Instead of a tip, this waitress got a racist note that said, "We only tip citizens"

Spoiler alert: she's an American citizen.

All 3 lawsuits against Kim Davis were just dismissed by a federal judge

"There no longer remains a case or controversy before the Court."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio may be criminally prosecuted for refusing to end racial profiling

"America's toughest sheriff" may find himself behind bars for refusing to comply with orders from a federal judge.

Ali Daqneesh, brother of Omran Daqneesh, dies from wounds in airstrike

Omran Daqneesh, whose photo in the wake of an airstrike in Syria made international news this week, has lost his brother.

Blast in Gaziantep, Turkey, kills at least 20, wounds more than 90

Authorities believe the blast was a "terror attack," though investigations are ongoing.

Federal court rules it's legal for employers to discriminate against trans people

"Religious freedom" laws allow for religious discrimination against LGBTQ people, Judge Sean F. Cox ruled on Thursday.

Frank Ocean drops "Nikes" music video, a seeming ode to individuality and queer freedom

Just one day after dropping his long-awaited visual album, Frank Ocean is back with more music.

Swimmer Gunnar Bentz apologizes, says footage is missing from gas station tapes

"I am confident that some video angles have not been shown."

Usain Bolt wins unprecedented "triple triple" at 2016 Rio Olympics

"This is what I came here for."