Florida police officers fatally shoot a man eating chicken wings in his backyard

The officers had been called to the scene to settle a domestic dispute.

Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 memorial ceremony early after feeling overheated

Clinton was there to pay her respects and meet some of the families of the fallen.

Arrest warrant issued for Amy Goodman for filming Dakota Access Pipeline protests

The journalist faces misdemeanor charges, basically for having done her job.

Kylie Jenner wears du-rag to NYFW, prompts Twitter backlash for cultural appropriation

Once again, Jenner frustrates fans by co-opting black culture.

Chelsea Manning begins hunger strike to protest her treatment in all-male prison

Chelsea Manning's hunger strike demonstrates the grim reality of transgender incarceration.

15 years after 9/11, this Muslim writer is fearlessly writing from the World Trade Center

The attacks on 9/11 changed my life entirely. Now, 15 years later, I am inside the World Trade Center writing about my faith.

Donald Trump bragged his building was now the tallest during 9/11

According to Trump, one immediate impact of Sept. 11 was that the Trump Building was now the tallest in downtown Manhattan.

Alexis Arquette, transgender icon, has died at age 47

The transgender actress died surrounded by loved ones.

Miss America 2017 livestream: Here's how to watch Sunday's finals

How to watch Miss America 2017 online.

Hillary Clinton's doctor says candidate had pneumonia, is "recovering nicely"

Clinton's physician explained the candidate's apparent fainting episode.

15 years after 9/11, the U.S. is still bombing 6 countries

The lack of a "long-term strategy that has been effective ... should scare us," says Brookings senior fellow Shadi Hamid.

Alabama football announcer reportedly calls for national anthem protesters to be executed

"Line up over there by the fence and let our military personnel take a few shots at you," Pastor Allen Joyner told the crowd.

Two students accuse the University of Richmond of fumbling sexual assault reports

Whitney Ralston and CC Carreras say the school prioritizes rapists' interests over victims'.

Elizabeth Warren campaigns to be Hillary Clinton's progressive conscience

In Philadelphia, Warren hints at the role she intends to play in a future Clinton administration.

More than 100 killed in Syrian airstrikes hours after ceasefire deal is finalized

The death toll includes 28 children.