobat and flea analogy wasn't quite right.

New iPhone Emojis on iOS 10: Single Parents, Working Women, Pride Flag & Female Athletes

Unicode and Apple finally brought emojis into the 21st century.

Donald Trump's Feud With the Khan Family Is Exactly Why His Supporters Are Voting for Him

Exit polls suggest Donald Trump's tendency to "tell it like it is" is one of the main reasons people voted for him.

Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry:' Apple Music Livestream Appears on Artist's Website

Frank Ocean's new album, 'Boys Don't Cry,' may be dropping Monday, but do we really even know anymore?

'Stranger Things': Will There Be a Season 2?

There will almost certainly be a second season — but it isn't guaranteed.

Luke Aikins Just Became the First Man in the World to Skydive Without a Parachute

He jumped out a plane without a parachute and lived to talk about it.

Will Trump’s Attack on the Khans Be the Beginning of the End for His White House Hopes?

Some say Trump may have finally gone too far.

'Big Brother 18' Turns Into the Paulie and Paul Show

Find out who this week's HOH nominates for eviction.

Karlie Hay and the Miss Teen USA Controversy Proves Beauty Pageants Are the Worst — Again

Beauty pageants have a racist history that you might not have known about.

Brazil Couldn't Fix Its Water Pollution Problem in Time for the 2016 Rio Olympics

Brazil couldn't fulfill promises to cut pollution by 80% in Guanabara Bay.

Donald Trump Attempts to Do Damage Control on Twitter, But Only Makes Things Worse

Donald Trump's continued attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan are a troublesome sign for Trump's campaign.

Kylie Jenner Announces Birthday-Themed Makeup Collection

The limited edition products are infused with real gold.

Hillary Clinton Retakes Lead Over Donald Trump in Post-DNC Polling Bounce

Hillary Clinton has regained control of the presidential race.

Scientists Found 17 Genetic Variations That Increase the Risk of Depression

"It just underscores that depression really is a brain disease."

John McCain Torches Donald Trump Over Criticism of Humayun Khan's Family

But McCain isn't retracting his support for Trump's campaign.

Most Americans Can't Tell If They're Eating Rancid Olive Oil — And a Lot of Them Are

Apparently that fancy caprese salad you whipped up isn't as upscale as it looked.

Last Minute Flights: These 3 Moves Will Help You Find Cheap Airfare On Short Notice

Ready for a quick vacay? These tips will help you get away — without getting ripped off.

'American Horror Story' Season 6: Theme Possibly Revealed in New Photos and Trailers

Just a little longer until we find out what will be keeping us up at night every week.

Students Say Baylor University Punished Rape Victims for Drinking, Having Premarital Sex

The university is accused of penalizing sexual assault survivors for violating student conduct rules.

Pocket Constitution Becomes Best Seller After Khizr Khan's Powerful DNC Speech

The book hit Amazon's best seller list Saturday afternoon.

This Beauty Vlogger Is Challenging Her Peers to Only Use Black-Owned Makeup Brands

Jackie Aina wants to make a difference.

'Spin' Put a Donald Trump Presidential Nomination on a List of Worst-Case Scenarios in '88

'Spin' had an eerie prophecy about Donald Trump in 1988.

Viral Makeup Tutorial Shows Expensive and Affordable Cosmetics Look the Same

Raye Boyce painted half her face with expensive makeup products and half with their drugstore dupes.

Teen Choice Awards Leaves Out Christina Grimmie When Calling for End to Gun Violence

Grimmie would have accepted her first Teen Choice Award on Sunday night.

Mike Pence's Statement on Khan Family Reveals a Problem With How Politicians View Muslims

We need to change the way we talk about Muslim Americans.

Muslims Attend Mass in Italy and France in Honor of French Priest Rev. Jacques Hamel

The priest was killed by two attackers linked to the Islamic State group.

Olympics 2016 Preview: Here's Everything to Know Ahead of the Rio Olympics

Rio de Janeiro is the first South American city to ever host the Olympics.

New Jersey Hid Its Loan Forgiveness Program From Families of Dead Student Debtors

You can get relief, but only if you know what to say.

Another Reproductive Win for Low-Income Texas Women: IUDs From Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas just received $2 million to help women in need get contraception.

McDonald's Is Testing a Pedestrian Lane, So Anyone Can Satisfy Their Late-Night Drunchies

A smart solution to prevent drinking and driving?

It's Officially Time to Break Up With Frank Ocean

If you truly love something, you have to learn to let it go.

Eat Saganaki, the Flaming Cheese Appetizer That Is Literally Lit

"This cheese is on fire." — Alicia Cheese

UT-Austin Unveiled a Shooting Memorial the Same Day It Began Permitting Concealed Carry

A university spokesman called it "unfortunate timing."

Rihanna Jumps On, Then Rules Over, Her Fans in New "Goodnight Gotham" Video

BadGalRiRi just wants to celebrate with her fans, not matter how much chaos that causes.