Michael Phelps, the Male Katie Ledecky, Just Made Olympic History

Whoever this guy is, he swims like a woman.

Simone Biles Is Not Just Incredible, She's a Scientific Phenomenon

How does Simone Biles defy gravity?

How Much Is an Olympic Medal Worth? Depends Who Won It.

There's good money in flipping Olympic medals.

Amber Rose Perfectly Clapped Back After People Made Homophobic Comments About Her Son

People called her son Sebastian gay because he played around in her wig.

How Skaters, Surfers and Punks Turned a Blank Canvas into a 50-Year-Old Footwear Icon

"Sometimes success is achieved by not changing with every shift in fashion."

Someone Analyzed All of Trump’s Tweets — And What He Found Is Revealing

There's a dirty truth underlying most of Trump's Twitter use.

Olympic Gymnast Alexa Moreno Was Body Shamed — And the Attacks Aren't Limited to Her

Screw your beauty standards. These women kick ass.


If you're an eligible young person in 2016, it's your responsibility to #69TheVote — sound funny? It's actually dead serious.

Who'll Host the 2024 Olympics? Here Are the Finalists and Why Each One Could Be Chosen

As planning begins for the 2024 Summer Olympics, four cities have their eyes on the prize.

Christian Blogger Pens Tone-Deaf Article on Her Daughter's Interracial Marriage

A blogger wrote a helpful post about what to do "When God Sends You a Black Husband".

Man Climbing Trump Tower Spurs Massive Police Response [Video]

Police officers broke windows and scaled the building in an attempt to stop the man from continuing his inexorable climb.

Baltimore Police Violated Black Residents' Civil Rights, Justice Department Probe Finds

Officers often stopped residents in the majority-black city without legal basis, the Department of Justice found.

Missouri Waiter Gets Anti-Gay Note Instead of a Tip Because People Are Trash

Eduardo Cabrera received unsolicited "advice" from a patron at Chelly's Cafe.

This "Bullshit Makeup Tutorial" Is the Relatable Beauty Advice You Didn't Know You Needed

Twitter user morgaaanhanbery is all of us.

What Is Genetic Sexual Attraction? Why This Mother and Her Son Are Fighting to Get Married

"He is the love of my life and I don't want to lose him."

Gluten-free diet: weight loss remedy or useless fad?

Here's everything you need to know about going GF.

Meet Tara Indiana, the Dominatrix Running for President Against Donald Trump

"[Trump] has all the hallmarks of somebody with small penis syndrome."

Erykah Tijerina, Transgender Woman, Found Dead in El Paso Home

Tijerina's family says they are still in shock.

NASA Just Released a Treasure Trove of New Mars Images

You've never seen Mars like this before.

Donald Trump's "Joke" About Hillary Clinton Is His Most White Supremacist Moment Yet

He's playing to his base, and it's terrifying.

iPhone 7 Announcement Date Is Here — Along With a MacBook Pro Overhaul

When is the iPhone 7 coming out? Finally, we have an announcement and release date.

Brace Yourself: A New Girl Scouts Cookie Flavor Is Coming to Town

One ticket to Nom City, please.

Netflix’s Anti-Comcast Site Is Now an App That Tells You How Slow Your Internet Is

A not-so-subtle nod to net neutrality.

It Is Officially Unacceptable for Man Lawyers to Call Lady Lawyers "Honey" in Court

The American Bar Association just moved to strike "darling" from the record.

Ryan Lochte's Silver-Turned-Blue Hair at the Olympics Has Twitter Divided

He felt that he needed to "do something different."

Chance the Rapper Premieres New Song "We the People" in Nike Olympics Ad

The song and ad honor the United States' Olympic basketball teams.

Our Fingerprints Are Portals Into Our Digital Lives — But the Laws Haven't Caught Up

Your index finger is the master key to the safe of your private life. And there's nothing stopping police from taking it.

This Olympic Pool Turned Green and Officials Are Stumped

The green pool is safe, according to officials.

Stranger Things Soundtrack: Complete List of Songs, Artists From Season 1 of Netflix Show

Fans have praised the show's theme music for its borderline cheesy '80s techno vibe.

Meet Eugene Young, the Millennial Who Wants to Become Mayor of "Murder Town, USA"

"My job is to change the narrative," the first-time candidate said.

The Powerful Reason Model Iskra Lawrence Wants You to See Both Her Before and After Photos

It took her ten minutes to completely change the way her image looked.

Caeleb Dressel Is the Tattooed 2016 Olympic Swimmer Whose Name You Should Know

Nineteen-year-old Caeleb Dressel loves his country, and his tattoo proves it.

There's a Special Camp Where Girls Train to Be Firefighters

Camp Fury is training the next generation of badass women firefighters.

