President Obama and Malia Just Went for a Walk — We Know What That Was All About

Some hypothetical conversations for your consideration.

Simone Biles Just Showed the World How to Talk About Being Adopted

Simone Biles made it clear: Her parents are her parents. End of story.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Are Raising Their Kids "Poor"

"Mommy and Daddy may have a dollar, but you’re poor."

Hairstylist Makes Amends After Ruining a Model's Natural Hair on NBC's 'Today'

She turned a horrifying moment into a learning one.

How to Get More Units Quickly in ‘No Man’s Sky’

Besides just robbing other ships.

Convicted Rapist Austin Wilkerson Receives No Prison Time — Even Less Than Stanford Rapist

Austin James Wilkerson was convicted of raping an unconscious woman. He won't go to jail.

How Much Money Does Edward Snowden Make? Here's a Big Clue.

Edward Snowden has a cushy new gig.

Donald Trump Says President Obama "Is The Founder of ISIS"

"And I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton," Trump added.

Donald Trump's Entire Theory of How He Can Win the 2016 Election Is Crumbling

Trump's already-narrow path is rapidly closing.

These 10 Olympic Athlete Diets All Have One Thing in Common: Peanut Butter. Here's Why.

If their bodies are a temple, peanut butter is the shrine.

The DEA Just Denied a Bid to Reduce the Federal Marijuana Classification

Marijuana will still be classed with drugs like heroin and LSD.

Which Jobs Are Most Dangerous? These Are the 10 Riskiest U.S. Professions.

Healthcare, law enforcement and anything involving a car can be risky business.

President Obama Drops His Final Summer Playlist — And the Tracklist Is Too Lit

I'mma let you finish Frank Ocean, Young Thug, everybody — but POTUS just dropped the most fire mixtape of 2016.

Rape Culture at the Olympics, Sponsored by Viewers Like You

Prioritizing winning and national pride often means ignoring sexual violence.

Trevor Noah Explains Why Donald Trump Is Tearing America Apart. He's "the Dress."

His supporters see one thing, but everyone else sees the truth.

A Lesbian Couple Was Scolded for "Being Affectionate" at Seattle Mariners Game

Giuliana Garcia and Calista Nabors were informed they were disrupting the stadium's "family environment."

New York Life Insurance Manager Fired for Death Threat Against Black Lives Matter Activist

The longtime employee called the activist a "pig whore" who should "die."

'Big Brother 18': Did Paulie Save Zakiyah From Potential Elimination?

Find out who won this week's Power of Veto.

Kourtney Kardashian Said She Lathers Herself In Honey to Attract Men, Which Is Smart!

This sounds uncomfortable, to say the least.

Nancy Pelosi Calls Donald Trump's Latest Outburst "Verbal Poo Poo"

That's one way to describe Donald Trump's comments.

DOJ Baltimore Report Shows How Awful Officers Were to Rape Victims, Transgender Women

Officers reportedly blamed victims who reported assaults and openly displayed transphobic sentiments, federal officials said.

This Group Is Protesting Untested Rape Kits by Sending a Standard Kit to Every US Governor

There are an estimated 400,000 backlogged rape kits in the United States.

Ashley Graham Is the Newest Face for H&M — But There's a Troubling Twist

Graham won't be able to shop for the clothing she is wearing in stores.

Here's the Science Behind That Rare Bright Blue Lobster

Why is that lobster so freaking blue?

Donald Trump to Spend Two-Month Anniversary Of Pulse Shootings At Anti-Gay Summit

A totally classy and tremendous move from the Republican nominee for the presidency.

Judge Aaron Persky, Who Sentenced Brock Turner, Gave This Sex Offender 4 Days in Jail

Further evidence that Judge Aaron Persky is soft on sex offenders.

Sara Ahmed Becomes First Egyptian Woman to Stand on Olympic Podium

When Ahmed lifts weights, she also lifts young girls and women in Egypt.

