Trans rights activist Hande Kader was raped and burned to death in Turkey

Now activists are demanding justice.

Latest iPhone 7 camera leak confirms a major update on Apple's next device

Optical image stabilization could dramatically improve image quality.

Rio Olympics: what to watch during the final weekend in Rio

Keep your weekend open for the Olympics before the tournament ends.

Frank Ocean is back in his livestream. Is the 'Boys Don't Cry' release date upon us?

Frank Ocean is back, and he's brought full songs.

How Pasquale "Possible Pat" Brocco lost 300 pounds on the "Walmart diet"

He started walking for groceries three times a day — and that was just the beginning.

Zendaya is Mary Jane in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,' so of course there's racist backlash

This is nonsensical, but are we even surprised?

Chrissy Teigen just made a pretty solid point about the whole Ryan Lochte controversy

"Stupid as shit gas station international incident, nope. Don't care."

How much does it really cost to get dressed when you're a professional drag queen?

We talked to a number of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' alumni to find out.

'Big Brother 18': Who was evicted — Paulie or Corey?

"This is a really tough situation."

Milo Yiannopoulos' scholarship for white men raised $100,000. No one's received a cent.

The funds went straight to Yiannopoulos' bank account.

After dominating the Olympics, Simone Biles may take on 'Dancing with the Stars'

She took gold — but will Biles be able to clinch the 'Dancing with the Stars' mirror ball trophy?

Donald Trump asks black voters: "What do you have to lose?"

“You're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs."

How to listen to Frank Ocean's new album 'Endless' and watch its visual

It's live exclusively on Apple Music, but because this is the internet, it's leaking everywhere else.

Yogurt's probiotics aren't the magical health bullet we think they are

We're all wrong about probiotics, a leading expert reveals.

Amber Heard explains why she's donating her $7 million divorce settlement to charity

"Money played no role for me personally and never has."

What to know about Frank Ocean's 'Endless:' collaborators, covers, inspiration and more

'Endless' could be just one of two Frank Ocean albums to drop this weekend.

Germany might implement a ban on niqabs and burqas

This would make Germany the third European country to ban face veils in public.

Corporate diversity programs don't work, and a new study shows why

Surprise! A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.

Zika virus could be more harmful than we thought

Preliminary research suggests Zika could be a problem for adult brains too.

Twitter mocks #TrumpRegrets after Donald Trump tries to say he’s sorry

Twitter did not accept Donald Trump's apology attempt.

This 'No Man’s Sky' 'penis bouquet' is going viral

It must be seen to be believed.

Maternal deaths in Texas nearly doubled after the state slashed its family planning budget

The study authors did not draw a definitive link between the two things, but made note of the overlap.

Does Frank Ocean's album 'Endless' contain a shady dig at Apple on "Device Control?"

Frank may be biting the hand of the company that's feeding his album to the people.

Snapchat just gave us the gender-bending filter we didn't know we needed

We're all about the new filter in this Snapchat update.

Frank Ocean's standout "Rushes To" on 'Endless' shows how much his art has matured

The song has breathed life back into the cold, nearly dead hearts of Frank Ocean's most loyal fans.

This woman's stunning wedding dress is a defiant statement for plus-size women everywhere

Callie Thorpe once thought she wouldn't get married until she was thin.

Ryan Lochte apologizes for "not being more careful" in retelling of Rio robbery story

Lochte said he regrets the incident distracted from his fellow athletes' Olympic achievements.

Rioters are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances

Critics dismiss them as "thugs," but history tells a different story.

Will Usain Bolt run in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? Here's what you should know.

Bolt once said he planned to retire in 2017 — but he may be hinting at a 2020 Olympics run.

Paul Manafort resigns as Donald Trump's campaign chairman amid ongoing turmoil

More turmoil for the Trump team.

This heroic woman is selling her wedding dress on eBay — to pay for her divorce

"If you want a dress that is full of bad memories and shattered hopes and dreams then this is the one for you!"

Usain Bolt 4x100 livestream: How to watch Bolt’s final Olympic race online

You should probably watch Usain Bolt's final race.

Frank Ocean's 'Endless' is meandering and anticlimatic, but fascinating nonetheless

For all its shortcomings, Ocean's project is remarkably self-aware.

Amy Schumer deftly avoids talking shit about her friend, the rape apologist

The comedian has given another lukewarm disavowal of Kurt Metzger — and that's a problem.

You cared about this Syrian boy — but do you care about Syria?

It's more than just a photograph.

Caster Semenya has been accused of cheating — because of something her body does naturally

Why the "controversy" around Caster Semenya is pretty unfair.

Watch a Tesla Model S burst into flames during a test drive

The passengers made it out safely.
News is a 'Harry Potter' fanfic site (but not for long)

Exactly as weird as it sounds.

Frank Ocean's 'Endless' is here, but 'Boys Don't Cry' may still be coming this weekend

It seems there's a lot more Frank #Content on the way.

Nate Parker's rape case shows how little has changed with campus sexual assault since 1999

The rape case — and the public's response — are eerily similar to today's campus rapes.

Dalilah Muhammad is the first US woman to win Olympic gold medal in 400m hurdles

Her parents said her Muslim faith has helped her become a world-class athlete.

US swimmer James Feigen will give $11K to charity, then leave Brazil after robbery scandal

Feigen is one of four U.S. swimmers, including Ryan Lochte, involved in a robbery scandal in Rio.

Adele's makeup-free Instagram video confirms that Adele is flawless

You'd have no idea that she has come down with a cold.

Kimia Alizadeh is the first woman from Iran to win an Olympic medal

Alizadeh is bringing home a medal and a message: There is nothing an Iranian woman cannot do.

Physicists discovered particles with 'departure from the familiar laws of thermodynamics'

This could have a big impact on future research.

Baton Rouge flood victims aren't getting nearly enough relief money

Payouts are capped at $33,000, but a lot more damage has been done.

Philando Castile scholarship planned for Minnesota high school where he was beloved

Up to 1,000 people are expected to attend a fundraiser for the scholarship on Sunday.

Olympic weightlifter loses his medal after testing positive for rat poison

Though usually used as a pesticide, rat poison can also be used to tighten tired muscles.

Austin lawmaker Don Zimmerman tells a group of Latino kids to "do something useful"

Don Zimmerman implied much more than what was said.

Yaaass queen: The inspiring reason why so many women are getting crown tattoos

They are reminding themselves that they are queens and should be treated as such.

Buzzkill study finds weed provides more pain relief for men than women

The study had 42 participants smoke weed, then sit in a cold bath for as long as they could.

A Tribe Called Quest recorded an album before Phife Dawg's death, and it's coming soon

It will be the first Tribe Called Quest record since 1998's 'The Love Movement.'

Can Donald Trump's vague "regrets" overcome a year's worth of insults and racial division?

Donald Trump's blanket expression of "regret" is likely too little, too late.

Rebecca Traister's 'All the Single Ladies' is the perfect love letter to your bestie

"The love between women is so threatening it must be burned" is a dramatic, but relatable, sentiment.

Caring about the Ryan Lochte controversy and Omran Daqneesh isn't a zero sum game

The international debacle Lochte has caused is worth your ire, too.

Usain Bolt wins his 8th Olympic gold medal in the 200m

He's fast. We're just saying.

Uber drivers may have just lost their $100 million cash settlement

The ruling affects almost 400,000 drivers.