NASA just captured an incredible look at a black hole eating a star

It's called "stellar tidal disruption."

Here's why people might want to reconsider praising Whoopi Goldberg's Vetements sweatshirt

The brand has a sordid "whites-only" problem.

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Angelina Jolie is divorcing her husband and that's about all we know.

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There's no shortage of ideas about how to stop police violence at its root — except for this one.

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Here’s everything we know so far about 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Pokémon Moon'

There's a ton of new features.

Report: George HW Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton

The former president's support would mark Clinton's biggest GOP get yet.

Graduates from these 10 colleges earn the most money, according to 2016 PayScale report

The top earning grads were actually from a state school that takes 68% of applicants.

Samantha Bee slams Jimmy Fallon, NBC for their treatment of Donald Trump

"I notice there were no cutaway shots to the Roots. I wonder why."

"Lunch shaming" policy prompts cafeteria worker to quit

Stacy Koltiska had to take back hot lunches from two children.

If former President George H.W. Bush votes for Hillary Clinton, what does that tell us?

Is Bush 41's reported choice a damaging repudiation of Trump, or a badge of honor in a change election year?

Nyle DiMarco, former 'ANTM' winner, makes powerful ad supporting Hillary Clinton

"The voice of your vote is the greatest voice we have."

Johnny Depp's 'Labyrinth,' about Tupac and Biggie Smalls' deaths, is actually happening

The fictional movie starts production in November.

Here’s how many Skittles you’d need for Trump Jr's refugee metaphor to make sense

Donald Trump Jr.'s analogy is a mathematical disaster.

Are fermented foods the secret to happiness?

Fermentation is the process by which a carbohydrate (like sugar) is turned into an alcohol or acid.

Will Xbox Scorpio be compatible with your old Xbox games? Here's what we know

Microsoft is headed in a different direction.

Report: Ahmad Rahami's father called his son a terrorist two years ago

Rahami's father reportedly told police his son was a terrorist following a domestic dispute in 2014.

How many children do Brad and Angelina have?

Think of the children.

Hillary Clinton on Terence Crutcher shooting: "How many times do we have to see this?"

"This just unbearable. And it needs to be intolerable," the Democratic nominee says.

Reaction to Ahmad Rahami exposes the problem with how the US talks about terrorism

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was quick to call out Rahami's "foreign connection."

This Minnesota restaurant owner doesn't think posting a "Muslims get out" sign is racist

"MUSLIMS GET OUT" is not a smart way to advertise your daily specials.

Quit smoking and save money: Here's how much cigarettes are really costing you

Smoking is a cancer on your finances, but there's a cure: how to stop sending your money up in smoke.

Donald Trump Jr. compares Syrian refugees to a bowl of poisoned Skittles

Seems as though the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Where is the uproar over H&M quietly removing their plus-size sections?

H&M no longer has room to stock its plus-size offerings in store.

Donald Trump to appear with pastor who says he personally stopped a tsunami

Said tsunami was not, in fact, stopped by the power of prayer.

George Soros is investing $500M in companies founded by migrants

One giant eff you to Trump's immigration policy.

Internet trolls redirected a fake website for Ahmad Rahami's family business to Trump's

Thanks to parties unknown, now goes directly to

Donald Trump reportedly used hundreds of thousands from his charity to settle legal woes

The GOP nominee's foundation is hit with yet another scandal.

This combination hamburger-hot dog "Hamdog" is a nightmare come to life

What has been grilled cannot be ungrilled.

5 times Ariel Winter boldly stood up for curvy women everywhere

The 18-year-old has dealt with a fair share of body-shaming trolls.

Could Democrats win the Senate in 2016? Here's what would need to happen

Democrats are within reach of winning control of the Senate.

When did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie meet and get married? Here's a timeline of events

Here's a simple timeline of the Jolie-Pitt relationship that enthralled many.

Eggo waffle recall: Kellogg's recalling Nutri-Grain whole wheat variety due to listeria

Approximately 10,000 boxes of the waffles are a part of the recall.

The wage gap between black and white Americans is at a 40-year high

"Race is not a skill or characteristic that should have any market value as it relates to your wages."

How long were Brad and Angelina married?

They've been together since 2004, but have only been married for two years.

Who is Laura Wasser? Angelina Jolie's attorney in her divorce from Brad Pitt, of course

No one dissolves celebrity marriages quite like the "disso queen."

Jimmy Fallon and Hillary Clinton lampoon Donald Trump's "bromance" with Putin

The Democratic nominee appeared on Fallon's show days after Trump.

Neil Young's new song "Indian Givers" protests the Dakota Access Pipeline

"There's a battle raging on the sacred land, our brothers and sisters have to take a stand."

To Donald Trump, even constitutional rights are "sad"

The GOP nominee seems to suggest that the Chelsea bombing suspect, a U.S. citizen, doesn't deserve due process.

This triathlete sacrificed his win to help his brother cross the finish line

Alistair Brownlee said it was a "natural human reaction" to help his brother Johnny.

The ACLU is asking the government to reimburse the money it spent suing Kim Davis

The ACLU wants to make back the money it spent on the case against Davis.

Yelp reviewers drag chicken restaurant owned by NYC bombing suspect's family

Yelp has a team working to clean up the mess made by internet vigilantes.

Geena Rocero and Tracy Norman are the first trans models to cover 'Harper's Bazaar'

They posed for the India edition of the fashion publication.

A Tesla Model S was just hacked from 12 miles away

A researcher was even able to control the brakes.

Can so-called "fake junk foods" truly satisfy? Indeed, they can.

Zoodles and other healthy alternatives can actually fill you up and keep you on track, despite some recent claims.

Hillary Clinton: "Hard to imagine" Wells Fargo execs are being honest about sham accounts

Democrats and republicans lined up to drag Wells Fargo today.

'Black-ish' season 3: Here's what you need to know ahead of Wednesday's premiere

We can't wait for the 'Black-ish' clapback to Donald Trump.