Amber Heard's Lawyers Call BS on Johnny Depp After Deposition Goes Awry

Johnny Depp's attorney says Amber Heard was hysterical; Heard's camp says otherwise.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Care How Long You Last In Bed

It's really not such a big deal.

Scientists Found Huge Liquid-Filled Canyons on Saturn’s Moon — Titan

It's the only other body in the solar system that has liquid oceans and rivers on its surface.

Police Are Using Machine-Learning To Flag Officers As Potential Risks

Algorithms used for good.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

'Mic' asked celebrity makeup artists to suggest their favorite shades.

Here's what the DEA ruling on marijuana classification means for the legalization movement

Experts weigh in on the impacts of the DEA's decision.

Australian Government Is Abusing Child Asylum-Seekers, Says Massive Document Leak

Horrific stories of humiliation, abuse and neglect.

Your Love for Bananas Could Have Supported Terrorism in Colombia

If you've been a longtime fan of bananas, chances are high...

Yes, Donald Trump Meant to Say That Obama Literally Created ISIS

88 days until Election Day.

Anti-Trend: The Unexpected Power of Ignoring the Latest Fads

A loving f*ck you to trends.

8 Empowering Things Fashion Designers Have Said About Body Positivity

Basically, they want women to enjoy their lives — and their bodies.

Donnell Thompson Killed by LA County Deputy, Authorities Admit He Was Not a Suspect

Donnell Thompson was mistaken for a carjacker and killed by authorities.

Scientists Are Creating a Machine to 3-D Map the Universe

This will be an unprecedented look at the cosmos.

Simone Biles Wins Gymnastics Gold in Rio Olympics 2016 Individual All-Around Competition

She became the fourth American and the second black American in a row to win the event.

Artist Dayna McLeod Turned Her Uterus Into a Concert Hall to Make an Empowering Point

The uterus: It's not just for baby-makin'.

People Thought the Guy Climbing Trump Tower Was Jared Padalecki From 'Gilmore Girls'

Padalecki wrote a Facebook post to clear up the confusion.

Less than 10% of all network TV characters are played by Asian actors

It's an improvement, but still virtually a wasteland.

6 Facts You Didn't Know About Rio Olympic Athlete Allyson Felix

This is Felix's fourth Olympics, but will it be her last?

'Star Trek: Discovery' Will Have a Female Lead — Plus a Gay Character

"We wanted to paint a picture of Star Fleet that's indicative of encountering people who are much more different than we are."

The Weeknd Donates $250,000 to Black Lives Matter Network

The Weeknd is putting his money where his mouth is.

5 Fast Facts About Nathan Adrian, Olympics 2016 Swimmer, You Should Know

After coming in sixteenth place during qualifying heats, Adrian came in first in the men's 100-meter freestyle semifinals.

Ronald Reagan's Daughter Blasts Donald Trump's "Horrifying" Second Amendment Comments

"Words matter," the daughter of the would-be assassination victim writes.

Kendall Jenner Covers ‘Vogue’; Talks Caitlyn: "You've Got a New Person to Love"

It's her first official 'Vogue' cover.

Robert Glasper On How Jazz and BLM Are Bringing About a New "Harlem Renaissance"

"The whole movement is just an expansion of creativity."

The Rob Ford Crack Cocaine Video Finally Leaked — Here's What to Know Before Watching

Keep this in mind when you decide whether or not to watch Rob Ford's video

How Many US Police Officers Are Killed Each Year? Ambushes Are Rarer Than You Think

There is no war on police, according to these stats.

Samantha Bee Could Use a Little Peace, Love and Understanding From the Internet

In which Samantha Bee learns to avoid internet comments sections like the plague.

Green Day Announce New Album 'Revolution Radio,' Share First Single "Bang Bang"

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame punk rock band is back after a four-year hiatus.

3 Dead, Dozens Injured After Suspected Chlorine Gas Attack in Syria

The attack could be considered a war crime.