This Woman's Racist Rant Against a Latino Family Was Caught on Video

The woman cried, "Down with Mexicans that don't learn the language of the world."

Science Explains Why You Hate When People Use Periods in Their Texts

Is there anything worse than "K."??????

This Slut-Shaming Sprite Ad Campaign Makes One Thing Clear: Do Not Obey This Thirst

They're calling it #BrutallyRefreshing. Others are calling it blatant sexism.

Amid Olympic Rush, Brazil’s Hotels Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking

New training prepares hotel workers to read the signs.

Twitter Is Freaking Out Over a Racist Headline About Rio Olympics Heartthrob Ning Zetao

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11 important hacks every peanut butter lover needs to know

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How to Level Up to Level 40 on 'Pokémon Go' Quickly Without Spending Any Money

It's common sense — but you may not have considered it.

2 Muslims Kicked Off American Airlines Flight Because Flight Attendant Felt "Unsafe"

Don't ask for a glass of water on an American Airlines plane. If you're Muslim, you might get booted off.

Meet Fadumo Dayib, The Woman Risking Everything to Become Somalia's First Female President

Fadumo Dayib wants to change Somalia for the better.

Relatable Teen Sasha Obama Has a Summer Job. What Are You Doing With Your August?

Sasha is working at a restaurant because the Obamas are good parents.

Firefighter's House Burned to The Ground Days After He Received a Racist Letter

The anonymous letter said "niggers are not allowed to be firefighters."

Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn't Identify as a Feminist — Despite Having Feminist Beliefs

"I am not a feminist. I don't think I qualify," the Sex and the City star told Marie Claire.

Joanne the Scammer Helped a Man Propose to His Girlfriend and It's Truly, Honestly Iconic

The internet's favorite con artist helped two people find true love.

President Barack Obama Says His Daughters Should Expect "All Men" to Be Feminists

"It's important that their dad is a feminist."

Chilling Video Captures All the Racial Slurs, Taunts and Bigotry Shouted At Trump Rallies

The video shows just how endemic racism, xenophobia and violence are at the candidate's events.

'Big Brother 18': Is Paulie and Zakiyah's Showmance on the Rocks?

Was the Power of Veto used to switch up the nominations?

Republicans Are Trying to Pretend Donald Trump Came Out of Nowhere, But Come On

Republicans are ditching Trump because he's unelectable, not because they disagree on issues like mocking babies.

4 ‘Game of Thrones’ Spinoff Ideas HBO Should Consider After the Series Ends

Nobody would be against a Lyanna Mormont-led spinoff.

Donald Trump Lies (Again) About Seeing Nonexistent Tape of $400 Million Payment to Iran

Trump's own campaign admits the tape doesn't exist.

Is Hailee Steinfeld the First to Officially Leave Taylor Swift's Squad?

Is this the death knell of Swiftian #squadgoals?

10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About the 2016 Summer Olympic Games

Ahead of the Games' opening ceremony, here are 10 must-know facts about the 2016 Rio Olympics.

These Rumored Google Maps Updates Will Make Your Life Significantly Better

Driving is going to get a lot easier.

USA Gymnastics Reportedly Ignored Years of Sexual Abuse Allegations

An investigation finds the sport's governing body routinely disregarded allegations of coaches molesting young gymnasts.

Trump can't make up his mind about NASA — that's dangerous

The fate of NASA's future is up in the air.

Aziz Ansari Compares Donald Trump’s Feuding With Khizr Khan to Drake and Meek Mill

Khan's response to Trump is "the coldest shit I’ve ever heard," says Ansari.

Viola Davis is the best — and only — reason to see 'Suicide Squad'

Davis is the only one who nails the tricky tone of this anti-hero team film.

ISIS Thinks Americans Are "Dumb" for Not Having Stricter Gun Laws

ISIS knows easy access to firearms in the U.S. makes their job easy, too.

Potential Vice President Mike Pence Has Declined to Pardon an Innocent Man for 2 Years

Even though Keith Cooper is innocent, Mike Pence still hasn't granted his pardon.

This Hero Recorded All the Music From Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' Livestream

These tracks sound like Frank Ocean could be building a bridge back into our hearts.

Online Harassment Thrives in 2016. Millennials and People of Color Are the Top Targets.

"Not only are roughly half of millennials reporting abuse, but most of the time, it’s by someone they know."

This Everything Bagel Ice Cream Sandwich Hits Every Sweet and Savory Craving

Black-and-white cookies are involved, too.

People Want to #DiagnoseTrump With Mental Illness — And It Needs to Stop

Rep. Karen Bass' calls to #DiagnoseTrump stigmatize mental illness.

Missouri State Public Defender Shuts Down Gov. Jay Nixon In An Incredible Way

Gov. Jay Nixon might have gotten more than he bargained for with recent cuts to the state's public defender budget.

New Polls Show Donald Trump Taking His Biggest Dive Yet in Swing States, Nationally

Donald Trump's narrow path to victory may be narrowing further.

The Maracanã Stadium, Venue for the 2016 Rio Olympics, Has a Dark History

The Maracanã Stadium has become an iconic fixture in Brazil — but it's also been marred by controversy.

