Leaked Apple emails reveal employees' complaints about sexist, toxic work environment

50 pages of emails from Apple employees show they believe their complaints about racism and sexism at Apple went unheard.

This teacher’s brilliant social experiment reveals why gender equality in Congress matters

Nicholas Ferroni perfectly shows the impact of gender disparities in the United States.

Thames Valley police arrest man for kicking pregnant Muslim woman, who then lost her baby

This is one of several anti-Muslim attacks in the last few months.

If you think #TeacherBae's outfit is inappropriate, these 4 issues may really make you mad

Black teachers and students are dealing with issues far more serious than Patrice Brown's wardrobe.

Delaney Robinson "did everything a rape victim is supposed to do" and UNC refuses to act

The UNC student reported her rape, got a rape kit, went to the police — and still, nothing.

Where does Hillary Clinton stand on marijuana legalization? Here's her record.

Here's how Hillary Clinton feels about marijuana -- both recreational and medical.

Here's how Trump could beat Clinton in the Electoral College — and why he probably won't

A Trump victory is far from implausible — but a lot has to go right for the GOP nominee.

Donald Trump gets shut down during appearance at black church in Flint, Michigan

The GOP nominee is upbraided for attacks on Hillary Clinton.

Colin Powell reportedly called Donald Trump a "national disgrace" in leaked emails

Colin Powell has some strong feelings about Donald Trump.

Buy smart and save on tech: Get the best cheap laptops, iPhone alternatives and gadgets

Save a little cash on your all important digital life.

An out lesbian was allegedly murdered by a man who had harassed her for months

Danielle Smith and her mother, Terri Jackson, were murdered. Their neighbor, Steven Endsley, has been charged.

Emergen-C and Airborne aren't backed by science, so good luck with that cold

Quit wasting your money and eat some vegetables.

Here's how much money you should save in an emergency fund so you don't end up broke

Got an emergency fund? Your career, finances and peace of mind are at stake.

Is iOS 10 not working or "bricking"/freezing your phone? Here's what's going on.

Not the best start for Apple's new software.

It's 2016 and Victoria's Secret Pink just got its first black spokesmodel

Pink also brought on VS's first Filipina model.

Kid Cudi blasts Drake, Kanye West in epic Twitter rant: "The days of the fuckery are over"

"I've been loyal to those who haven't been to me and that ends now. Now I'm your threat."

11 healthy ramen recipes that taste way better than Cup Noodle

Skip the Cup Noodle or Top Ramen for a day and try making one of these homemade healthy ramen recipes instead.

'Resident Evil 7' release date, demo, new screenshots, specs and everything we know so far

It's the first 'Resident Evil' game played in first-person.

AdBlock Plus to begin selling unblocked ads

Yeah, that's a little bit of a difference.

'America's Got Talent' finals 2016: Watch the 10 finalists before the show picks a winner

Check out each of the final contestants incredible performances from Tuesday night before the big finale.

A 69-year-old protester got punched in the face at a Trump rally

North Carolina police have obtained an arrest warrant for a suspect.

Childish Gambino, Reggie Watts improvise a funk song from scratch on 'The Late Late Show'

Childish Gambino might have been gone for a minute, but the music has clearly never left him.

When will the unibrow be cool again?

Armpit hair and pubic hair are all the rage. But unibrows? Not so much.

Thank the Old Gods and the New, Gendry might finally be returning to ‘Game of Thrones’

Did he finally stop rowing? How sore are his arms?

Women in the White House are working together to amplify each other's voices

Female staffers developed their own winning strategy to make themselves heard.

Chelsea Manning to receive gender transition surgery

Manning will reportedly be the first inmate to undergo this surgery.

'Big Brother 18': A surprise eviction starts with one epic speech

Find out who makes it to the final four.

The one thing missing from J. Crew’s “real people” presentation: body diversity

Instead of casting models, the brand asked "real people who wear J.Crew" to model in its NYFW presentation.

The GOP risks demographic doom in 2016 — and North Carolina is Exhibit A

If Trump falls short, he can thank millennials and minorities in states like this, where they're rejecting his party in droves.

Prosecutors assert black teen Larnell Bruce's death was yet another U.S. hate crime

In 2016, anti-black violence may be as much of a threat to African-American as police brutality.

This Wyoming legislator blamed the "dependability issue" of women for the wage gap

Gerald Gay says he was misrepresented in an interview, but his statements speak pretty loudly.

Beware rising food prices: Bayer is buying GMO-poster company Monsanto

If the deal is approved, your food costs could likely go up.

Denver Broncos' Brandon Marshall will donate $300 per tackle to unnamed "organizations"

It's worth following where this money actually ends up — because other sports figures have donated to some pretty sketchy places.

Your love for ketchup makes perfect sense — the condiment is almost entirely sugar

Americans eat 100 grams worth of sugar just from ketchup, every single week.

British PM Theresa May is being told how to dress — in the name of combating sexism

A union delegate shamed British PM Theresa May for her taste in shoes, because sexism has many faces.

President Obama is giving the Israeli military more money than ever before

The U.S. will give Israel $38 billion over the next decade — though some Republicans want to give even more.

The Trump Foundation is facing an official inquiry by the state of New York

Trump's campaign has already hit back, calling the inquiry a "left-wing hit job."

'Stranger Things' leading ladies Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown reunite at NYFW

They sat front row at Coach's runway presentation on Tuesday.

Donald Trump's child care plan proves it's not ideology that fuels his Republican support

Republicans have condemned government expansions without pay-for provisions — but not when Donald Trump proposes them.

'Moonlight' review: Director Barry Jenkins' film is an exploration of identity

The film is a one gay man's journey and battle for self-acceptance.

Hillary Clinton's doctor pronounces her "fit to serve" as she releases new health details

The disclosure follows Clinton's highly publicized pneumonia diagnosis.

Ramsay's death on 'Game of Thrones' could've been a lot more gruesome — here's why

Real meat was used for some of the gory deaths — fun!

The new 'Trolls' trailer with Justin Timberlake is heavy on the music and feels

In the tradition of 'The Lego Movie,' there's probably going to be a lot of product placement, but it looks great anyway.

'Metal Gear Survive' TGS 2016 livestream: Where to watch Saturday's gameplay demo online

'Metal Gear Survive' is about to be showcased for the first time.

Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei returns to Twitter determined to stop cyberbullying

The singer revealed she's become the diversity ambassador of an anti-cyberbullying organization.