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Skye Mockabee, Trans Woman in Cleveland, Found Dead in Parking Lot

She is the 16th trans or gender nonconforming person to be killed in 2016.

Korryn Gaines, a 23-Year-Old Black Woman, Shot and Killed by Baltimore County Police

A 5-year-old boy, reportedly Gaines' son, was also injured during the incident.

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Donald Trump Lashes Out at Mother of Crying Baby: "Get the Baby Out of Here!"

Donald Trump kicks a baby out of his Virginia rally.

Watch the Patriarchy in Action as a News Anchor Tries to Kiss His Female Coworker on Air

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Alaska Aims to Keep Doctors Out of Classrooms With New Sex Ed Restrictions

The state has the highest rate of chlamydia in the country, so this will probably end well.

Donald Trump's advice for sexually harassed women is as victim-blaming as it gets

Women have a message for Donald Trump. It starts with an "f" and it ends with a "u."

Hillary Clinton Wins Her First Endorsement From a Sitting Republican Congressman

Richard Hanna is the first sitting GOP congressman to announce he'll vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

Millennials Are Having Less Sex Because the Internet Is Way More Fun

"I'd rather be watching YouTube videos and making money."

Donald Trump Deferred the US Military Draft Five Times, 'New York Times' Reports

In 1968 Trump seemed like a perfect candidate for the draft — so why did he defer?

At Donald Trump Rally in Virginia, Boy Screams "Take the Bitch Down!"

The child's mother told reporters he must have learned to speak that way in "Democratic schools."

This Map Reveals Where All Your Trash Is Going — And What It's Doing to the Planet

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'The Bachelorette' Season 12 Finale Proves Why the Series Needs a Queer or Nonwhite Star

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Obama Goes Nuclear on Trump: "The Republican Nominee Is Unfit to Serve as President"

The GOP nominee is "woefully unprepared" for the nation's highest office, Obama says.

#TrumpSacrifices Mocks Donald Trump for Saying He's Made "A Lot of Sacrifices"

The internet is asking: Donald Trump, what exactly have you sacrificed?

Karate Teacher Shärath Jason Wilson Gives an Amazing Pep Talk on Black Masculinity

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Flossing Is a Waste of Your Damn Time, Your Life Is a Damn Lie, Report Finds

Dental floss is a tiny box of deception — and nothing more.

Is Rio's Water Dangerous? Here's What to Know Amid Brazil's Pollution Crisis

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Vice President Joe Biden Officiates Same-Sex Marriage for White House Staffers

It was the VP's first time officiating a wedding.

'The Bachelorette' Season 12 Finale Recap: Liveblogging JoJo's Final Choice

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Bill Bratton to Announce Resignation from NYPD 1 Day After Black Lives Matter Demands It

Bill Bratton is best known for the "broken windows" strategy of policing.

Here's What It Costs to Host the 2016 Rio Olympics and How It Compares to Previous Games

It still costs less than the Summer Olympics in London and Beijing.

Astronomers Just Found a Huge Void in the Milky Way

Our galaxy has a bald spot.

Marco Rubio to Spend Two-Month Anniversary of Pulse Shootings at Anti-Gay Conference

Fellow scheduled speaker Mat Staver once accused churches that held Pulse memorial services of hosting a "homosexual love fest."

The First 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2' Trailer Is Here

Come on, 'All Stars 2,' let's get sickening!

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Both Slam Free Trade. Millennials Beg to Differ.

Younger voters enthusiastically back free trade, unlike both party's presidential candidates.

Pokémon-Inspired Makeup Is Here Because Catching Them All Simply Wasn't Enough

It's for all those who have run out of Pokéballs.

Paid Parental Leave: More Americans Are Getting It, But Not the Ones Who Need It Most

Great news for the people who didn't really need it that much.

Drake and Kanye West's joint mixtape might actually break the internet beyond repair

This could be the biggest hip-hop release of 2016.

Donald Trump's Answer on How Women Should Deal With Harassment Is Revealing

What Trump recommended women like those allegedly harassed by Fox News CEO Roger Ailes do is the opposite of helpful.

Ashley Graham Pens Powerful Letter Explaining Why She Is Reclaiming Ownership of Her Body

She is refusing to let others dictate how she should look.

Donald Trump Finally Turns on Paul Ryan, Amps Up Criticism of John McCain

On Tuesday, Trump went for the nuclear option and suggested it might be time to replace both congressmen.

Donald Trump Might Not Know How to Eat Fried Chicken

That's just not how it's done, Donald.

Trump Thinks This Election Is "Rigged." He’s Obviously Referring to His Own Party, Right?

GOP-backed voting restrictions are actually stacking the deck in favor of Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton.

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Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton "The Devil" — Yes, Really

The insult capped a wild day for the GOP presidential nominee.

Patton Oswalt Shared a Powerful Facebook Post About Grief After His Wife's Death

"Michelle McNamara got yanked off the planet and out of life 102 days ago."

'The Bachelor' Format Is Broken. Here's How to Fix It.

It's no longer revolutionary for attractive, white heterosexual people to find love on reality TV.

Late Student Loan Payments? Here's How Much the Feds Will Dock Your Wages

More great news for people with student loans!

Dylann Roof's Lawyers Think the Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional

Dylann Roof's lawyers also challenged how a jury for his trial would be selected.

Kesha drops sexual assault lawsuit against Dr. Luke to focus on new music

The singer has recorded and submitted 28 songs to her label, but her legal battle is far from over.

Here's Why Mic's Dispatches on Change Should Be Required Reading

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'The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty' Is Summer's Most Surprising Beach Read

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Indian Almond Milk Isn't Vegan, But You Should Definitely Be Drinking It

It's rich, creamy and not to be missed.

Amy Winehouse Foundation to Open a Recovery House for Women Overcoming Addiction

Amy's Place "will make such a profound difference to so many young women."

Who Is James O’Neill, the Chief of Department Replacing Bill Bratton as NYPD Commissioner

Bill Bratton announced his resignation on Tuesday.

James Baldwin's Birthday: Writers, Scholars Share Tributes to the Late Black Social Critic

James Baldwin is arguably the most celebrated African-American writer of the 20th century.