Here's the 2016 presidential debate schedule between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The candidates are slated to face off three times — but will Trump balk?

The Ryan Lochte Rio controversy continues — here are all the sponsors who have dropped him

Lochte's robbery scandal has turned out to be not just a public embarrassment, but a costly mistake, too.

Meet these 14 incredible Muslim women athletes who won medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Dalilah Muhammad, Ibtihaj Muhammad are just two of the Muslim athletes who kicked ass in Rio.

This woman's hilarious tweet sums up the absurdity of online slut shaming

Can't a girl post a photo of a damn pair of headphones in peace?

Donald Trump accuses 'Morning Joe' anchors Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough of affair

An unhinged Twitter rant is the latest epitaph on the grave of Donald Trump's much-ballyhooed "pivot."

This anti-slut shaming speech by a 15-year-old Australian student is going crazy viral

"We don't live in the '50s anymore. I am looking for equality."

A nearby planet might have an oxygen-rich atmosphere — that’s huge news

It could be the first time we've found oxygen on an exoplanet.

People are freaking out over these selfies of Usain Bolt cuddling with Rio student

She issued the best response to the slut-shaming on Instagram.

'Blond' or 'Blonde'? Here's the meaning behind Frank Ocean's new album title.

Is this a ridiculous Apple Music gaffe or is there a much deeper meaning behind the two different titles?

Tropical Storm Harambe? Sadly, the National Hurricane Center won't rename the next storm

"I've never seen a request like this in the past," the National Hurricane Center told Mic.

Forget your thirst for Neville Longbottom, Viktor Krum is all grown-up and tatted AF

This former Quidditch player is quite unrecognizable.

A North Carolina police officer fatally shot Daniel Harris, a deaf man

Witnesses say it's likely Harris was trying to communicate with the officer in sign language just before his death.

Is this the most offensive baby onesie... ever?

They're currently being sold on for $18.40.

A female sports broadcaster dyed her hair, and faced an onslaught of sexism

Sexism in the workplace is alive and well.

Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' release was hardly covered in gay magazines — why?

You'd think one of the most visible queer POC in music would be at the top of their radars, no?

The Cincinnati Zoo wants to kill Harambe all over again

"We are not amused by the memes, petitions and signs about Harambe."

'Big Brother 18': Natalie wins Head of Household, but who did she nominate for eviction?

Find out which two contestants were nominated for eviction.

A Donald Trump field office in Colorado is being managed by a 12-year-old

Yes, a real 12-year-old — not a figurative one, like certain presidential candidates.

Your Instagram account might reveal the state of your mental health

Your face-per-photo ratio could betray your mental state.

The iPhone 7 Pro may never see the light of day — here's what we know

There might only be two iPhone options this year.

Armed White Lives Matter group rallies in front of Houston NAACP building

Some of the White Lives Matter protesters were carrying assault rifles.

The US Justice Department says it's unconstitutional to jail people who can't afford bail

Setting a fixed bail violates the 14th Amendment, according to the DOJ.

RNC spokesman says Donald Trump has reached out to blacks by allowing them at his resort

Sean Spicer echoes an argument Trump has made himself.

Elon Musk will reveal his Mars colony plan in September. Here's everything we know so far.

We may finally learn what SpaceX is working on.

Mislabeled pill bottles found in Prince's home contained fentanyl

Investigators think Prince may have taken the powerful drug by accident.

Watch Helen Mirren shut down the patriarchy in this incredibly sexist 1975 interview

In which a man asks Mirren whether or not her "equipment" distracts from her acting ability.

NASA and the Navy just set an amazing world record

That's a lot of engines on one rocket.

'The Voice' judges performed together in tribute to former contestant Christina Grimmie

All four judges performed a powerful cover of "Dream On."

Millennial Republican has a blunt message for the GOP: Evolve or die

Evan Siegfried says the GOP can't blow another chance to learn its lesson.

Olympic boxer Claressa Shields proves greatness knows no gender

No man or woman from the United States has ever accomplished what Shields did at the Rio Olympics.

John Oliver suggests Trump should drop out of the race, "conning America to help America"

"Please, prove me wrong and reveal yourself to be a three-bit bullshit artist, conning America to help America."

Beauty bloggers launch #willitlookgoodonmetho to show lipstick on dual skin tones

They are trying to answer the question "will it look good on me tho?"

Marvel’s black, female Iron Man will be named Ironheart

It's probably for the best they didn't go with "Iron Maiden."

Mars looks a lot like Earth in this 360-degree Curiosity rover video

This is the latest look at the surface of Mars.

Luxury cruise liners are now taking to the vast puddle of melt that once was the Arctic

This vacation was made possible by climate change!

Wells Fargo gets fined for overcharging customers on their student loan payments

If Wells Fargo processes your student loans, you may want to take a closer look at your statements.

Your food could soon come packaged in an edible "plastic" wrap

The packaging will add a boost of protein to the dish it comes with.

Obama congratulated Simone Biles' 2016 Olympic performance in the sweetest way on Twitter

The president said he "couldn't be prouder of #TeamUSA" with a special nod to Simone.

Bill Gates' net worth breaks a new record, topping $90 billion

0.5% of America's GDP belongs to Bill Gates.

Elizabeth Smart says porn made her sexual assault worse — is she right?

The sexual assault survivor teamed up with a notorious anti-porn group to take a stand against online porn.

"Banning the box" may have unintended consequences, thanks to racist employers

Banning the box may have depressing side effects.

Newly discovered Hillary Clinton emails suggest aide granted access to foundation donors

Questions continue about whether Clinton Foundation donors got special State Department access.

Those sponsored Karadashian-Jenner posts you "like" might be getting the fam into trouble

They've been failing to disclose when they are being paid to post on Instagram.

Twitter's "night mode" update could save your eyesight — here's how to install it

Twitter's new night mode feature is a game-changer.

Muslim man starts hunger strike after prison serves him pork

This particular prison is supposed to accommodate religious-related dietary restrictions.

The richest colleges and universities are incredibly stingy with their money

Rich schools accept the fewest poor students, but that could change.

Here's what we hope new Stanford professor Tyra Banks will cover in her course

I was rooting for you, Professor Tyra. We were all rooting for you.

Hungarian MEP posits that posting pig heads along border could effectively deter refugees

He added that his statement was "hypothetical" and a "thought experiment."