NASA Is Designing the Planes of the Future — This Is What They Look Like

These fuel-efficient ideas are incredible.

‘Stranger Things’ Ending: Questions Abound After Season 1 Ends With a Cliffhanger

Netflix, just renew the show already. You know you will.

Read the Justice Department's Full Report on the Baltimore Police Department Probe

The report details disproportionate rate of stops and arrests involving black residents and motorists.

Will Smith Blasts Donald Trump's Islamophobia During 'Suicide Squad' Press Tour in Dubai

"We get to know who people are and now we get to cleanse it out of our country."

Donald Trump's Camp Got a Secret Sevice Talking-To Over the Second Amendment Comment

The agency has had "multiple conversations" with the Trump campaign over his remarks on Tuesday.

Donald Trump's Second Amendment comments were even more dangerous than they seem

Trump is leaving a mark that will last long beyond November.

Donald Trump and Jill Stein Are More Alike Than You Think. Here's How.

Donald Trump and Jill Stein have more in common than you think.

11 Newborn Babies Killed in Baghdad Hospital Fire

The infants were being treated in a ward for premature babies.

Hillary Clinton's Aggressive Outreach to Republicans Is Making Progressives Nervous

Liberals worry that Clinton's entreaties to the GOP foreshadow a more centrist administration.

This Man's Racist Rant About NYC "Shit for Brains" Dominicans Got the Best Clapback

One Reddit user insults New York City Dominicans and people fought back.

Here’s Why There Are So Many Fashion Brands Popping Up In the 'Kendall & Kylie' Game

The blatant product placements are no accident.

Bernice King, Daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr, Reacts to Trump's Assassination Joke

The Republican presidential nominee seemed to joke about shooting Hillary Clinton.

21 Visionary Male R&B Singers Who Aren't Named Frank Ocean

It's time some fans shut off Ocean's livestream and plug into something real.

Ed Sheeran Accused of Stealing "Thinking Out Loud" From Marvin Gaye's "Let’s Get It On"

This is the second high profile copyright lawsuit Sheeran faces this year.

Refugee Deaths Have Spiked Since Last Year — So Why Have We Stopped Talking About Them?

Refugees are still flowing into Europe at alarming rates.

Was Marilyn Mosby Right? Justice Department Rips Baltimore for Police Van Regulation

The DOJ found evidence that Baltimore police routinely fails to secure arrestees' seatbelts, like in Freddie Gray's case.

A Future With Neural Implants Means Hackers Can Remote-Control Your Brain

This future scenario isn't so far-fetched.

Hillary Clinton Rolls Out New GOP Endorsements, Spelling Trouble for Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton continues to lock down support from unlikely allies.

Career advice: 5 crucial steps to better work-life balance

Stop putting yourself second.

Kepler's K2 Mission Just Uncovered Its First 5-Planet System

This was a rare find.

Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser Slams 'Suicide Squad' for Biting Their Style

One of these might be just like the other.

Actress Diana Oh Reminds Us That Asians Aren't Magicians in a Spunky PSA

Yeah, stop being ridiculous with these Asian stereotypes.

Suicide Attack on Pakistani Hospital Wiped Out a Generation of Baluchistan Lawyers

In the wake of the attack, other lawyers across Pakistan are demanding more protection from the government.

Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps Dominate Rio Olympics 2016 Swimming Contests

Ledecky is on track to win all three distance freestyle races, while Phelps set a record with his win at the age of 31.

11 Healthy Cocktail Recipes You Can Whip Up at Home to Impress Any Guest

A turmeric, gin and ginger cocktail doesn't sound too shabby, does it?

What to Know About Elina Svitolina, the Olympic Tennis Player Who Defeated Serena Williams

The Ukrainian tennis player is ranked 20th in the world for women's singles.

Deadly Ocean Bacteria Is Making People Sick — And Humanity Just Might Be Responsible

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

US Olympics Gold Medal Tracker: Here Are the Gold Medals Won So Far

Here's how many gold medals the U.S. has so far.

Some Say Coffee Can Protect Against Zika — But Does It Really Work?

A natural repellent? A hoax? Something in between?

Most Working Women in the UK Have Been Sexually Harassed on the Job, Study Finds

New study confirms what women already knew: Workplace harassment is rampant.

Dan Rather Blasts Donald Trump Over Second Amendment "Joke" About Hillary Clinton

Dan Rather said Donald Trump crossed a line.

Olympics Day 6 Schedule: Livestreams and Start Times for Tennis, Swimming and Table Tennis

Here's what to watch on day six of the Olympics.

At Least 2 Officers Shot in Arkansas; Gunman Reportedly Wielded Semi-Automatic Weapon

Authorities say the suspect had an semi-automatic weapon.