Clint Eastwood Thinks Everyone Needs to Just "Get Over" Donald Trump's "Racist" Comments

In Clint Eastwood's day, Donald Trump wouldn't be considered racist at all!

Debt from a for-profit school? You might qualify for student loan relief or forgiveness

Hundreds of thousands of people don't realize they are eligible for loan forgiveness.

Melania Trump Denies Report That She Potentially Violated Immigration Law

Amid new questions, Melania Trump denies gaming the immigration system.

Nobody Buys Golf Clubs, Balls, and Bags Anymore So Nike Will Stop Making Them

Time for your dad to stock up on clubs.

New iPhone 7 Plus Mock-Up Video Reveals Huge Surprises for Apple Fans

A new video of an iPhone 7 Plus mock-up reveals dual-lens camera, new color, a possible wireless port and more.

Britney Spears Pranks Jimmy Kimmel By Filling His Bedroom With Half Naked Men

A magical way for the star to announce she's back.

Kim Kardashian West's Concealer Trick Is a Simple, But Effective Beauty Hack

Find out how to get her beauty look in Kanye West's "Wolves."

In One Quote, Loretta Lynch Nails What Police Officers Don’t Understand About Their Image

Police should more transparent about their reform efforts, the attorney general told black and Latino journalists gathered in D.C.

Rio Olympics Soccer: 7 Facts about Neymar, Brazil’s Biggest Star

Neymar's name is known the world over.

This Young Iraqi Boxer's Story Is Why We Should All Be #TeamRefugees for the 2016 Olympics

"I like boxing, because people look at me as a boxer first, not just as a refugee."

President Obama Tells Off Donald Trump Over "Ridiculous" Claims Election Will Be Rigged

The president stepped on Trump for ostensibly spreading "conspiracy" theories.

6 Things to Know About Gabriel “Gabigol” Barbosa, Rising Brazilian Soccer Star

Barbosa is no doubt making name for himself worldwide for his distinct soccer skills and prolific goal scoring.

New iPhone 7 Video Appears to Show Apple's New Device in Action

Is this the iPhone 7 for real?

Bill Bratton's Broken Policing Is Here to Stay

Think tough-on-small-crime policing is over? Think again.

Gravitational Waves Could Help Us Solve a Big Cosmic Mystery About Neutron Stars

Gravitational waves exist. Now astronomers want to use them as a tool to study one of the densest objects in our universe.

As Donald Trump Plunges in the Polls, Democrats Warn Against Complacency

Democrats like how things look now — but they caution that a lot can change.

'Mr. Robot': What Is Whiterose Up to — Aside From Inciting More Chaos?

Are we any closer to understanding Whiterose's endgame?

Jessica Simpson Is the Unexpected Body-Positive Icon We Need

She's got a new athleisure line with plus sizes.

Radiohead, David Bowie Announced for Mercury Prize Shortlist: Here's the Full List

Anohni, Kano, Savages and Skepta also come away with nods.

This Waterproof, Sandproof Towel Isn't Magic — But It Sure Comes Close

You can stop accidentally carrying buckets of sand home with you.

‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival: Scott Patterson Confirms Luke and Lorelai’s Relationship Status

The most important question in recorded human history: Are Luke and Lorelai getting back together?

The Supreme Court Just Stopped a Trans Student From Using His Bathroom of Choice

Justices ruled 5-3 against Gavin Grimm.

What to Know About Famed Brazilian Soccer Player Gabriel Jesus, the "Next Neymar,"

Jesus is on his way to becoming one of the best soccer players in Brazil.

Brain-Eating Amoebas Found Swimming in Waters of South Carolina

Naegleria fowleri can be found naturally in warm bodies of water, but it's extremely rare.

'The Great Wall' Director Zhang Yimou Defends Matt Damon Casting

Director Zhang Yimou responded to the Matt Damon casting controversy.

Capt. Khan's Army Commander: Any Attack on Khan Family "Despicable and Un-American"

Dana J. H. Pittard was Capt. Humayun Khan's combat brigade commander in Iraq.

Jonah Hill Accidentally Emailed Drake His Food Diary

Drake never responded, and it's all Channing Tatum's fault.

A Group of Western Tourists in Afghanistan Just Got Ambushed by the Taliban

The fleet of vehicles was traveling through the dangerous Chesht-e Sharif district.

Will There Be a ‘Star Wars’ TV Show? ABC and Lucasfilm Are Contemplating It

As long as it doesn't include Jar Jar Binks, count us in.

President Obama Commutes Sentences of Over 200 Federal Inmates

He commuted the most inmates in a single day since at least 1900.

Author Leigh Himes Imagines How Life Is Better With "The One That Got Away"

An enjoyable, well-crafted exploration of what it's like to live a daydream.

Phoenix Serial Street Shooter Has Struck for the Ninth Time, Police Say

A July 11 shooting has been linked to Phoenix's elusive Serial Street Shooter.

Miguel's Premieres "Cadillac" from the Upcoming 'The Get Down' via Beats 1 Radio

It's got that classic Miguel-vibe to it.