Beyoncé and Blue Ivy took a pre-VMAs photo — and people called Blue Ivy ugly

Blue Ivy is getting harassed on the internet — again.

Britney Spears' lip sync-heavy 2016 VMA performance will make you yearn for the 2000s

Britney Spears' voice was not present.

Beyoncé just shut down the 2016 VMAs with a surprise 'Lemonade' medley performance

Beyoncé just slayed everyone and anyone watching the 2016 MTV VMAs.

Dave Chappelle says "Black Lives Matter is a terrible slogan" at recent comedy show

The comedian has a reputation for being edgy on topic of race — but he's typically pro-black and socially conscious.

This is the easiest salmon recipe ever, soon to become your favorite weeknight dinner

An easy salmon recipe everyone can get onboard with.

US Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and co. just tore up the VMAs red carpet

Four members of the women's Olympic gymnastics team ditched their leotards for some sparkly minis.

The cat in Kanye West's 'Fade' video has a secret meaning, according to internet sleuths

WTF is up with the cat woman in Kanye West's video?

Drake declared his love for Rihanna at the VMAs and everyone's hearts exploded

Drake is oh-so-smitten with Rihanna and it's adorable.

Florida Amendment 1: What you need to know about the state's vote on solar energy

Florida's vote over solar energy has pitted power companies against solar entrepreneurs.

At the MTV VMAs, Drake revealed the moment he first fell in love with Rihanna

A love story 11 years in the making.

'Dead or Alive Xtreme 3' lets you sexually assault a woman in virtual reality

In 'Dead or Alive Xtreme 3,' players can grope a woman while she grimaces and says, "I don't like it."

These Gene Wilder movies are available online — but not on Netflix. Here's where to watch.

Netflix should put Gene Wilder movies online — but in the meantime, there are alternatives.

India's tourism minister advises female tourists not to wear skirts to avoid being raped

"For their own safety," female visitors should avoid short skirts, tourism minister Mahesh Sharma said.

Here are the worst colleges if you're an LGBTQ student

These colleges are downright discriminatory when it comes to LGBTQ students.

Beyoncé's VMA performance of "Pray You Catch Me" was an earth-shattering nod to BLM

There's a reason they call her Queen Bey.

Michael Phelps says he was listening to Future's "Stick Talk" during viral Olympics meme

The gold medalist was jamming to the Atlanta rapper while getting in the zone.

'Big Brother 18': Paul calls Michelle a 'c*nt' and an evicted contestant returns

We're about to find out if the third time's the charm.

The $300 generic EpiPen from Mylan shows drug pricing is broken in the United States

"Pharma Bros" and "Pharma Bitches" aren't the only ones to blame.

Pretoria Girls High School students are protesting racist hair policy, code of conduct

Students say they've been repeatedly told to straighten their hair because it is "untidy."

Liberals are making bank on a site called Patreon. The right calls it "hipster welfare."

When liberals win in the free market, conservatives call it charity.

Anthony Weiner deletes Twitter account after latest sexting scandal

Anthony Weiner is involved in a third sexting scandal, the New York Post reported.

Researchers spot radio signal so strong, it might just be the work of aliens — maybe

Scientists aren't saying aliens yet, but researchers recommend monitoring the signal.

Alicia Keys recites poem on gender and racial equality to honor MLK at the 2016 MTV VMAs

Alicia Keys delivered a powerful poem in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Amazon's 30-hour workweek pilot is a win for us all — not just parents

Here's hoping it starts a trend.

Rapper G-Eazy tried to kiss Britney Spears at the VMAs — but she was having none of it

The 2016 MTV VMAs were all about the art of the curve.

Florida and Arizona primaries 2016: Here's what to know about key Senate and House races

Upstart challengers seek to slay political titans John McCain and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Ashley Graham's 2016 VMAs dress proves you don't have to be super skinny to pull off sheer

Ashley Graham keeps on killin' it with her 2016 VMAs look.

Here's what's coming to (and leaving) Netflix in September

How Marvel-ous: 'Luke Cage' is coming this month!

Rihanna slayed her 2016 VMAs performances, proving she deserves her video vanguard award

The Barbadian-bred pop star lit the stage on fire with an iconic opening performance.

A hidden reef was discovered behind the Great Barrier Reef — and it's massive

Researchers say the secret reef might be in danger.

Will there be a 'Luther' season 5? Idris Elba hints at "big chance" of return.

He may not be the next James Bond, but we'll settle for more 'Luther.'

'No Man's Sky' refunds: Many retailers are offering money to disappointed players

'No Man's Sky' gamers have complained that studio Hello Games and CEO Sean Murray deliberately misled consumers.

Huma Abedin splits with husband Anthony Weiner after latest sexting scandal

Looks like she's had enough of his sextcapades.

