Rae'Lynn Thomas, Ohio Transgender Woman, Killed by Mom's Ex Who Called Her "Satan"

The 28-year-old was killed in her own home.

How Demand for Cage-Free Eggs Is Pushing Farmers to Look for the Sunny-Side

Happy hens, happy eggs.

This Chinese Olympic Swimmer Didn't Realize She'd Won a Medal Until a Reporter Told Her

Fu Yuanhui went viral for her priceless reaction to winning a medal.

The Unusual and Deeply Sexist History of Women Removing Their Body Hair

Glitter armpits weren't always widely accepted.

5 Male Olympians Who Just Need to Put a Shirt On and Cover Up, Goddammit

They're dressing like total sluts.

These Photos Show Why Simone Biles' and Simone Manuel's Wins Truly Matter

Black children are already prepping for their future Olympic wins.

Out Gay Olympian Amini Fonua Eviscerates Nico Hines' Homophobic Grindr Article

Amini Fonua, a gay athlete from Tonga, speaks out on Twitter.

Arizona Mayor Refuses to Attend Meeting Because the Invitation Had a Spanish Translation

Huachuca County Mayor Ken Taylor said the invitation was proof America was going "downhill."

The Gabby Douglas National Anthem Haters Just Earned a "Gold Medal in 'Petty'"

"The Nightly Show" contributor Franchesca Ramsey let loose on Twitter trolls who called the gesture "unpatriotic".

In One Quote, Simone Biles Perfectly Summed Up Her Remarkable Olympic Legacy

"I'm not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps."

Bernie Sanders' New Summer Home Cost Twice What Warren Buffett Paid for His Actual House

Although that might say more about Buffett than Bernie.

9 Plus-Size Clothing Brands That Don’t Ignore Women Size 22 and Up

Because fashion doesn't stop at a size 22.

4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Rio Olympic Star Sydney McLaughlin

The track star is also an excellent juggler.

Scientists Just Discovered a Mysterious Object Beyond Neptune

It has a backwards orbital path.

How Much Did Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Pay in Taxes? Candidates Release Returns

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine reveal how much they earned in 2015, as well as how much went to the tax man.

After Simone Manuel's landmark Olympic win, many are reminded of McKinney pool incident

Simone Manuel's victory is even more remarkable considering what happened in McKinney last year.

Humans Probably Didn’t Come to the Americas the Way You Were Taught in School

They probably didn't use the Bering land bridge.

Usain Bolt Gold Medal Count: Here's How Many Golds the Famed Olympic Sprinter Has Won

The "Lightning Bolt" is getting ready to strike again in Rio.

Live Cam Girls Say Virtual Reality Is the Future of Porn

Plug in, darlings.

Severe Plane Turbulence on JetBlue Flight Sends 24 People to the Hospital

JetBlue Flight 429 was flying from Boston to Sacramento when it have to be diverted to South Dakota due to turbulence.

Simone Manuel Wins Olympic Gold in Stunning Upset Victory in 100-Meter Freestyle

It was a history-making performance.

Mercury News Refers to Simone Manuel as Just "African-American" in Headline About Her Win

The newspaper has since apologized for the terrible headline.

Chicago Gun Violence Just Hit a Historic High: 99 People Were Shot in the Last 7 Days

The city hasn't seen this much gun violence since the 1990s.

Donald Trump Can’t Seem to Decide If He Really Thinks Barack Obama Founded ISIS

After 36 hours of blistering press, Trump backs down from his latest inflammatory claim.

At 13, Simone Manuel asked black US Olympic swimmer Maritza Correia McClendon for advice

"I guarantee there will be a new wave of black swimmers in the pool now because of Simone's epic swim."

A Professor Beat Up His Student Girlfriend — And the School Reacted In the Worst Way

In a statement, the school said it was "unable to comment on individual employment matters."

Samora Pinderhughes calls for reappraisal of black life's value in 'Transformations Suite'

The first piece of Samora Pinderhughes' project — "Movement, Pt. 2" — premieres here today.

Junk Food Ads Brainwash Kids to Crave... Junk Food

Shocker of the century.

New Swing State Polls Are Absolutely Devastating for Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton is crushing Donald Trump in key swing states.

Meet the Re-Kånken, a Backpack Made From 11 Recycled Plastic Bottles

Fjällräven's new backpacks are made of 100% recycled materials.

Are Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson #Goals? An In-Depth Investigation

Sure, they're a cute couple. But #AreTheyGoals?

Alleged Former Warner Bros. Employee Slams Company's Movies in Brutal Open Letter

"It's time to wake up and make the fucking donuts, Kevin."

How Much Does Donald Trump Pay in Taxes?

Donald Trump says he won't release his tax returns, but that hasn't stopped speculation about how much he pays in taxes.

Mothers of the Movement Documentary Shows the Humanity of Women Touched by Violence

'Mothers of the Revolution' is a tearjerker of the highest order — and it's an important watch.

Chinese Olympic Swimmer Chen Xinyi Tests Positive for Banned Substance

Chen tested positive for the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide after Sunday's 100-meter butterfly event.

Lesbian, Gay and Bi High School Students Face Staggering Amount of Violence

The CDC report says more than 40% of queer students have seriously considered suicide.

Christina Grimmie’s Posthumous ‘Snow White’ Music Video Released by Singer’s Family

The music video is the first of a four-part series Grimmie produced before her death.

Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan Has Been Detained in Airports 3 Times in 7 Years

"...To be detained at U.S. immigration every damn time really, really sucks," Khan said.

Olympians Adrian Zielinski and Silvia Danekova Just Tested Positive for Banned Substances

Both athletes were suspended for allegedly using banned substances.

Fiji Is Really, Really Excited About Winning Its First Olympic Gold Medal

Fiji's men's rugby team beat Great Britain in the gold medal match on Thursday.

Want to Stream Music Offline? These Apps Have You Covered

Whether you're on a plane or the subway, these apps should keep you grooving.

Are Peanut Allergies Curable? A New Study Says Immunotherapy Is the Answer

The method could save lives — but it's drawing controversy.

Mariah Carey and James Packer Have His & Hers Yachts, But Your Relationship Is Cool, Too

"It's important to have his and hers everything."

ISIS Leader in Afghanistan Killed By Drone, According to Pentagon

The Pentagon has confirmed Hafiz Saeed Khan's death.

Here Are 7 Things You Should Know About Mo Farah, World-Class Distance Runner

Today, many consider Mo Farah the greatest runner in British history.

Michael Phelps Edges Ryan Lochte to Win Gold in Rio Olympics 200-Meter Individual Medley

It was Michael Phelps' 26th career medal.

John Mayer's $1,422 Skin Regimen Is Surprisingly Lit

He has four key skin hacks.

Usain Bolt List of 2016 Olympic Events and the Times He'll Need to Beat to PR

Will the fastest man alive shatter his personal records in Rio?

What Time Does 'No Man’s Sky' Unlock for PC?

Tell us, Murray!