Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' Track List May Have Leaked, But His Angry Fans Know Better

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There's No Frank Ocean Album Yet — And People Are Pissed

It's no longer fun and games: People are out here crying in the middle of the streets.

Frank Ocean’s new album hysteria proves he's the new Lauryn Hill — for better or worse

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Dylann Roof and George Zimmerman Were Assaulted in Separate Incidents This Week

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'Big Brother 18': A Backdoor Eviction Leads to a Snitch on the Way Out

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Muslim Couple Kicked Off Delta Airlines Flight Allegedly for Saying 'God' in Arabic

If you're Muslim, sweating or saying "God" in Arabic could get you kicked off a plane.

Watch This Magician Destroy Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills Using Peanut Butter and Jelly

This magician uses everyone's favorite sandwich spreads to shut down anti-trans bathrooms bills.

A man on a train tried to shame a passenger for wearing a dress — and got dragged to filth

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Family in Pennsylvania Leaves Their Home After Facing Several Anti-Black Crimes in a Week

A perpetrator doused a 4-year-old black girl's toys and bicycle with gasoline.

Teen's Viral Post Shows What Diabetes Really Looks Like

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There Are a Grand Total of Zero Women on Donald Trump's New Economic Advisory Council

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This Muslim Woman Was Detained and Interrogated at a UK Airport for Reading a Book

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Donald Trump Headed to Smallest Share of Black Vote in Modern History

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"Cool Pope" Francis Just Went Full Uncool With These Transphobic Remarks

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Donald Trump Finally Admits He Never Saw Video of $400 Million Payment to Iran

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The National Association of Women Lawyers Wants to Ban Sexist Comments in the Courtroom

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Scientists Just Discovered a Bizarre Cosmic Phenomenon That Creates Space Crystals

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'Suicide Squad' Star Cara Delevingne Thinks Critics Hate Superhero Films — But They Don't

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When Can You Buy a Driverless Car? Here's an Estimate

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Hillary Clinton Addresses a Roomful of Black and Latino Journalists in Washington, DC

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4 Facts About the Maracanã Stadium, Site of the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony

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2 Chainz Drops 'Daniel Son; Necklace Don' Mixtape: Here's Where to Listen

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Police Brutality Can Be Curbed by Mental Health Care, According to White House Petition

Can mental health services help end the police brutality epidemic?

Police Raid Uganda Pride Festival and Harassed LGBTQ Attendees

"The stories these women told, the strength they had, it is all erased because this happened."

Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Road to Heathrow Airport as Protests Spark Across UK

The protests are part of a nationwide #Shutdown organized by U.K. Black Lives Matter activists.

Hackers Might Try to Trick You Into Paying a Ransom for Your iPhone — Don't Fall for It

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Snapchat Unveils Frank Ocean 'Boy's Dont Cry' Filters, Though There's Still No Album

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Gunmen Just Opened Fire in a Market in Assam, India, Killing At Least 13

The death toll is expected to rise.