We asked dancers for their unfiltered opinions on Kendall Jenner's ballerina 'Vogue' shoot

Uproar has ensued since the model's latest editorial images were released.

Charlotte police kill black father Keith L. Scott while searching for unrelated suspect

Protests at the scene of the shooting have already begun, with officers reportedly responding with helicopters and riot gear.

Apple employees say their mental health issues came from alleged hostile work environment

When the employees complained, they claim they were met with silence — or worse, retaliation.

'Big Brother 18' spoilers: Here's who won the first parts of the final Head of Household

Will it be James, Nicole or Paul that wins the final Head of Household?

Michelle Obama says Melania Trump's RNC speech plagiarism was "tough" on 'Stephen Colbert'

FLOTUS is, unsurprisingly, a big fan of Beyoncé, and doesn't have any sympathy for Melania Trump.

People are using MLK Jr. to silence black protesters — here's what they're forgetting

Martin Luther King Jr. called riots the "language of the unheard."

The Terence Crutcher shooting shows how the white imagination distorts black realities

"Blackness in the white imagination has nothing to do with black people." — Claudia Rankine

PlayStation 4 Pro vs PlayStation 4 — here's how they stack up

They don't call it "Pro" for nothing.

'The Daily Show' tackles Trump supporters and their conspiracy theories

Surprise! Obama is a Muslim who played a "big part in 9/11."

Protesters shut down part of interstate after police shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott

Police were using teargas on the protesters.

Court rules firing someone with dreadlocks is not racial discrimination

Hairstyles are able to be changed and therefore not protected under Title XII.

iPhone memory full? How to free memory on your iPhone

Make sure you can always take the photo.

Mars may have been habitable much more recently than we thought

Water may have existed there not very long ago.

What we know about Brentley Vinson, the Charlotte officer who killed Keith Lamont Scott

The officer is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, and joined the force in 2014.

iPhone battery hacks: Tricks to help you squeeze more life out of your battery

Your phone doesn't have to die.

Black men have a legitimate reason to run from police, according to Massachusetts court

Black men are "disproportionally targeted", so fleeing law enforcement shouldn't indicate reasonable suspicion, the court found.

It turns out that weight can negatively affect job prospects — especially for women

Disturbing new information about the weight we put on weight.

The Talk’s Sheryl Underwood gives powerful speech about racial profiling

The comedian gives a tearful response to the police killing of Terence Crutcher.

Los Angeles police watchdog finds three officers improperly killed suspects

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, however, will be in charge of deciding any disciplinary measures.

Oxford University source reportedly calls a student arrested for rape "highly intelligent"

The university source told the 'Sun' the allegations were "truly shocking."

An Oakland middle and high school band knelt at the A's game, and the crowd loved it

"The crowd responded with enthusiastic applause."

Terence Crutcher shooting shows the risks in letting problematic officers go back on duty

Betty Shelby and other police officers who have killed black citizens often have questionable performance records.

The Weeknd's 'Starboy' album cover art includes a shocking twist: his haircut

Nobody saw this coming — the haircut, not the music.

Aidy Bryant is done with having to beg designers to dress her curvy figure

"I think it’s a different experience for plus-size women in film and television to get clothes for events."

Donald Trump sits by smiling as supporter Don King uses the N-Word at Ohio church

The incident is unlikely to help Trump's bid to win over black voters.

Texas and 20 other states are fighting federal rules extending overtime pay

Lawsuits have been filed in nearly half of U.S. states.

Adele dedicates NYC show to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: "It's the end of an era"

Adele dedicating her performance to Brangelina on the day love died feels fitting.

Study: More restrictive "use of force" policies could curb the epidemic of police violence

Police departments that try to avoid using deadly force usually do.

Gary Johnson effectively ties Donald Trump among military voters, new poll finds

Hillary Clinton lags far behind the two.

Joss Whedon launches campaign to get people to vote and see Mark Ruffalo naked

Please vote, so Mark Ruffalo has to do a nude scene in his next movie. It's important.

Grapefruit juice, birth control and other medications: Dangerous combination, or myth?

You're gonna want to sit down for this one, grapefruit juice lovers.

Best credit cards: Choose the right plastic for you with these 3 key questions

Whether you're perk-obsessed, credit poor or just want a cheap card, here's how to find the credit card for you.

Lady Gaga releases "Perfect Illusion" video during Tuesday's 'Scream Queens' premiere

Lady Gaga's new music video slayed fans of the hit show Tuesday night.

Tidal announces Beyoncé charity concert with Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys and DNCE

Beyoncé and Jay Z are putting together an enormous charity concert to promote education.

A definitive ranking of every 'Mr. Robot' title screen, from the quirky to the stunning

'Mr. Robot' has the best title screens on TV. Here's a ton of proof.

These are the key issues to look out for this 2016 election season

State ballot initiatives will spotlight a host of hot-button issues.

5 million Somalis — the populations of SF, Chicago and Philly combined — are starving

300,000 of the people affected are children under the age of five.

The empowering reason why women in the UK have started sharing their clothing sizes

"1 in 5 women in the U.K. cut the label out of their clothes."

Hillary Clinton's speech on disabilities showcased her stark divide with Donald Trump

"I intend this to be a vital aspect of my presidency."

By his own standard, Donald Trump should have released his tax returns by now

Trump attacked Mitt Romney for waiting this long to release his taxes, saying he looked like a "fool."

Jane Doe in Derrick Rose rape case will not be allowed to remain anonymous, judge rules

The judge thinks protecting the victim's anonymity will compromise the chance of a fair trial.

Obama announces 50-nation pledge to double refugee intake globally

He also acknowledged that it's "still not enough".