These millennials are hoping civic tech will get young people in the election game

"This is our future we're talking about. This is the future of everybody who's a millennial."

When will Netflix have season 3 of 'The 100'? Expect a fall addition.

Good thing the CW and Netflix have a strong relationship!

'RuPaul's Drag Race': A definitive ranking of all 113 contestants

"This is not RuPaul's Best Friend Race!"

Here is Forbes' complete list of the highest-paid actresses in 2016

Here are the 10 highest-paid actresses.

David Becker charged with sexually assaulting 2 women, only gets 2 years' probation

Another student athlete gets away with rape.

This woman served up a fire response to a guy criticizing Olympic athletes on Twitter

"They didn't get those abs to impress your dusty ass."

A Muslim cafe owner in New York responds to robbery in the most heartwarming way possible

Abdul Enani used the moment to spread a message of forgiveness.

The disturbing truth about Trump and the alt-right: Why white nationalism is here to stay

Trump's candidacy has brought the fringe to the fore, experts say.

This mom's viral Facebook post proves sometimes we even body shame ourselves

Constance Hall realized she shouldn't care what size appears on her dress's tag.

Third-party candidates are having a moment — here's what to know this 2016 election season

For Americans dissatisfied with Trump and Clinton, these candidates may be the ticket.

Three Muslim siblings were kicked off a plane for allegedly receiving a text in Arabic

A passenger accused the three siblings of working for ISIS.

WikiLeaks has been releasing the names of rape survivors, civilian medical records

The whistleblower website could put "scores" of people in real danger

Canada should build a wall to keep out these drunk American invaders

There's something going on in Canada, folks. It's inconceivable. There's something going on.

Black woman takes over @ireland Twitter account, is immediately attacked by racist trolls

Michelle Marie is a blogger and plus-size model in Oxford.

'Happy Birthday Philando Castile' film shows family, friends grappling with loss

Filmmakers capture the days that followed Philando Castile's fatal shooting by a St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer.

How to save for retirement: The 5-minute guide to 401(k)s, IRAs, Roth accounts and more

Here's how to end up with a million dollars. It's easier than you might expect.

Bill Nye explains why there's no such thing as ghosts

In a video for Big Think, the famed scientist also explained why the afterlife isn't real.

Professor mansplains why women are inherently adulterous: It's because of evolution

Professor David Buss has a vindicating theory for all the cuckolded men out there.

Today is Black Women's Equal Pay Day — four months after white women closed their wage gap

It takes 20 months for a black woman to earn the same wages as a white man.

Did Demi Lovato plagiarize "Stars"? Sleigh Bells sue singer for copyright infringement

The pop-punk duo blasted Demi Lovato on Twitter shortly after the song came out.

NASA just contacted a spacecraft it’s been trying to reach for over a year

The spacecraft could teach us a lot about the sun.

Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel mock conspiracy theories about her health

Hillary Clinton opened a jar of pickles to prove her strength and stamina amid health conspiracies pushed by Donald Trump.

If you hate your job in your 20s, it could literally make you ill in your 40s

Take that gig as a puppy groomer while you still have time.

Watch Franchesca Ramsey debunk 5 excuses for slavery

The MTV "Decoded" segment breaks it all down.

Corey Lewandowski says Trump can't speak in black communities because it's not safe

According to Lewandowski, Trump spoke in Chicago and "The campus was overrun and it was not a safe environment."

The Owen Labrie St. Paul's trial fallout just keeps getting worse

The president of St. Paul School's board of trustees sent an evasive letter to alumni.

Chance the Rapper says celebrities have a "responsibility" to condemn police brutality

"It is the responsibility of all first responders to deescalate unlawful situations and restore peace without committing murder."

Trump hints his supporters should do 'you know what' on Election Day

Trump said "everybody" who supports him should prevent fraud on Election Day, adding his fans "know what I'm talking about."

Comcast's shady pricing plan is proof your cable provider is screwing you over

Regional monopolies are great for Comcast's bottom line.

Donald Trump trade adviser wrote Democrats want "ethnic cleansing" of whites

Curtis Ellis, who was billed as one of Trump's economic advisers this month, wrote Democrats "literally" want to kill white people

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Share 3-Way Kissing Selfie With Hillary Clinton

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are definitely with her.

Michelle Obama says diversity in pop culture births "empathy and understanding”

"For so many people, television and movies may be the only way they understand people who aren’t like them."

You can now predict when you're most likely to get divorced, new study finds

Love is dead! (But only for two months out of the year.)

'The Nightly Show' star Franchesca Ramsey talks cancellation and comedy in 2016

"I really believe 'The Nightly Show' opened the door for myself and all of our contributors; we had a super diverse cast."

Before you know it, most cities will be too hot to host the Summer Olympics

San Francisco will be the only suitable U.S. city left.

The most popular kids aren't the bullies we should fear. Their friends are.

High school teens have their own One Percenters.

Stanford's student affairs page on "female bodies and alcohol" is a victim-blaming mess

The worst parts were on Stanford's website until just a couple months ago.

How one Korean cafe is reviving a classic-but-forgotten American dessert

The chiffon cake was once celebrated as a "national sensation," but when's the last time you saw one on a menu?

Gripping footage shows Iraqi police removing explosives from a child suicide bomber

Authorities say the boy was "trained and brainwashed."

88% of food recalls are vegetables. Here's why that doesn't matter.

If the rise in veggie recalls has you upset, read this...

Stanford banned hard alcohol at parties. Too bad that won't stop sexual assault.

Brock Turner claimed "party culture" led him to commit rape. His school seems to agree.

Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' is an understated, genreless, queer masterpiece

A real revolution is hiding in 'Blonde's poetic vagueness.

This Texas teacher's homework policy is going viral

No homework? No problem.

33 mini beauty products that you can easily fit in your carry-on luggage

We rounded up a bunch of TSA-approved items.

The Federal Reserve launched an awkward Facebook page and trolls are having a field day

Maybe they should have just stuck with Flickr.

Sorry, Lady Gaga. OutKast are the real unsung style heroes of the MTV VMA red carpet.

A necessary celebration of two of the VMA red carpet's best.

Russian intelligence likely hacked the 'New York Times,' CNN reports

Only a month ago, Donald Trump was asking Russia to hack the U.S.

Google seems to be testing a super convenient new feature

This could be useful.

Britney Spears to auction VMA outfit and donate proceeds to Louisiana flood victims

Fans immediately began sending in donations to the cause.

This singer issued an expert clapback after a tabloid attempted to body shame her

'The Sun' called out her "sinky pinky" boobs.

British poet tackles sexist breastfeeding stigma in a powerful new video.

"No more will I sit on these cold toilet lids."

Facebook thinks autoplaying videos with sound on your phone may be a good idea

If all else fails, you can always turn off autoplay altogether.

Ariana Grande releases her second MAC Viva Glam lipstick collaboration

All proceeds from the orchid pink shade go to the MAC Aids Fund.

After a gay couple's home was vandalized, this whole neighborhood fought back together

Now there is a rainbow flag on almost every home.

iPhone 8 rumors: Will Apple unveil a curved display on its upcoming device?

A curved screen could be a game-changer for Apple.

How to land an out-of-town job early in your career

When you're looking for your next move, you might need to pack your bags—especially if pickings are slim where you currently live.

The secret to Beyoncé and Jay Z's everlasting love? These matching power suits, probably

The couple that power-suits together, stays together.