Enrique Peña Nieto says Donald Trump's account of their meeting was dead wrong

Peña Nieto says he did, in fact, tell Trump that Mexico wouldn't pay for his border wall.

These GIFs will show you what it's like to be colorblind

These GIFs show what the world looks like with different types of color blindness.

When this black man asked a white woman why she was watching him, she yelled "Rape!"

When racism is literally in your own backyard.

The new iPhone 7 price breakdown just leaked — here's how much it's expected to cost

What's the price of the new iPhone 7? How about the iPhone 7 Plus?

Florida prosecutor Angela Corey just lost her re-election bid in a blowout

The state's attorney who oversaw a failed prosecution of George Zimmerman has a reputation for being cold to defendants of color.

Colin Kaepernick got support from military veterans everywhere with #VeteransForKaepernick

Veterans fought for his right to speak up, and now they've spoken up in support.

Now we know what the Democratic Party really thinks of Black Lives Matter

The memo was made public late Tuesday night.

Actress Jen Richards just nailed the problem with casting cisgender actors in trans roles

She totally calls out the problem with Hollywood transphobia.

Hillary Clinton’s popularity nosedive spells bad news for more than just the presidency

With sagging favorability numbers, a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton in November is looking less likely.

Michelle Rodriguez's '(Re) Assignment' looks like it will be an epic, transphobic mess

The film is one of the latest examples to reveal Hollywood's problem with trans representation.

Trump said he didn't discuss paying for the wall in Mexico because he thinks you're stupid

The GOP nominee's meeting with the Mexican president could have been a brilliant negotiating tactic. But probably not.

"Target Blank" hack: Facebook, Twitter have been vulnerable to a massive exploit for years

Hackers hid the Target Blank vulnerability in plain sight — and your Facebook page is at risk.

Study shows "bad trips" on mushrooms may actually be good for you — sort of

Scientists are studying your bad trip.

'Stranger Things' is coming back for season 2 in 2017

Not that it's all that surprising.

Here’s what Donald Trump would actually need to do to build his U.S.-Mexico border wall

Building a southwestern border wall will cost billions of dollars and take years.

Hillary Clinton rolls out Donald Trump's greatest Twitter hits on Mexico

Team Clinton gleefully runs down Trump's Mexico bashing.

The iPhone 7 will come with an important accessory, this alleged photo reveals

Has Apple stopped being greedy, for once?

'Pretty Little Liars' season 7 summer finale: Death and a pregnancy mark 10th episode

As producer Marlene King announced on Monday, this will be the final season of 'PLL.'

Bill Nye, America's favorite nerdy dad, is coming to Netflix with a new show

Good luck getting the theme song out of your head.

12 #IKnowTheMuslimWorldWell tweets perfectly drag racist and Islamophobic white men

Jean-Pierre Chevènement was appointed as the head of the Foundation for Islam. But...

Xbox One S reviews roundup: Is it worth the upgrade from Xbox One?

Is it worth the investment?

Bear yoga is how big gay men make yoga work for them

The sense of community is more valuable than sticking that challenging pose.

Indiana lead poisoning: East Chicago residents forced to leave over dangerous lead levels

The situation is reminding many of the Flint water crisis.

This YouTube video explains consent in one weirdly perfect masturbation analogy

"If I don't wanna finish, I'm not going to."

19 cows were killed by a lightning strike in Texas

The lightning strike happened less than a week after a strike in Norway killed 323 reindeer.

Atlanta officer James Burns charged with murder in death of Deravis Caine Rogers

The Atlanta Police Department has already concluded Burns used excessive force, but whether a jury will agree is an open question.

Want to finally quit hookup apps? Here's how to get out of the validation vortex

Yes, you can get addicted to Tinder — but there are a few easy ways to stop.

Report: Donald Trump's campaign CEO under investigation for possible voter fraud

Team Trump encounters yet another controversy surrounding one of its top figures.

Here's how Donald Trump's immigration policy went from extreme to extremely confusing

The GOP nominee has recalibrated one of his signature issues.

Gatorade's newest product isn’t just sugar water, it's "organic" sugar water

Just because it's organic doesn't mean it's healthy.

Nick Viall's 'Bachelorette' history proves why he's not here for the right reasons

Salty, salty Nick Viall is back at it again as ABC's next Bachelor.

Donald Trump goes to Mexico, but doesn't bother to ask if they'll pay for his wall

The GOP nominee made no mention of one of his signature policy proposals.