323 reindeer are dead after a lightning strike in Norway

A lightning strike that killed 323 reindeer could be the deadliest strike in history.

Mars "astronauts" just came back to civilization after one year in isolation

They're helping NASA plan for a real trip to Mars.

Simone Biles took a selfie with a lucky fan named Kim Kardashian West at the 2016 MTV VMAs

Biles was kind enough to give Kardashian West a shoutout on Twitter, which will surely help lend her some much-needed exposure.

Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem protest will go on until "significant change" is made

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback's "sit-in" could see him squatting on a bench for much longer than one NFL season.

Eagles' Myke Tavarres won't join Colin Kaepernick in sitting out national anthem

Tavarres backed down Monday from a plan to join Kaepernick in protest as criticism escalated, including from Donald Trump.

7 simple tips for eating healthy that anyone can follow

No need to wait 'til the new year to start a resolution.

PS4 Neo: Preview, specs and expected release date

What to expect from the PS4 Neo.

How long do red wine, white wine and rosé last? Your guide to making every drop count

Did you know you can keep a corked bottle of red for up to 15 years, depending on the grapes?

Twitter roasts #AmnestyDon as Donald Trump continues to waffle on immigration

It's payback from Joe Scarborough, a top Trump target.

Gene Wilder, beloved 'Willy Wonka' actor, is dead at 83

The iconic actor starred in countless memorable roles.

Donald Trump says "inner-city" crime is near "record levels." Here's why he's wrong.

The Republican presidential nominee fudges the facts on crime.

Kanye West gives confused VMAs speech on 'Famous' and police brutality

"I came here to present my new video," he told the crowd, "but before I do that, Imma talk."

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande perform "Side By Side" at the 2016 VMAs — and Twitter's torn

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's performance reminded us why they're two of the biggest names in music.

Beyoncé's 2016 VMA performance drew the usual amount of Fox News backlash

The pop icon drew a predictable amount of criticism from conservative news pundits.

Colin Kaepernick was criticized for not speaking publicly. Now he's facing backlash for it

Either we want to hear what he has to say, or we don't.

The US just welcomed its 10,000th Syrian refugee — whether Trump likes it or not

The Republican nominee has said he could look in the faces of refugee children and say, "You can't come here."

No, Beyoncé wasn’t joined by "mothers of Black Lives Matter victims" on VMAs' white carpet

They are actually called "mothers of the movement."

Despite France's ruling against burkini bans, most mayors refuse to stop enforcing them

The civil rights victory was short-lived.

Clinton and Trump fans find shaky common ground in unlikely place: gun control

Clinton voters put gun ownership regulations first. Trump backers prioritize gun rights.

2016 MTV VMAs winners: Here's the complete list of who took home the biggest awards

Beyoncé and Adele lead with the most nominations going into the show. Will they clean up?

Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' just cleaned up at the 2016 MTV VMAs

We've enjoyed the lemonade Beyoncè has made — and so did the VMAs.

Americans have terrible taste in coffee

Or is it just New Jersey?

People are getting fake calls from the "IRS." Here’s how to tell if you’re getting scammed

If you received a robocall from the IRS this summer, it probably was a fake.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus "touch disease" just led to a lawsuit for Apple

Apple's got 99 problems and a glitch is one.

Queen Beyoncé interrupts Chance the Rapper’s VMA interview and steals the entire moment

Chance's Auntie Yoncé just had to give him a hug in the middle of his interview.

Tim Kaine touts college mental health plan on call with student leaders

Tim Kaine said the Democratic ticket wants to help improve mental health services on college campuses.

One version of the iPhone 7 could have these cool new features, evidence suggests

A few features seem all but guaranteed at this point.

Hillary Clinton's new health care proposal focuses on the millions battling mental illness

Hillary Clinton's mental health care plan seeks to bring parity to how mental and physical health are treated.

Election guide: Here's a full list of 2016 voter registration deadlines by state

Here are the voter registration deadlines for every state.

How to stream 'Overwatch,' 'WoW' and 'Starcraft II' to Facebook

Video game streams have arrived on Facebook.

Is Deathstroke coming to the DC Cinematic Universe? Ben Affleck’s tweet fuels speculation

Once again, we've fallen for the DC Comics hype train.

Everything to know about registering to vote online before the 2016 election

With voter registration deadlines approaching, a number states have tools to let voters register online.

FBI says foreign hackers appear to have accessed state voter databases

"This certainly should be concerning to the common American voter."

Justin Bieber is back on Instagram, so everyone can finally relax now

Our international nightmare is over: Justin Bieber is back on Instagram.

Ohio voting: Here are the most important dates to know for the 2016 election

Here's what to know about how to vote in Ohio before and on Election Day

‘Westworld' trailer: HBO unveils stunning new look at its sci-fi Western

'Westworld' looks to fill the 'Game of Thrones'-sized hole in your viewing schedule.