The 'Ellen' show tweeted a photo of DeGeneres riding Usain Bolt's back like an animal

Ellen DeGeneres may have wanted to think this joke over.

This Viral Facebook Post Offers the Perfect Response to "All Lives Matter"

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iPhone 7 Leaks Reveal the Most Controversial Features of Apple's Next Device

The iPhone 7's release date is approaching quickly. Here are the new features you can expect.

Guess What? Most Homophobes Are Actually a Lil' Bit Gay, According to Latest Study

More evidence that homophobia is rooted in repressed homosexuality.

Britney Spears Will Perform at the 2016 MTV VMAs 2 Days After Her Album Drops

It'll be the first time the artist has performed on that stage in 10 years.

What Does Transferring a Pokémon Mean in 'Pokémon Go'? Everything You Need to Know

Transferring Pokémon in 'Pokémon Go' is a simple yet effective technique for strengthening your team.

Implants or a Good Bra, Here's Why People Need to Shut Up About This Olympian's Breasts

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How the Choker Became a Go-To Trend for Transgender Women

Check Tumblr, Instagram, or your local queer party, there is bound to be a trans girl with one of these chokers wrapped around her

A Physicist Just Created a Black Hole in a Lab — And Stephen Hawking Should Be Thrilled

This is a groundbreaking black hole experiment.

Simone Biles Captures Her Fourth Gold Medal of the Rio Olympics in Floor Exercise

Simone Biles is making history yet again.

Schools in France Will Now Use a 3D Clitoris Model in Sex Ed Courses

How do you say "this is awesome" in French?

The 7 Most Memorable Moments of the 2016 Rio Olympics So Far

There's more to come, but here are some of the best moments from Rio.

This Gold's Gym Franchise's Facebook Page Is a Body-Shaming Nightmare

Gold's Gym Dreamland has some explaining to do.

Hillary Clinton Is Running Away With Virginia. Here's Why That Could Be the Ballgame.

As Virginia looks more and more like Clinton country, the map gets even more brutal for Trump.

Rappers YG, G-Eazy and Macklemore Team Up for "Fuck Donald Trump, Part 2"

The rapper is also planning to take his jabs at the Republican presidential candidate on tour.

Dear Kim Kardashian: The Atkins Diet Could Be Doing You More Harm Than Good

The Atkins diet isn't all Kim K thinks it is.

July 2016 was the hottest month in recorded history

If you thought last month was unseasonably warm, you were totally right.

FBI Seeks Developer to Build an App to Help the Government Spy on People

Available on iOS and Android

Season 2 of 'Black-ish' Is Available for Free on iTunes Until Wednesday, So Start Bingeing

Or, at the very least, watch a couple of the show's most powerful episodes to date.

Justin Bieber Deactivated His Instagram and Beliebers Are Devastated

Others are celebrating the account deactivation by using the hashtag #JustinDeactivationParty.

Larry Wilmore Reacts to 'Nightly Show' Cancellation: "Racism Is Solved"

"On the plus side, our show going off the air has to only mean one thing: Racism is solved. We did it!"

Katie Ledecky's Record-Breaking Win Only Took Second Place in This Sexist Headline

Michael Phelps' silver medal got top billing over Ledecky's world record-breaking win in a Colorado newspaper.

Baltimore Police Lieutenant Suspended After Calling Black Lives Matter "Thugs"

The protesters Lt. Victor Gearhart deemed "thugs" were nonviolent, according to the 'Baltimore Sun.'

'No Man's Sky' Tips and Tricks That Will Transform How You Play the Game

We've got some tips for better gameplay.

This 'No Man's Sky' Easter Egg Is Absolutely Delightful

So many references at once.

Diving in Olympic Track Is Legal — And It Won Shaunae Miller a Gold Medal

Shaunae Miller turned the women's 400-meter into a diving event.

Cards Against Humanity Is Launching a Super PAC to Take Down Donald Trump

Cards Against Humanity is taking on The Donald

Restaurant Sells "Black Olives Matter" Shirt so You Can Bear Your Racism Across Your Chest

This restaurant owner has now crossed the line twice.

