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Read the full text of Hillary Clinton's speech on the "alt-right" and Donald Trump in Reno

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Trade your gun for pizza? Indiana restaurateur hopes to reduce crime with free pies

He described the surrounding neighborhood as a "war zone."

Brazilian police file charges against Ryan Lochte over false robbery report in Rio

Rio police have charged Ryan Lochte with filing a false robbery report, the Associated Press reported.

With the Voter Protection Act gutted, civil rights groups are battling voter suppression

The federal government will not have the capacity to dispatch the usual amount of election observers in November.

An opioid 100 times more powerful than fentanyl may have caused 60 overdoses in two days

Carfentanil, an opioid analog, is used as an elephant tranquilizer.

Anti-abortion groups want to get closer to women, sue Chicago over "bubble zone" law

Anti-abortion protestors are suing for their "right" to harass women outside clinics.

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France's burkini ban is an ugly reminder of tension between Muslim women and the police

Several cities in France have banned the burkini.

Orlando hospitals won't bill Pulse shooting victims for $5.5 million in expenses

Two area hospitals are waiving the out-of-pocket costs for Pulse massacre victims.

Why do men need their own laundry detergent? Allow this male feminist to explain.

'Mic' spoke with the co-founder of Frey, the brand selling detergent for men.

Katrina Pierson says Trump hasn't changed immigration stance, just the "words he's saying"

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A biracial Kansas family got a racist letter telling them to leave the neighborhood

"This neighborhood does not need any blacks in it."

Donald Trump's latest play for black voters is a transparent ploy to win over white people

Is he trying to woo minority voters, or just soothe white ones?

Video captures terrifying moment tornado wipes out Indiana Starbucks

Fortunately, no deaths or injuries were reported as a result of the storm.

Blind MMA fighter Lee Hoy is a real-life 'Daredevil'

Lee Hoy fights his own self-doubt with his talent.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson just became the highest-paid actor

His candy ass makes a lot of money.

Who is Stephen Bannon, 'Breitbart' exec-turned-Donald Trump campaign chief?

Bannon has been labeled the "most dangerous political operative in America."

Arielle Wilkins' Black Army Men are where toys meet the revolution

The revolution will be plasticized.

Apple is planning to add a whole lot of cool new emojis — here’s what’s coming

The new emojis are focused on gender diversity.

Heather McGhee has the best answer for a C-SPAN caller who wants to stop being prejudiced

"So many people of color are desperate just to have the conversation."

A drone captured the extreme damage wrought by the earthquake in Italy

The town of Pescara del Tronto is rubble after Wednesday's earthquake in Italy.

Amid Philando Castile protests, Minnesota officials reverse Jeronimo Yanez's reinstatement

Local activists have been protesting outside of the St. Anthony Police Department since the black motorist's July 6 death.

Hillary Clinton slams Trump for "taking hate groups mainstream" in scathing Reno speech

Hillary Clinton sought to remind voters of the past inflammatory remarks Donald Trump has made in a fiery speech.

The death toll for Italy's earthquake jumps to 252

The earthquake all but destroyed several mountain villages.

Khloé Kardashian's celebrity Tinder: She'd swipe right on Leo but reject the Rock

Khloé's not messing around when it comes to Tinder.

Violence in Syria has drastically shortened the life spans of its citizens

Reduced access to healthcare and increased violence are cutting the average Syrian lifespan short.

For the first time ever, the UN just declared Assad used chemical weapons on Syrians

It's a violation of international law.

The White House wants more states and cities to set up automated retirement plans

Soon, more states and even cities will be able to create their own retirement plans for workers.

Citigroup chief economist says a Donald Trump win could cause a global recession

He says it could "deliver a shock" to world financial markets.

Apple is reportedly working on its own version of Snapchat

Is Apple trying to play the social media game?

'Mr. Robot' pulled off a great episode, and it didn't need Elliot to do it

After half a season of Elliot's mind games, it was a welcome respite.

Sadiq Khan, London's new mayor, is hiring a "night czar" to boost the city's club scene

London wants to compete with Europe's nightlife capitals.