A traditionally dressed Muslim woman was set on fire in possible hate crime in NYC

She was able to put out the flames herself.

Apple responds to diversity criticism: "We had a Canadian" onstage at iPhone 7 event

"As you can see, we may have different interpretations of diversity."

The woman in "The Kiss" photo has died — but, boy, does that image feel wrong now

Greta Friedman and George Mendosa were complete strangers in 1945.

Here’s how to download iOS 10 simply and quickly

Lots of changes are coming — you don't want to miss this update.

Kate Upton misses the point entirely, scolds NFL players for 9/11 national anthem protest

Kate Upton may not understand the point of protest.

This optical illusion is freaking people the f*ck out

Can you see all the dots at once?

Miss Washington says she supports Colin Kaepernick, but that "all lives matter"

"We need to realize that all lives matter."

We just lived through the hottest summer on record, according to NASA

This cruel, cruel summer was made possible by climate change.

'Big Brother 18': Corey finally realizes he's playing a game

Find out who the HOH nominated for eviction.

New rumors suggest the latest MacBook Pros could be available soon

A new line of computers could be on the way.

iPhone 7 Plus photos: The first images taken with Apple's new device have been revealed

The photos admittedly look pretty good.

Transgender woman slain in Chicago's Garfield Park is 20th transgender killing this year

T.T. was a lovely person, according to her friend, Jaliyah.

Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields, crowned Miss America 2017

Congratulations Savvy Shields, Miss America 2017!

This supercut shows ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ without the CGI —and it’s unbelievably intense

Immortan Joe couldn't say this was mediocre if he tried.

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia — how concerned should we really be?

A pneumonia diagnosis brought Hillary Clinton's health back into the spotlight this weekend.

A look inside Eid al-Adha in China, where 23M Muslims are considered the minority

"It is the one time of the year that Muslims can really take over public space,” said photographer Liz Hingley.

"I Am Ugly": Powerful YouTube video shows why you shouldn't hate your flaws

YouTuber Rachel Levin's new video makes a powerful statement.

Hungry teenagers in the US are taking frightening measures to eat, says new report

They're taking dangerous risks to help feed themselves and their families.

These 4 Paralympic runners would have beaten every Olympic runner in the 1500m final

The race's four fastest runners bested 1500m Olympic gold medalist Matthew Centrowitz Jr. with ease.

Here’s what to expect from Trump’s "Women’s Empowerment Tour," based on his sexist quotes

The Trump-Pence "Women's Empowerment Tour" doesn't stand up against the candidate's deluge of sexist comments.

Here are the odds for ‘Game of Thrones’ to win each of its Emmy nominations

It's poised to be another strong year at the Emmys for 'Game of Thrones.'

Donald J. Trump isn’t qualified to be president — according to Donald J. Trump

The GOP nominee blasts Clinton's "basket of deplorables" remark — but seems to disqualify himself, too.

If he wins, Donald Trump will be the oldest president elected in US history

The 2016 election features two of the oldest major-party nominees ever.

While everyone was talking about Hillary's pneumonia, this Trump scandal went unnoticed

Clinton may have gotten ill, but the Trump Foundation is a total mess.

What the uproar over Hillary Clinton's pneumonia reveals about our double standards

Just because there is a double standard here doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be.

New ad campaign tells millennials to be very afraid of President Donald Trump

The ad buy from Priorities USA hits Trump on climate change, reproductive rights and college debt.

The mosque where Pulse nightclub shooter worshipped was set on fire on Muslim holy day Eid

Authorities are considering the fire an act of arson.

Why Alexander Wang's "exclusive" new T-shirts "you can't buy anywhere" are bullshit

'The Cut' believes that only the models from Alexander Wang's NYFW show have access to these tees.

Meet Torraine Futurum, the young trans model who's already a NYFW veteran

"None of this was in my plan. None of it."

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in a 6-year-old’s hands

Blame it on the batteries.

The reviews for controversial thriller 'Re(Assignment)' are in — and they're terrible

Critics are finding it "about as woke as a coma."

A brief reminder for Derrick Rose: A rape victim's sexual history is irrelevant

'TMZ' reports that the woman Derrick Rose allegedly raped had sex with another man one-plus years later.

6 things to know about Miss America Savvy Shields

Meet your new queen, America.

Barack Obama is more popular than he's been in years. That could save Hillary Clinton.

Historical data show a president's high approval rating benefits his party at the ballot box.

Alexis Arquette has died at 47: Here's what you need to know about the transgender pioneer

A look at a few of the transgender actress' most memorable on-screen moments.

At NYFW, Chromat shows everyone how beautiful diversity really is — yet again

The label now has a reputation for bringing models who break the mold to the runway.

Here's exactly how much Hillary Clinton says she will reduce your student debt

The Democratic presidential nominee just released a new calculator.

Bushwig Festival celebrates the increasingly broad and inclusive definition of drag

"The whole founding idea of Bushwig is about gagging your sisters."

Before Hillary Clinton, the health of these 3 candidates also became a campaign issue

News of Hillary Clinton's overheating and coughing is not the first time a candidate's health has been prominent in the media.

Radiohead just chose an extraordinary winner for their "Daydreaming" short film contest

Congratulations to Tim Urlacher aka Affinitia for his trippy 3-D masterpiece.

The Freshman 15 isn't real, but you'll probably still gain weight in college

Here's the scoop on the widespread legend.

Mike Pence declines to call KKK leader David Duke "deplorable"

The Republican vice presidential nominee said Monday on CNN he's not into "name-calling."

Obama's latest proposal would block states from defunding abortion providers

The legislation would protect access to STI tests, cancer screenings and birth control — not just abortion.

Forget conspiracy theories: Why Clinton and Trump both owe voters more health details

Clinton and Trump owe it to the nation to prove they can handle the hardest job in the world.

Whoopi Goldberg adds model to her prolific resume, making NYFW runway debut at 60

Fashion brand Opening Ceremony held a political pageant in lieu of a fashion show.

M.I.A.'s 'AIM' has the rapper going out with a whimper, not a banger

It's hard to stan for M.I.A.'s latest — and perhaps, final — offering.

David Bowie's last recorded songs will be featured on the 'Lazarus' musical cast album

The final recordings follow his last album Blackstar, meant as a "parting gift" for fans.