Aetna Is Snubbing Obamacare, And Two Other Reasons You Will Spend More on Health Care Soon

The Affordable Care Act has insured millions of people, but there could be side effects.

The one thing you should be doing before you shave your face

It involves a bit more than just shaving cream.

Damian Marley Appears Crucified With Muslim Man, Police Officer in "Nail Pon Cross" Video

Marley latest video for "Nail Pon Cross," premiering on Mic, makes a graphic plea for compassion and understanding in dark times.

Milwaukee Uprising: 6 Arrests on First Night of Curfew After Sylville Smith Shooting

Police imposed a 10 p.m. curfew for teens, after a second night of protests was marred by gun violence.

Millennials Are Running for Congress. So Why Don't They Win?

It's all about the (networking) base.

For Some Ungodly Reason, Chrissy Teigen Made Soup In August. I Put Her Recipe to the Test.

To cook chicken soup in 90 degree weather must mean the chicken soup is VERY good, right?

The Louisiana Flood Is What Happens When the Planet Gets Warmer

The Louisiana floods won't be the last of their kind if the planet gets warmer.

Sure this year's September issues are diverse — but here's why that's not real progress

Once again, magazines are pulling their cover stars from a very limited pool of celebrities.

This drag queen coated her tiara in HIV-positive blood to shatter a dangerous stigma

Electra la Cnt hopes to educate people on how HIV is transmitted.

No Fly Zone: This Is the Mariah Carey Billboard Airports Reportedly Considered "Too Sexy"

Mariah Carey will not have her glam silenced.

Tulsa Man Stanley Majors Allegedly Killed Khalid Jabara After Calling Him "Dirty Arab"

Victim's family says Majors has a history of violence other Arab Americans in this community.

Allyson Felix Makes History as the Most Decorated Woman in US Track and Field

Once called "Chicken Legs," she is now an Olympic superstar.

St. Paul's Asks Federal Court to Release Names of Owen Labrie's Victim and Her Family

The elite prep school says Owen Labrie's victim and her family are fueling an unfair media attack.

Everything We Know About ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 So Far

No, we don't know who Negan kills.

Democratic Senate Candidate Refuses 3 Times to Say If Hillary Clinton Is Honest

Hassan says Clinton's "qualified" for the White House. Honest? Next question, please.

President Obama Warns Hillary Clinton Donors Not to Get Overconfident on Donald Trump

"If we do not do our jobs, then it's still possible for [Clinton] to lose."

Why Do We Care If Kim Kardashian Is a Feminist?

She just said she doesn't believe in putting "labels on things." Um, OK.

There's an Important Message Behind Olympic Weightlifter David Katoatau's Dance Moves

Katoatau is using his victory dance to raise awareness about how climate change impacts his country.

Laquan McDonald shooting update: Chicago inspector suggests firing 10 police officers

A top official who justified another officer's shooting of Laquan McDonald resigned Tuesday.

NYC to pay $4.1 million to Akai Gurley's family in police shooting settlement

Peter Liang, the officer convicted of manslaughter in the 2014 shooting, will be required to pay $25,000 of the settlement.

Warren Buffett needs your help — and it has to do with millions of dollars

Want to help give away a $66 billion fortune? Read on.

New Rules to Require Equal Bathroom Rights for Trans People in Most Federal Facilities

Around 1 million employees and many other guests will now be granted equal bathroom rights.

Is Accused Sexual Harasser Roger Ailes Giving Donald Trump Debate Advice?

Reports say Ailes is onboard, but Team Trump says no.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon just said a woman should replace him

It's "high time" for a woman.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp to Settle Domestic Abuse Case

Heard and Depp released a joint statement Tuesday announcing their intention to settle privately.

Cole Lavalais' 'Summer of the Cicadas' Is an Intersectional Look at Black College Life

Viola Moon searches for healing at an HBCU.