Ohio laws intended to protect women actually made abortion more dangerous, study finds

Unsurprisingly, low-income women were disproportionately affected.

These 3 scary trends show repayment plans aren't fixing the student debt crisis

Some student debt initiatives are working but defaults still rose last year.

This giant black slug is captivating the internet

A beautiful monstrosity.

Delicious things happen when a tea company decides to make beer

A boozy take on the Arnold Palmer = something very beautiful.

Who is Baylee Curran, alleged Chris Brown victim, and why is Twitter tearing her apart?

The model, actress and pageant queen has enjoyed moments in the limelight in the past.

The All Woman Project aims to show what real diversity in fashion looks like

"We just want all girls to look at their bodies and realize that there’s nothing wrong with them."

There are rumors about a 'Cursed Child' film — and 'Harry Potter' fans are extremely upset

Potterheads really, really don't want a 'Cursed Child' movie to happen.

How Nick Viall, next 'Bachelor,' went from 'Bachelorette' villain to decent human being

Viall, notorious two-time 'Bachelorette' runner-up and current 'Bachelor in Paradise' contestant, will star on 'The Bachelor.'

The violent past of our galaxy's black hole could help us solve a cosmic mystery

Scientists think it could explain where some of the missing matter in our galaxy is.

Target Australia gets called out for selling a sexist Batgirl T-shirt for young girls

"In a world where so many are fighting so hard for equality for our daughters, you put this on your shelves?"

Chris Brown standoff ends with arrest for assault with a deadly weapon

After an hours-long standoff involving an LAPD SWAT team, Brown has been arrested again.

La Paz's beloved zebra crossing guards endure — here's what it's like to be one for a day

Some superheroes wear capes; others wear stripes.

Hawaii's Big Island has never been hit by a hurricane — but now 2 storms are on their way

Two separate hurricanes are headed for Hawaii.

Are Swedish Fish really Swedish? Let's trace their origin together, shall we?

Or are they as American as apple pie?

2,000 people have died in a state-sponsored drug war in the Philippines since July

Extrajudicial killings have shot up since Duterte assumed the presidency.

Here's why Donald Trump is going to Mexico to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto

Will Trump elevate himself on the world stage, or end up getting clowned?

French P.M. Manuel Valls says naked breast better national symbol than burkini

Despite a French court ruling overturning one burkini ban, some towns continue to enforce them.

Soulection's Sango, Esta and more on music's healing power and why it's so needed in 2016

The Calfornia-born artistic collective fell into the business of prescribing audible antidotes for listeners rather unexpectedly.

Astronomers just discovered the most distant galaxy cluster ever seen

This thing is mind-bogglingly far away.

Here’s what we’d love to see ‘Stranger Things’ address in season 2, Barb or otherwise

Yes, yes — we need #JusticeForBarb. But also other things.

Officers involved in alleged coverup of Laquan McDonald's death named

Jason Van Dyke, who shot and killed Laquan McDonald, and four other police now face administrative charges.

Australia is putting braille on its new $5 notes. Your move, America.

Eventually, all Australian currency will feature the raised dots.

Millions of Dropbox passwords were leaked, giving us another reason not to reuse passwords

Over 68 million passwords leaked online.

A new relative of the pterodactyl was discovered in Patagonia

A new fossil could teach us how reptiles learned to fly.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has officially been impeached

The country's first female president faced charges of concealing the country's financial troubles.

Frank Ocean releasing 'Blonde' independently has paid off in a big way

He's sitting on veritable oceans of cash.

Black Lives Matter activists protest at Cambridge City Hall for affordable housing

The protesters list of demands include the establishment of "rent to own" program for low-income residents.

DOJ plan for police in-custody death reporting needs teeth, civil rights activists say

The Justice Department plans for tracking police-involved deaths needs work, activists say.

'Luke Cage' featurette explores how hip-hop and Harlem elevate the series' importance

"From a musical perspective, Ali and I look at this as we're creating 13 albums."

The 'Mic' ladies tried out Athleta's new compression gear — and here's what we thought

It's meant to prevent you from having to re-adjust while working out.

'Star Wars' superfans create stop-motion video for new 'Rogue One' figures

The first in a four-part series, aptly titled 'Go Rogue,' was written and produced by Star Wars superfans.

When can I zoom on Instagram photos? Maybe today: New update rolls out for iOS users

Starting today, iPhone users can zoom way way in on Instagram photos.